Should I Tip My Dog Groomer?

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Grooming is more than just keeping a dog clean, it’s also a part of the overall health plan of a dog.

From keeping fur untangled to keeping nails at a healthy length, good pet owners should always carry out a grooming routine.

All dogs, small or large, fluffy or sleek, can benefit from professional grooming services.

The prices for professional grooming services vary greatly, so a question comes up whether you need to tip your groomer.

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Shortly speaking, the answer is yes.

But there is more detail to this answer.

Here’s some information you need to know about groomers and grooming as well as why you need to tip the person who clips your dog.

What Does a Professional Groomer Do?

Professional groomers can make your dog look good, along with some other things:

  • Overall health assessment:
    Groomers check the conditions of a dog’s skin, fur, teeth, and gums.
    They also check for pests, sore spots, and other things that may bother your dog as they groom them.
    Since they are looking/touching/handling some parts of your dog that you may not, they can let you know about any possible health issues you need to look into.
  • Bathing:
    While this may seem obvious, professionals do more than just bathing.
    After scrubbing and drying dogs many times, they do styling.
    Some dogs don’t require more than a quick comb-out, others need hair trimming in delicate places, for example, around the mouth and eyes or between the toes.
    Depending on the whims and wants of their owners, some dogs require a skilled hand and trained eye, for instance, classic “French poodle” cut.
  • Cleaning hard to reach spots:
    Such spots as eyes, ears, and heinies can be hard for the owners to clean, and groomers can take care of them gently, with a skilled hand.
    It includes cleaning the “eye gunk” that many small dogs have.
    Also, it involves cleaning and checking for signs of infection, e.g., yeast in the ears, and expressing anal glands if needed.
  • Nail trims:
    Dogs usually don’t like a manicure.
    But it’s essential to trim their claws regularly.
    Groomers have special training to make it painless and quick.

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How Much Does Grooming Cost?

Besides your location and the number of dog groomers in your area, the main factor influencing the grooming price is the type of dog and their size.

For example, a Newfoundland costs more than a terrier since it’s a large dog with thick and time-consuming fur.

Usually, dog groomers charge extra for additional services, such as flea treatment, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, fancy styles, etc.

So, depending on your pooch and what you want, professional grooming services can cost somewhere between $35-$150.

What Questions Should I Ask a Potential Groomer?

When looking for the right groomer for your pet, you should prepare a list of questions you need to ask them.

Here are some of the basic questions:

Do you have certification or previous professional experience?

Some groomers are members of such organizations as the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Others prefer not to join the organization and let their experience showcase them.

What breeds do you have the most experience with?

This question can help you figure out if the groomer is familiar with your type and size of a dog.

How long does it take?

Groomers should be able to give you an approximate time estimation of how long various services take.

Knowing this, you can determine when you need to take your dog for a potty or give them treats before grooming.

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How do you manage dogs who fear grooming?

This is probably the most important question for the owners of dogs that would rather be doing something-anything-other than taking a bath.

Experienced groomers have ways to calm an anxious dog.

What do you include in your “package”?

Some groomers provide everything in one package, others change for basic service and let you choose additional services you prefer.

What, if anything, do I need to provide?

Some groomers can come to you with all types of tools and materials they need.

Others may ask you to provide shampoo, towels, or other things.

It can be a good thing to mention if your dog has some allergies or you prefer specific scents.

Can I watch?

Many groomers prefer the owners not to be in the sight of their pet because it can cause anxiety or great joy resulting in too much wiggling.

Do I Need to Tip My Groomer?

Just like with any service, tipping is optional and depends on the quality of services.

The standard tip is 20%.

If your dog looks so lovely and you can’t stop looking at them, the groomer went the extra mile with the special touches, or did a great job with a special circumstance dog (e.g., a dog challenging to groom), consider showing your appreciation with a larger tip.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Veterinary-Related career diploma or degree online with Penn Foster!

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