How to Become a Dog Groomer in Virginia

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How to Become a Dog Groomer in Virginia

If you’re one of the many animal lovers in Virginia and you want to learn of a job allowing you to work with animals, you came to the right place.

Here you can find out more about what it takes to become a dog groomer in this state, as well as the salary you can expect.

Dog Groomer Job Requirements

There aren’t many requirements to become a dog groomer, at least not when it comes to education.

They mostly relate to your physical condition, as you’ll be standing for a good portion of the shift.

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You might have to also lift and put down heavier animals.

Most of the other requirements have to do with your personality and interpersonal skills.

For instance, you’ll have to be good at making a conversation and communicating information clearly.

Patience and compassion come in handy when you have to take care of injured or scared animals or others that suffer from chronic pains.

Depending on the salon, you’ll have to offer your services to all sorts of animals, but most commonly dogs and cats.

Dog Groomer Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Once you become a dog stylist your working day will be full.

For instance, you’ll have to keep your work station clean at all times and sanitize after each customer.

When it comes to the actual pet grooming you’ll have to complete the following tasks:

  • Inspecting the animal for fleas, rashes, and other skin problems
  • Bathing, drying, styling the pets
  • Using products that don’t irritate the skin of the animal
  • Cutting hair and nails
  • Cleaning its eyes and ears

During the inspection, should you notice any signs that can seriously affect the animals’ health, you’re expected to inform the person who brought it.

This way, you can possibly save the pet from a serious illness.

Training and Certification for a Dog Groomer in Virginia

Getting trained and certified is not mandatory in Virginia either.

You’ll notice that you have better employment options and a higher salary if you do so.

There are a few pet grooming programs available in Virginia, and most of them last for around 70 hours.

Before choosing one, make sure it received accreditation, and that it covers topics such as:

  • Preparatory measures
  • Grooming dogs of various breeds
  • Grooming cats
  • How to run a pet grooming salon

The courses can be taken both online and in-person, but should also offer the possibility of hands-on experience.

To earn the certification, at the end of the program you need to pass an exam.

Dog Groomer Employment and Salary

As a dog groomer, expect to work in facilities such as:

  • Pet salons,
  • Kennels,
  • Animal hospitals,
  • Pet retail stores
  • Animal rescue centers

The working hours may vary, so expect to see both full-time and part-time positions in this field.

Your salary will depend on this aspect, but not only, as the location and your skills will also influence how much you’ll earn.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Virginia Beach$33,217
Newport News$32,550

Additional Information

Generally, the places willing to hire pet groomers also know where to find such personnel.

This means you can ask those places for training program providers.

You can also contact these organizations for more details:

  • National Dog Grooming Association of America
  • International Association of Professional Groomers

USA Dog Grooming by State

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Earn your accredited, affordable Pet and Dog Grooming Certificate online with Penn Foster in as little as 2 months!

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