How to Increase Your Salary as a Phlebotomist (Earn More!)

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How to Increase Your Salary as a Phlebotomist

If you are working as an entry-level phlebotomist, you’ll be able to get a competitive salary.

The average rate for phlebotomists is about $16 per hour which is about $33 000 per year.

Despite the fact that phlebotomy is considered an entry-level career, there are some opportunities to increase your salary.

The first point you should consider is the outlook for this career.

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Nowadays, there are lots of people who feel insecure and uneasy at their job but it has nothing to do with phlebotomy.

According to the Department of Labor, it’s one of the fastest-growing career fields and by 2030 the number of job offers will increase by 22%.

It means that you can be sure that you have a good and stable job for a long time.

Considering the growing demand for phlebotomists, there is a great possibility that their salaries will grow too.

There are lots of medical facilities that may be ready to pay a bigger salary for a qualified phlebotomist.

Also, you should keep in mind that the medical sphere provides a high level of job security.

Nevertheless, there is no reason to think that you are going to receive that same salary your whole life.

You can always boost your salary by using some suggestions from our article.

Whether you are only training or already working as a phlebotomist, you should consider some ways to improve your income.

You’re not a phlebotomist yet?

What are you waiting for?

Read our full guide on how to become a phlebotomist.

Ways to Increase Your Phlebotomy Salary

In this guide, you can find some of the most effective ideas on how you can get a bigger salary.

Sometimes, to earn more money, it’s only enough to make some research before starting your career.

In case, you are already working as a phlebotomist, you have lots of options to improve your salary.

In fact, it’s a lie that you cannot get a promotion working as a phlebotomist.

Some people enroll in this job to get in some other related jobs but phlebotomy itself can be a long-lasting and rewarding career.

You should keep in mind that your salary is influenced by such factors as your experience, training, and location.

All these aspects can be used to your advantage.

So, let’s learn how you can increase your salary by working as a phlebotomist.

The Right Place to Work At

Before enrolling in your job, you need to consider all the available options carefully.

Due to the increasing shortage, there is a big possibility that there is a bunch of facilities that are looking for a qualified phlebotomist.

Your location can influence your salary significantly.

For example, if you work as a phlebotomist in Sacramento, you can earn more than phlebotomists in Kentucky.

The highest rate of salary among phlebotomists is in California.

You can also have a good salary working as a phlebotomist in New York, Florida, and Illinois.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you need to move to another state.

It can be enough to look for the best options near you.

Also, if you want to work as a phlebotomist, it doesn’t mean you are obliged to work in a hospital.

Of course, it’s the first option that comes to mind when you want to work in the medical sphere.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to look for some other offers in your location.

Don’t be afraid to enroll in several interviews so you can evaluate an environment and choose the one you really like.

Also, it should be mentioned that usually, hospitals do not pay the best salary.

You can try to look for job offers at medical facilities such as:

  • Clinics;
  • Health agencies;
  • Private practices;
  • Private agencies.

Normally, it is insurance carriers that offer the highest salaries for phlebotomists.

Also, you can get a high salary working for a government organization.

As you can see, if you try to think outside the box and look for some other career options except hospitals, you’ll be able to find some fruitful options.

Phlebotomy, Salary, Tips

Just make sure to track salary rates while searching for some job offers as it can impact you significantly.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that salary is the only point you should pay attention to.

You need also to consider such aspects as requirements, duties, and working environment.

Pay Attention to Your Benefits

Looking for a job in phlebotomy, you don’t need to overlook your benefits too much as most employers entitle a benefits package to their full-time phlebotomists.

Speaking of benefits role, you mainly should be concerned about how much money you’ll be able to earn.

It’s not all about your income as if you have a higher salary but a worse benefits package, it can be better to choose the option with lower income.

If you are able to get a good benefits package, you can save thousands of dollars every year.

It can be really important when you or your family members have some health issues.

Most hospitals offer excellent benefits but still, you should look for some other options as well.

In other words, you should consider not only your safety but also how much money you’ll be able to save due to the offered benefits.

You should know that it’s not always that benefits mean some insurance opportunities.

Some employers offer o whole variety of other benefits such as stock options.

It’s a great opportunity to make some money for the future when you decide to retire or get a part-time job.

Get Your Certification

Nowadays, there are only some states that require certification but there is a reason to think that their number will increase in the nearest future.

We think it’s a good reason to continue your education so you can get your phlebotomy certification.

You should know that obtaining certification can influence your salary greatly.

According to the data, a certified phlebotomist’s salary rate is higher by about $2 per hour.

It means, that getting a certification will most probably guarantee you a higher salary than the one of an uncertified phlebotomist in the same position.

Also, it can add you some points while you are looking for a job.

It means that you have more chances to enroll in a higher-paying job at the very beginning.

Moreover, it’s your chance to get a job at a more credible healthcare facility.

Finally, certification can give you an opportunity to get a promotion faster.

Of course, there is a question of whether you need some extra training to get your promotion?

You need to complete a phlebotomy training program that includes certification but most of them last no longer than a year.

Speaking of their price, the most expensive option is about $2 500 for the whole course.

Of course, there can be some exceptions but for the most part of phlebotomy training programs is like this.

Being a certified phlebotomist you can get an average starting salary of $14 per hour while a non-certified phlebotomist can earn about $12 per hour.

If you have a full-time job, you’ll be able to earn $4000 more annually than those without certification.

As you see, it’s for sure worth paying $2,500 for the certification program.

Looking for phlebotomy classes?

Check out this:

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Obtain a Degree in Phlebotomy

There are numerous schools and facilities that offer phlebotomy training programs all over the country.

Nevertheless, some phlebotomists give preference to college programs.

If you are able to complete 2-4 training and get your degree,  you’ll be able to get a better position and a higher salary.

It’s not strange if you have a question why do you need to get a college degree having a variety of special programs.

You need to understand that it’s your opportunity to find a good job faster.

Also, you can consider a phlebotomy career as a stepping stone to some other career in this sphere.

There are lots of people who get a degree and enroll in phlebotomy while, in the future, aiming for higher positions such as medical assistants, nurses or physicians.

It can be a good idea to go to college before starting your career as a phlebotomist.

You should also know, that working as a phlebotomist you are going to have some extra freedom which means you can take classes and work at the same time.

In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity for those who want to enroll in another career or get a promotion as a phlebotomist.

Working as a phlebotomist, you don’t need to make a choice between your education and your job.

Is There an Opportunity to Get Promotion?

Promotion is one of the options for how you can get a higher salary.

If you want to get a promotion, first of all, you need to talk with your supervisor and those coworkers who have higher positions.

It’s your way to let them know that you want to be promoted so they may take it into consideration when they need someone to fill a position.

Also, you need to get plenty of experience and be a skillful professional, if you need promotion.

Moreover, getting various certifications is another helpful option.

Don’t lose any opportunity to get some extra training so you can stand out among your colleagues.

Having more certified skills than others will guarantee you a higher position with a good salary.

Some examples of promotions a phlebotomist can achieve include:

Below you can find some promotion options you may get.

Phlebotomy Specialist

You don’t need any extra education to apply for this position.

It’s your skills and experience that will help you to get this position.

In fact, working as a phlebotomy specialist, you’ll be doing the same tasks mostly but still, it will provide you with a higher salary.

Mobile Phlebotomist

Working as a mobile phlebotomist, you should be able to perform your duties in various environments.

They are also called traveling Phlebotomists.

This job gives you an opportunity to work for a hospital, agency, or just for yourself.

You are going to travel to clinics, blood drives, nursing homes, or even assist nurses that cannot perform phlebotomy procedures.

This job option allows you lots of freedom but your salary depends on how many jobs you are doing.

You should know that after working as a mobile phlebotomist you can easily get a job at various medical facilities.

Therapeutic Phlebotomist

This career option requires some extra training as well as a different certification type.

Nevertheless, it will for sure guarantee you a higher salary.

Therapeutic phlebotomists draw blood from patients for medical reasons.

It means that you should be able to draw not only some small blood sample but something like a pint of blood.

This procedure is required when a patient has too much iron in the blood, for example, and only a therapeutic phlebotomist can do it.

Phlebotomy Supervisor

If you want to become a phlebotomy supervisor, you usually need to have a Bachelor’s degree, some extra training, and lots of experience.

Nevertheless, you should remember that it will guarantee you a much higher salary.

The main responsibility of a phlebotomy supervisor is to track phlebotomy techs within a medical facility.

In other words, you will be obliged to make sure that all rules and regulations are followed, and scheduling and labeling are correct.

In fact, it’s a kind of a managerial position in phlebotomy.

You are going to have slightly more work but your salary will be significantly higher.

Phlebotomy, Salary, Promotion

Other Medical Fields You Can Work At

As it was already mentioned, continuing your education and getting a degree will give you an opportunity to enroll in some other medical careers.

In fact, many people working in this field use phlebotomy as a stepping stone.

If you decide to continue your education and enroll in some other job, there is a list of the most popular options.

Registered Nurse

In hospitals, there is a constant demand not only in phlebotomists but in registered nurses as well.

Usually, RNs perform a whole variety of tasks including giving medications and monitoring patients’ recovery.

You should know that some RNs cannot perform phlebotomist’s duties so your previous experience will give you more chances to get a good position.

Hematology Technologist

If you want to enroll in this career, you need to obtain an Associate’s degree first of all.

In fact, those interested in blood diagnosis should consider it as a big step up in their career.

Moreover, it will guarantee you a higher salary as well.

The phlebotomist’s duties are to draw blood, label it, and transport it to a lab while the hematology technologist is responsible for its analysis.

After completing all tests, this specialist prepares a detailed report with results for a physician.

Medical Assistant

Usually, these specialists are able to perform both administrative and clinical duties.

Also, there are some states that prohibit medical assistants to draw blood.

Nevertheless, if you’ve worked as a phlebotomist and have an MA degree, you can perform such a procedure as a venipuncture.

In fact, it will help you to stand out among other candidates while looking for some career options.


Learn more here: How to Become a Medical Assistant

Medical Lab Technician

These specialists have almost the same duties as phlebotomists but this career requires more training and education.

If you want to apply for it, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree.

Among your other responsibilities, there is preparing specimens for various tests.

Considering the fact these specialists use almost the same equipment and have similar duties, phlebotomy experience is a perfect stepping stone for this career.

Also, this career option will guarantee you a bigger income.

Contract Work and Extra Hours

As it was mentioned before, working as a phlebotomist, you have a lot of flexibility.

Usually, there are some phlebotomists in a hospital which makes it easier to regulate your schedule.

As a result, you have two more opportunities to increase your income.

First of all, you can take some extra working hours.

If you want to earn more, you just need to ask your supervisor whether he/she can give you some extra work.

Also, make sure to let your colleagues know that you can fill in for them if there is a necessity.

Some extra hours per week can significantly increase your annual income adding some thousands to it.

One other option is contract work outside of your employment place.

While having a part-time or even a full-time job at a hospital, you can work as a mobile phlebotomist as well.

In fact, there are more facilities you can imagine that require a phlebotomist once in a while.

The list of such facilities includes:

  • Nursing homes;
  • Assisted living centers;
  • Prisons;
  • Community centers.

If you are doing some volunteer work for Red Cross, you’ll be able to find some great contract work faster.

Those who are ready to work more and know some other ways to do it are able to get a good salary without the need to train more.

Phlebotomy, Salary, Career

Is Phlebotomy Salary Enough for Living?

Those phlebotomists who work in lower-paying states may have a question about whether they’ll be able to earn enough for a living.

Fortunately, in most cases, the answer is yes but still, there are some states where you cannot earn enough.

An average phlebotomist’s salary is about $20 000-$30 000 per year.

Nevertheless, in some states, you can earn less.

As you understand, there is a whole bunch of aspects that can influence your salary.

You should keep in mind that ‘making a living’ doesn’t involve your salary solely.

There are some other aspects that should be considered:

  • Normally there are 40 working hours per week. If you want to get a higher income, consider taking some extra hours. Usually, it’s hours between regular business hours. Nevertheless, there can be some working hours at night and on weekends. There is even an opportunity that you’ll have to work during the holidays.
  • Phlebotomist work requires the ability to handle various patients. There is always a great chance that you’ll need to draw blood from children, old people, and even problematic people. Moreover, you should be on good terms with your colleagues and be a good team member.
  • Before starting your career, you need to determine your goals properly. Do you consider it a life-long career? Or, maybe it’s just a stepping stone on your way to the other career? It will let you understand whether it’s fruitful enough to make a living or maybe you won’t be able to get a good salary but still, it’s a good option for a while.

Is It Difficult to Boost Your Salary Working as a Phlebotomist?

As you can see there is a bunch of ways to increase your salary.

Of course, there are some easy ways as well as complicated and challenging ones.

Also, you should take into consideration all those factors that may influence your salary.

We tried to prepare some options that can be implied rather easily.

Of course, you need to consider getting a certification as it’s one of the best opportunities to boost your salary.

There are many online phlebotomy classes that you can get some certifications online as well.

Also, it will give an opportunity to continue your training and enroll in another career or just use it to get a promotion.

Of course, other great options are extra hours and contract work that will let you earn much more.

In fact, even if phlebotomists is seen as an entry-level career, you still have lots of opportunities to get a good salary.

Also, don’t forget to be picky while looking for a job.

Don’t be afraid to change your place of employment if you already have one.

Do the research and learn about phlebotomy salaries in other medical facilities.

All it can help you not only to boost your salary but find a better job and even get a higher position.

Final Take Away

We hope this article helped you get an idea of how to increase your salary as a phlebotomist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can phlebotomists have piercings?

Phlebotomists must be able to conceal piercings and tattoos to get most jobs.

You may have to remove any piercing material while at work.

Some companies are more lenient than others, but a bias still exists against piercings and tattoos.

Which phlebotomy certification is best?

Some states do not require certification, so find out if your state does first.

There are several agencies that do the certification.

Three of the best ones are the American Certification Agency; The American Medical Technologists, and the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

How do you start a mobile phlebotomy business?

To start a mobile phlebotomy business you must have a certificate in most states.

From there you will need to meet licensing requirements for the business itself.

You may or may not need a seller’s permit.

Get registered with insurance companies so you can accept that kind of payment.

Where is the best place to work as a phlebotomist?

Most phlebotomists work at hospitals and those pay the least.

You could make more by working for insurance companies, the government, or drug wholesalers.

Starting your own business could earn even more.

Money may not be the only consideration as far as which is best.

What is therapeutic phlebotomy procedure?

The therapeutic phlebotomy procedure is a matter of drawing more blood from the patient than usual.

A doctor may order this and note how much should be drawn.

This will depend on the reason for the need for more blood.

How much blood is needed for a therapeutic phlebotomy?

Therapeutic blood drawn by a phlebotomist can be about one pint, which is significant because there are 10-12 pints of blood in a human body.

The standard blood draw is normally around five ML, while the therapeutic one can be as much as 500 ML.

What is the hardest part of being a phlebotomist?

The hardest part of being a phlebotomist is making the puncture on a patient to get the blood out.

There may be weak veins, low blood pressure, and other health issues that make this more difficult.

Difficult blood draws are the most common thing they struggle with.

  1. Avatar for seasoned veteran in the field seasoned veteran in the field

    I have a bachelors degree in health science and over 35 years in the medical field. 15 years as a phlebotomist and I really enjoy taking care of the patient. . I have seen over time all the consolidation and job responsibilities given to phlebotomists to save company from paying additional salaries to other supporting divisions, without any salary increases given to the phlebotomy position. Just remember, the samples collected create huge revenues for these laboratories and they are getting in the habit of not compensating for the additional work. They are staring to really exploit the phlebotomist position and it time they step up and pay real living wages for all the position demands. Please understand and don’t sell yourself cheap. Wages need to seriously increase for this career. Without the sample collected there is no revenues to the company. This is a professional position and you stand to make more $ at target or at in and out burger these days.

  2. Avatar for Mary L. Mary L.

    Great tips! I am almost done with my training and I want to make the most of it. I don’t want to settle for earning average. I know every job in the world has an opportunity to have wages increased so I plan on working my butt off to make it happen for me. I want to enjoy working for 5 years and then go down to part-time and start a family.

  3. Avatar for Whitney Miller Whitney Miller

    Having been working as a Phlebotomist for 2 years now, I can tell you that wage increases are not common. What you need to do is get in somewhere that states they do raises and get into a smaller clinic over a hospital. You would think hospitals pay more for this and that has not been the case for me. I worked at a fairly large hospital and now a clinic, I am making $2 more an hour at the clinic. It adds up!

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