High Paying Medical Jobs (With Little Schooling!)

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High Paying Medical Jobs (with Little Schooling!)

Most people think that they need years of training to start a career in the medical field.

One another assumption is that the careers that are easy to get into aren’t paid well.

In fact, you should know that it’s not the truth.

There is a variety of options that have short training programs and a good salary.

If you want to start your medical career, you should know that there are options that don’t require a Bachelor’s degree.

Also, there are jobs that require less than a year of training.

One of the significant points is that you’ll gain an opportunity directly with patients as well as behind the scene.

The reason is that there are a lot of various medical careers that can be got easily due to fast-growing demand.

It’s because the medical sphere develops incredibly fast because of the growth of the aging population and technological development.

Healthcare facilities all over the country hire new specialists constantly.

One of the most significant aspects is that most of the offers don’t require a lot of training and money.

You just need to take your time to find available offers and prepare for a future job.

Ways to Start a Medical Career Fast

We prepared for you a guide on how to start a medical career and choose an easy-to-get job.

There are some options listed on the basis of the training duration.

You should know that most of the offered careers are entry-level positions.

In other words, there is always a possibility to improve and promote your career.

In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity to start your medical career and save your time and money.

In case you’ll decide to advance your career you can always continue your education and get a higher position.

Phlebotomy Technician

The list of easy-to-get medical careers is opened by the career – phlebotomy technician.

It’s a rewarding career as you are going to work with people on a daily basis.

To say the truth, it often happens that a phlebotomist is the first specialist the patient meets.

A Phlebotomy technician is a medical worker who draws blood from patients.

Lately, each sample is labeled and transferred to the lab for examination.

Consider the fact that it’s one of the most required medical careers and there is no sign of its popularity reduction.

It’s a developing career so there are lots of medical facilities all over the country that has a shortage of phlebotomists.

Considering the fact that most diseases are diagnosed with blood testing, there is always a need for professionals who can draw blood properly.

Phlebotomy is considered an entry-level job.

But, there are opportunities to move up.

Some people start out as phlebotomists and work their way up to be nurses or even physicians.

But, you can have a rewarding, full career by staying a phlebotomist.

One of the main aspects is that it’s easy to start your phlebotomy career as most training courses last less than one year.

Also, there are states where certification isn’t required.

But still, it’s better to get your certification as it will add you some points as an employee and you don’t need a lot of time for it.

The other point is that there is a variety of ways to get your phlebotomy training.

You can enter a community college or choose a specific training program.

There are even online training courses for those who want to become a phlebotomist.

Due to the shortage, there are lots of various programs.

If you get interested in this job, you should that it’s a great opportunity to enter the medical sphere.

An average salary of a phlebotomist is $32,000 per year.

If you have a certification you can get an even higher salary starting your career.

Medical Transcriptionist

In case you aren’t interested in working with patients but want to work in the medical field, a medical transcriptionist can be a perfect choice for you.

If you pay attention to small detail and are good at typing, it’s exactly what you need.

In fact, it’s more like an office job and it can be even performed from home.

Starting your career as a transcriptionist you’ll be listening to the dictation of doctors and other specialists who provide you with the information that should be written in the patient’s file.

It’s your job to input data into the files and works on various documents such as medical reports.

At the very beginning, it was an office job but the development of technologies allows such specialists to work right from their homes.

To become a medical transcriptionist, you’ll need to start out with either a high school diploma or GED.

Then, you’ll have to complete a medical transcriptionist training program.

These can vary in length depending on the program you decide to take.

Some training programs can take as little as six months.

But, if you choose to sign up for a community college to get your certification, it can take up to two years.

The other point is that you don’t need a certification to become a medical transcriptionist.

But still, it’s a great opportunity to gain a higher position.

Consider the fact that certified specialists are obliged to retake the exam every 3 years.

Though this is an easy job to get into, it’s not a career that allows you to be ‘lazy.’

Transcriptionists must have the following characteristics:

Despite the fact it’s easy to become a medical transcriptionist, this job is really hard and includes a bunch of duties.

A good transcriptionist should have such characteristics as:

  • Organized
  • Accurate
  • Good listening skills
  • Understanding of medical terminology

An average yearly salary of a transcriptionist is about $36,000.

In fact, it’s a great salary considering the fact it requires minimal training.

Physical Therapy Assistant

There are lots of active and aging people that need the help of physical therapists so there is a constant shortage of such specialists.

Unfortunately, if you want to become a physical therapist you should be able to spend years for your training.

Nevertheless, you can start your career as a physical therapist assistant after getting an associate’s degree.

Normally it takes about 2 years.

During your training, you’ll be able to get not only theoretical knowledge but also plenty of hands-on experience.

In other words, it’s the perfect preparation for a long-lasting successful career.

Also, there are some states that ask for a licensing exam for those who want to work as a PTA but it isn’t added to your training time.

Starting your PTA career, you’ll be supervised by a real professional.

One of your main duties as a PTA is to provide patients with the help required for their physical and mental recovery.

In fact, this career is the most required in the medical field nowadays.

The growth rate is about 40% through 2024.

It means that you can easily find employment after completing your training as a PTA.

An average PTA salary is about $55,000 per year.

Nursing Assistant

Starting your career as a nursing assistant you’ll be working with a registered nurse.

They perform a bunch of duties such as general care and measuring vital signs.

In fact, the assistant has fewer duties than a nurse but still, there is a lot of work you should perform.

But the CNA courses are much shorter than the program for nurses.

To start your CNA training you need to have a high-school diploma or GED.

You need to complete a certified CNA training program that lasts 4-12 weeks.

During this period you’ll have both theoretical classes and practical courses.

In fact, a nursing assistant career is a perfect chance to enter a medical field and prolong your education to become an RN.

As the program is rather short you can start your career really fast and continue your education to become an RN later.

The salary of a nursing assistant is about $26,500 per year and after becoming an RN you’ll be able to get about $68,500 per year.

Medical Secretary

If you are an organized person and want to work in an official setting then a medical secretary is a perfect career for you.

You may think that secretaries don’t have a lot of duties but the truth is that medical secretaries have a big variety of responsibilities such as:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing physician schedules
  • Managing medical charts
  • Working as a line of communication between patients and doctors

To become a medical secretary you need to obtain an associate’s degree or complete a special training program.

The last option is rather faster than attending classes.

Considering the fact you should be an essential part of the healthcare industry you should be able to work fast and use technologies.

Also, medical secretaries should be familiar with medical termini logy, coding, and billing.

In fact, a medical secretary is the main connection between patients and a medical facility, especially if it’s a small clinic or a private practice.

If you like working as a secretary and communicating with people, it’s a perfect option for you.

The medical secretary’s salary is about $34,000 per year.

Radiology Technician

Radiology technicians are also known as x-ray techs.

It’s a specialist that works with x-ray machines and patients.

These machines are necessary to perform body scanning including bones, tissues, and organs.

Later physicians use these scans to determine patients’ condition.

It should be mentioned that radiologists only make x-ray scans and don’t diagnose them.

The main point about this job is that an x-ray tech needs to communicate with patients constantly and help them to feel more comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

Also, they should be very attentive using the machinery.

You should know that you don’t need lots of training if you want to become a radiology technician.

There are two options for those who want to become an x-ray tech: an associate’s degree in radiology and an accredited certificate program.

The education lasts for about 6-12 months and contains theoretical and practical classes.

You may need some extra schooling during your career as there are some medical advancements constantly.

X-ray technology is improved all the time so you need to make sure that you know everything you need and can perform your job properly.

Working as an x-ray tech you can earn about $45,000-$60,000 per year depending on the hospital where you work.

Home Health Aide

If you want to start your career in the medical field but don’t like that busy working days at hospitals, you should look for an opportunity to become a home health aide.

These people work with patients at their homes and the pace of work is much slower.

Usually, home health aides work with elderly patients or disabled people.

Home health aides perform a bunch of various duties including such things as laundering, preparing meals, and other household tasks.

Moreover, they help their patients with nutrition and self-care issues.

This job will be a perfect choice for those who want to communicate with patients and like helping people.

Normally, a home health aide has only one or a couple of patients so they can pay each person enough attention.

If you want to become a home health aide, some certifications are available.

But you can start your career with only a high-school diploma or GED.

It’s a great opportunity to get some experience and learn how to communicate with people.

Also, you don’t need any specific medical knowledge.

Usually, the salary of a home health aide is about $22,000 per year.

Of course, it’s not the highest salary but the point is that this job is the least stressful and you can manage your working hours by yourself.

Occupational Therapist Aide

An occupational therapy aide (OTA) works under occupational therapists and their goal is to help patients to overcome numerous difficulties related to physical, mental, or emotional ailments.

Also, being an assistant for an occupational therapist, OTA should perform such duties as scheduling appointments, dealing with order supplies and insurances.

In other words, you should be able to perform any job that can help an occupational therapist you work with.

It’s an opportunity to learn how to keep a balance between office issues and working with patients.

The truth is that there is a lot of OTs who have private offices instead of working at hospitals and clinics.

If you work for an occupational therapist that has a private office, you are a lucky person as it’s less stressful than working at hospitals.

To become an OTA you need a high-school diploma and on-the-job training.

In case you want to become an official ‘assistant’ you need to have an associate’s degree.

Your responsibilities are determined by the amount of training.

The average salary you can get is $28,000.

Pharmacy Technician

If you want to start your career in the medical sphere it doesn’t mean you need to work at a hospital, clinic, or physician’s office.

One of such jobs is a pharmacy technician.

Starting this career, you are going to work under a pharmacist and complete a bunch of daily tasks such as filling prescriptions, taking answers about them, and others.

Moreover, you can work with various insurance issues and accept payments.

Starting your career in most states you’ll be asked to complete a pharmacy tech certification program but fortunately, these programs last less than a year.

This job will be a perfect choice for those who want to become a pharmacist in the future as it’s a great chance to get some experience.

Of course, you can continue working as a technician helping people.

It’s up to you which choice to make.

Working as a pharmacy technician you have an opportunity to earn about $30,000 per year.

Medical Coder

You should know that medical billing and coding are among the most critical issues in the medical sphere.

Of course, you don’t need to work with patients but still, it’s an absolutely important and hard job.

The medical coder should take papers from physicians and assign a code for each paper.

Codes are necessary so insurance companies can determine the covered cost.

Medical coders should learn a particular language in order to know the meaning of each code and how it is applied.

This job is a perfect option for organized and attentive personalities.

One of the significant aspects is that the codes change constantly so you need to learn new codes all the time in order to adapt to the changes and avoid mistakes.

You should know that certification is not required but a rather preferable point if you are serious about becoming a medical biller and coder.

It will let you increase your chances to get a job and you need 9 months to get your certification.

And yes, there are online certification programs to become a medical coder.

Also, consider the fact that a certified specialist earns a higher salary.

The average salary for this job is about $36,000 per year.

Dental Assistant

A dental assistant career is a great option for those who want to enter the medical field.

Dental assistants perform a bunch of various tasks including x-ray developing, helping with numerous procedures, room preparation, instruments sterilization, and so on.

Also, there are some assistants that have an opportunity to work in lab settings helping to prepare crowns and molds.

You should know that dental assistants and hygienists perform different duties.

Working as a dental assistant you shouldn’t perform such duties as teeth cleaning and patient examination which is essential for hygienists.

Your goal is to help a dentist.

Of course, a dental assistant earns less than a hygienist but their training program is rather shorter.

Also, you don’t need any post-secondary training that can be a certificate program or a degree.

Depending on your choice your training can last from 9 months to 2 years, online classes can sometimes take less than that.

If you decided to become a dental assistant to start your career and promote to become a dentist in the future, it’s a great decision.

In such a case, you need to continue your education for sure.

If you decide to work as a dental assistant you have an opportunity to earn about $36,000 per year.

Learn more about how to become a dental assistant.

Is It Hard to Start a Career in the Medical Sphere?

As you can see there is a whole bunch of medical careers that can be started easily without spending a lot of time on training.

As you see, you don’t need to spend years to start working in the healthcare field.

Of course, there are jobs that require a lot of training but you aren’t obliged to apply for them.

We hope this article was helpful for you and you were able to find some options that interested you.

You can use the offered career options as a step towards the job of your dream or you can choose one job for your whole life.

Both variants are great!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest highest paying medical job?

Phlebotomy is the easiest job that pays well in the medical field.

The training program is not overly hard and can be completed in less than a year.

Phlebotomists draw blood from patients, take care of equipment, and label the drawn blood for testing.

There is little stress other than calming anxious patients.

A phlebotomist can make as much as $40,000 per year depending on where you are.

What is the least stressful medical job?

One of the least stressful jobs in the medical field is that of the laboratory technician.

These people collect samples and conduct tests on them, and they may not even be the ones collecting the sample.

They also take care of the equipment.

There are normal hours and few if any deadlines to meet.

The pay is also good.

What is the fastest medical certificate to get?

You can become a pharmacy technician in as little as four months, depending on whether you get a certificate or an associate degree.

You will have to take a state exam for certification, and in some states, you can be certified simply by bypassing the test.

Pharmacy technicians fill prescriptions and keep up with inventory.

What medical career has the least amount of schooling?

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) requires less schooling for a medical career.

An LPN does basic patient care like checking vital signs and helping patients with meals or getting dressed.

It takes a year, or even less, to get ready for a state exam.

Once you pass the state exam you are a certified LPN.

Many people use this as a stepping stone to a full Registered Nurse.

What is it like being a nurse assitant?

A nurse assistant is like an LPN, but the nursing assistant is more involved with the patient.

They help the patient with their daily life on an ongoing basis.

They may help bathe or dress the patient, or anything else the patient may need.

Nursing assistants work in nursing homes, home care, assisted living places, as well as hospitals.

What does a medical transcriptionist do?

Medical transcriptionists listen to what physicians have recorded and convert that into a written report, word for word, or as close to that as possible.

They also edit medical documents and may also use speech recognition technology.

Medical transcriptionists must be fast and accurate at typing and be able to listen and record what they hear accurately.

Grammar and editing skills are also useful.

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    This list is spot on. If you are able to get into physical therapy, go for it. I worked in the field for 10 years and wish I had started sooner in life. Depending on your location, you may even be able to work with sports athletes and that really pays well.

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    My sister told me I should go to school to be in the medical field but I am very put off by blood and everything. I was doing some research and came across your post here. I was not even considering being a transcriptionist! Glad I looked into it. I will be applying over the summer.

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