How to Become a Freight Broker in New Mexico

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How to Become a Freight Broker in New Mexico

Have you heard about or seen Freight brokers in action and contemplated that career move?

That would be a good decision.

The shipping and transportation enterprises that deliver supplies across the globe rely on freight brokers to keep everything together.

Without their assistance, freight forwarders would have difficulty moving products from one location to another.

Search Freight Broker/Agent Training Programs

Get information on Freight Broker/Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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They are well-respected for their efforts because of this.

Freight Broker Duties in New Mexico

There is a myriad of things that a Freight Broker does to keep things flowing in the transportation industry.

Checking the Carriers’ Background

It is way ahead of the cargo’s departure from the loading dock that a freight broker begins their work.

As part of this process, the company’s carriers get thoroughly checked out.

Is this person authorized and insured to do this?

It is important to know what their specialties are and whether or not they have a good track record before assigning any cargo.

A skilled freight broker knows how important it is to work with high-quality carriers.

They place a high value on honesty and dependability.

It is important to remember that not all freight brokers and pages are created equal.

It is critical to evaluate all of the trucks involved thoroughly to build a reliable supply chain.

Transporting your freight can commence if a broker is confident in the quality and reliability of the carriers in their network.

Every step of a shipment’s journey, no matter how many resources are required, is meticulously planned by a brokerage.

A freight broker may help you deliver your cargo to any location in the world, across the United States, or even just a few miles away.

Licensing Requirements to Become a New Mexico Freight Broker

To begin working as a freight broker in New Mexico, you must first apply for a number known as a USDOT number.

All such inquiries are dealt with by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a division of the Department of Transportation in the United States.

To obtain a freight broker’s license, the FMCSA determines the standards for the application process.

Brokers, shippers, and carriers all need a USDOT number to conduct business in the United States.

In contrast, a freight broker’s license allows you to create a brokerage firm.

To be eligible for a driver’s license, you must have completed at least your high school diploma or a GED equivalent program.

You can start with the FMCSA application if you satisfy this criterion.

A trust fund agreement or a surety bond must be attached to every application.

If you have a $75,000 bond, both forms of evidence must state that.

You must include the names of anyone acting as a process agent for your company and must include them in your freight broker application.

An “at-fault party” is a person who accepts legal responsibility for the actions of their employer.

At the very least, each broker must have an agent in their state of residence.

FMCSA regulations allow you to take on this position independently.

You will need someone else in each state if you are going to set up shop in more than one.

All candidates must pay an upfront $300 to the FMCSA to cover processing costs.

Within four to six weeks, successful applicants will get their broker’s license.

Freight Broker Programs in New Mexico

To increase their chances of success, freight brokers in New Mexico should invest heavily in training.

What should they include in this training?

There are some critical areas where new brokers require assistance:

  • Broker companies’ legal rights and obligations
  • The fundamentals of management for both short-term and long-term achievement
  • A day in the life of a shipper or shipper’s customer service representative
  • The most effective ways to attract new customers.

It is best if you can discover a program that addresses all of these critical areas in one fell swoop.

The Brooke Transportation Training Solutions and ed2go 180-hour curriculum is an excellent example of what you are seeking.

In terms of comprehensiveness and affordability, this training led by specialists sets the standard.

At educational institutions in New Mexico, you will be able to locate it, including:

  • Santa Fe Community College (Santa Fe)
  • Eastern New Mexico University at Ruidoso
  • The University of New Mexico at Albuquerque
  • New Mexico State University at Carlsbad
  • Central New Mexico Community College (Albuquerque)
  • Northern New Mexico College (El Rito)

The Course Procedure

  • Self-paced, online course
  • Six months to complete
  • Open enrollment begins anytime
  • 180-course hours
  • Cost: $1,895

You can obtain a freight broker’s certificate once you have completed your training.

Like an advanced diploma, this certificate shows that you have completed additional educational requirements.

The Certified Transportation Broker program is well regarded in New Mexico and across the country.

Salary Average in New Mexico for Freight Brokers

Freight Broker salaries in Albuquerque, NM range from $42,684 to $56,697, according to

However, the average is $49,382.

Pay scales can vary substantially depending on a wide range of characteristics such as level of education, professional certifications, different talents, and length of experience in the field.

PayScale, the most comprehensive salary data resource on the internet, may assist you in identifying your ideal salary range.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Albuquerque $49,382
Las Cruces $44,836
Santa Fe $49,847
Rio Rancho $49,224
Roswell $46,260
Farmington $48,823
Alamogordo $47,051
Clovis $47,518
Hobbs $47,088
Carlsbad $46,260

Regional Salary in New Mexico

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Albuquerque, NM70$51,630$24.82$67,580$23,920
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Cargo and Freight Agents, OCC Code 43-5011, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to get clients as a freight broker?

It takes a bit longer to get a grip and experience any indication of achievement when doing general freight.

Specialty freight takes off faster.

Using load boards and referrals helps get the ball rolling.

Do all freight brokers work with a brokerage?

It can be frightening to work alone.

As a favorable result, being an independent broker does not mean you cannot receive the support and guidance you require when faced with challenges such as late payments, complicated technology, or legal cases filed against your company.

Do you need a bond as freight broker?

Before acquiring a freight broker license from the FMCSA, freight brokers and logistics providers must buy a $75,000 surety bond.

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