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Short Training Courses

There is a whole variety of career options that don’t require years of expensive training.

Applying for some short courses, you have the opportunity to obtain the set of skills you need for your job.

You need to keep in mind that short-term training doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a good salary.

Also, these short-term programs are great for both school graduates and adults who want to change their careers.

Sometimes, short-term programs can be even a better option than a long-lasting training that may take years.

If you are over 30 and have a family, a long and expensive course can be a real problem.

If you don’t know what career path to choose, you can use our article as a guide.

Here, we’ve collected some of the most amazing and fruitful careers that require short-term training.

What Careers are Available After Completing Short Training Courses?

In this article, you can find some of the best quick courses that can provide excellent career prospects.

You don’t need to spend years on your training in order to be able to get a fruitful career.

Below, you can find some career options in various spheres you can enter with just a short training that provides some valuable professional skills.

Phlebotomy Training

Most people think that medical careers require lots of training but it’s not always true.

In fact, there are career options in the medical sphere that can be enrolled in after just a short training.

One of them is a phlebotomy career.

Phlebotomists are medical specialists who perform blood drawing procedures that are known as venipunctures.

Usually, these professionals work in hospitals, clinics, private practices, blood banks, the American Red Cross, and so on.

To be able to apply for this job, you need to complete a phlebotomy training program that usually lasts for about a year.

In some cases, you can even complete it just in 4-8 months.

During your training, you’ll learn medical terminology, human’s body structure, and systems, and get a bunch of hands-on training.

After completing your training, you can apply for a certification that is often offered at the end of a course.

To be qualified for this test, you need to complete some extra training that usually lasts for a couple of weeks.

Just keep in mind that certification can provide you with better career options.

Also, you can advance your career after gaining some experience and/or extra training.

A phlebotomist’s average salary is about $32 000 annually.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training

One other popular career option in the medical sphere is an EMT.

This career doesn’t require long-lasting training as there are lots of short-term programs.

Usually, these specialists are the first who deal with patients who were in an accident or suddenly felt sick.

They should be able to provide all the required aid and make sure that a patient’s condition is stable until they get to a hospital.

Nowadays, qualified EMTs are in great demand because of the aging population and many other issues.

The number of heart attacks and strokes increases every year.

Working as an EMT, you should be able to provide your patients with all the help they need and also you need to work in a fast and stressful environment.

Training programs for EMTs can be completed in a rather short period of time – from 6 months to 2 years.

The duration of the program significantly depends on the educational facility that offers it.

Lots of colleges and schools all over the country offer EMT’s training programs but you need to make sure that your program of choice is accredited.

Career Options, Short-Term Training, EMT

In some cases, applying for training for EMTs, you can also get an opportunity to obtain your associate’s degree.

Also, there are specialized courses provided by hospitals and clinics.

To be able to apply for this career, you need not only attend classes but also have at least 100 hours of practical training.

Also, you are obliged to pass a qualifying national exam so you can obtain your certification.

You should also know that every state has its own specific rules and requirements for EMTs.

In other words, before deciding to pursue this career and applying for training, make sure to learn more about all the available options.

EMTs have a median salary of $33 00 annually.

Personal Trainer Certification

If you feel like you want to work on your own, a personal trainer career can be a perfect choice for you.

If you are passionate about health and fitness and like helping people it is a perfect job for you.

These specialists are required in gyms and fitness centers but also they can work on their own and have their private clients list.

They are responsible for fitness routine designing, meal plans, and nutritional guidelines creation, and so on.

In fact, personal trainers have lots of responsibilities.

They teach their clients how to stay healthy and keep feet.

If you decide to work on your own, just keep in mind that it may require lots of time to succeed.

Also, you need to have good communication skills and the ability to promote your self.

You don’t need to spend much time on your training if you want to become a personal trainer.

It can be easily completed online and usually, it lasts for about 6-12 weeks.

Also, there is always an opportunity to enroll in on-campus training offered by an accredited college or school.

In fact, you need about 80-100 course hours in order to become a personal trainer before applying for a certification exam.

Moreover, there is an opportunity to take your exam online or look for local providers near you.

Just make sure that the program you are going to apply for is accredited as it can influence your career prospects significantly.

Personal trainer’s salary significantly depends on their employment and number of clients.

As a full-time trainer, you can earn about $50 000 per year.

Also, you should know that if you have great professional skills and good at marketing yourself, you can achieve success without training.

Real Estate Agent Licensing

A real estate agent is also known as a broker and it is a specialist who helps people to sell and buy various types of real estate.

As an employee at a real estate agency, this specialist work as a ‘middleman’ between a seller and a buyer.

It is an entry-level position that requires a high-school diploma or GED to enroll in this job.

Just keep in mind that this career option is pretty challenging as you need to have stable results and sell a certain amount of properties every month.

However, if you are skillful enough, you can have a good income while not spending lots of money and effort on your training.

You should remember that you need to enroll in a pre-licensing course if you want to work in this sphere.

The cost of this course is about $300-$400 and the number of hours you need to complete depends on your location.

For example, in California, you need to complete at least 135 hours of training.

During your training, you’ll learn how to evaluate a property and resolve related legal issues.

You can apply for online training or give preference to the on-campus training.

After completing your training, you need to pass a certification exam that covers state and federal laws.

The exam can be retaken if you weren’t able to pass it from the first try.

Also, you have an opportunity to get a job at a brokerage or work on your own.

Just keep in mind that if you want to be a successful realtor, you should be able to build your reputation.

An average salary of a real estate agent is about $45 000 per year.

Of course, there is always an opportunity to get a bigger income depending on your skills, experience, location, and so on.

Commercial Driver Instruction

Nowadays, lots of different goods need to be shipped all over the country and one of the most popular options is transportation.

As a result, commercial drivers are in big demand.

To be able to work as a commercial driver, you need to learn the requirements in your state.

In other words, make sure to research the issue before looking for employment.

To learn more about the requirements in your state, make sure to contact your local division of motor vehicles.

Career Options, Short-Term Training, Commercial Driver

Of course, there are some general requirements as well.

First of all, you need to complete an accredited training program.

Also, you should obtain a commercial driver’s license also known as CDL.

In some states, before you can get your CDL, you need to prove your proficiency and skills.

You don’t need much time to complete your training as it lasts for about 206 weeks.

However, in some cases, you may be obliged to complete some extra training like when you should transport some hazardous materials.

Also, some employers may ask for additional training within a specific company.

Obtaining on the job training, you have an opportunity to learn about the company’s policies and work.

If you like driving and are ready to spend long hours on the road, this job is a perfect option for you.

Also, you’ll be glad to learn that working in this sphere you can have a good salary.

An average salary of a commercial driver is about $45 000 per year.

Trade Programs

If you want to get a job as fast as possible, a trade school is exactly the option you need.

Usually, they are considered ‘dying’ careers however they are still in big demand.

There is no need to spend four years at college as you can choose a specific trade course combining classes you really need and a bunch of hands-on training.

Of course, courses vary by trades but you also have an opportunity to get an apprenticeship for numerous trades.

You can work with real professionals who have some incredible experience.

As a result, you can gain some real-world experience as well.

In fact, sometimes on the job training can be even much better than a training program.

There are lots of trade careers but the most common and popular are:

If you feel like getting on-the-job training in one of these careers, it will take you about a year.

However, applying for an apprenticeship you are going to get paid while training.

Those who like working with their own hands will for sure appreciate one of these career options.

IT Technician Training

Considering the fast and constant development of modern technologies, it isn’t a surprise that specialists in this sphere are in big demand.

In fact, there are lots of companies that need people to make sure that their computers, networks, and systems work properly.

It is exactly the case when IT technicians are required.

If you are interested in this career, you should know that there are lots of ways to get your training.

Of course, you can enroll in a college degree in information technologies.

However, lots of people find an associate degree more appropriate as it can be completed just in 2 years.

Also, there are lots of people who give preference to some specialized programs so they can learn about modern technologies on the job.

If you want to work in this sphere, there is a high possibility that you are really passionate about IT and computers.

Working as an IT specialist, you are going to perform a whole variety of duties.

In fact, they can fix hardware, deal with software issues, and even manage networks.

You just need to remember that in this sphere your experience and real skill are more important than your education.

Of course, obtaining some specialized training is a great option but it doesn’t mean you need to enroll in a four-year course.

You can continue your education after starting working do you can improve your skills and learn new things about your job.

As an IT technician, you can work as a freelancer or get a job at a company.

If you want to become a successful IT technician, you need to have great skills, as well as some great clients’ base.

Moreover, don’t forget that this career requires constant training and learning as modern technologies develop rapidly.

Working as an IT technician in the USA, you can earn about $38 000 per year.

Dental Assistant Education

Dentistry is one other sphere of medical services that sees constant and rapid growth.

That is why dental assistants are in great demand nowadays.

Dental assistants have numerous responsibilities including patient care and appointment scheduling.

Of course, the list of responsibilities significantly depends on an employee.

Just keep in mind that dental assistants aren’t the same as dental hygienists and this career doesn’t require much training.

Career Options, Short-Term Training, Dentist Assistant

To be able to work as a dental assistant, you need to complete a training program that usually lasts about 9-11 months.

Also, there are accelerated training programs as well.

In other words, you can complete your education faster and get a job sooner.

Various community colleges, tech schools, and dental institutes offer dental assistant training.

After obtaining a two-year working experience, you can pass an exam and get your certification.

It is clear that certification can provide you with better career options and a higher salary.

An average salary of a dental assistant is about $38 000 per year.

Hair Styling/Cosmetology School

Hairstylists and various salon workers always have really high employment rates.

People constantly need skillful professionals to make their haircuts and style their hair.

Also, you just need some short training to start working in this sphere.

In fact, these specialists perform various duties including cutting, styling, and coloring hair.

You need less than a year to get your training and start working as a hairstylist.

Just keep in mind that each state has its own licensing requirements for hairstylists.

However, in any state, you need to have at least 1000-1500 hours of training before you can get your license.

In order to obtain a license, you need to pass a written exam but in some states, you may also be asked to complete a practical exam.

You’ll be glad to learn that it is easy to find a training program as there are numerous cosmetology schools that offer courses for hairstylists.

An average salary of a hairstylist is about $27 000 annually however the numbers may differ depending on your skills and clients.

Just keep in mind that this career requires constant learning and training as there are new trends, products, and tools that appear constantly.

There are numerous conventions, classes, events, and meetings where you can learn about the latest trends and news in the sphere.

Also, it will allow you keeping your license throughout your career and making your clients happy.

In fact, the more satisfied your clients, the bigger your success is.

Other Benefits of Short-Term Training

As you can see, there are lots of career options that require just some short-term training.

In other words, if you don’t have enough time and money for some long-term college programs, you can always consider applying for a short-term one.

Moreover, most of these careers can provide you with a long-lasting, fruitful and rewarding career.

Also, there are numerous benefits of short-term training programs especially when it comes to your career advancing.

In fact, short-term training doesn’t mean there is no career growth in the future.

You can always apply for some additional short-term training courses in order to get a better job.

It is a great option for those who are looking for a promotion and a better salary in various spheres.

Learning something new and obtaining new skills, you can expect to get better career prospects.

Also, you aren’t obliged to enroll in a course specific to your profession when looking for short-term training.

You can take a foreign language course while working in the medical sphere.

Of course, it has nothing in common with medical services however bilingual employees are required in this sphere.

In other words, you can get a better salary if you know some foreign languages.

There are numerous career options that don’t require years of training.

Of course, obtaining an education doesn’t guarantee you a job but it is a great way to increase your chances.

It should be mentioned that short-term training is a great option for those who want to start working ASAP as well as for those who want to change their careers.

There are lots of careers that are in great demand so you can get a lucrative and successful career with just a little training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualification is a short course?

A short course, as the name implies, is a shorter version of a regular program you might take at a vocational school.

You do get a certificate of completion, and added knowledge and skill in a specific area, but it does not give you certification to do a job.

It can be used as a first step, or as a means of enhancing skills you already have.

Can I get a job after completing a short course?

It is possible to get a job with or without any sort of certificate, so you might be able to get a job with a short course certificate.

However, the short course does not qualify you or certify you to do any given job.

Short courses do not count as a regular degree.

Often short courses are used by people who have jobs to enhance their skills.

How many months is a short course on average?

A short course is an intensive, shorter version of a longer education program.

Some take just one or two months, while some may take a year or more.

They take a lot less time than the regular education program would take.

Many say six months is a good average for the typical short course.

What is the best learning platform for online courses?

If you are pursuing a degree from a college or university, Coursera is a great choice, and many consider it the best.

It is integrated into many colleges’ online programs.

There are a lot of courses available with this platform and it is one of the most popular.

The downside is that it is limited to those institutions that use it and is not as flexible as some.

Are short courses popular?

Short courses are growing in popularity, especially as they relate to online learning.

Over the last four years, short courses have increased by 500 percent, and more than half of the courses were offered online.

People who are interested in life-long learning and enhancing knowledge and skills like short courses.

Are online short courses worth it?

Short courses are worth the time as our culture shifts to a more flexible definition of what education is.

They are more designed for a lifelong learning mindset, as opposed to just getting a degree and being done with education.

Short courses can increase your knowledge of a subject quickly or enhance skills you already have.

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