How to Become a Dog Groomer in Mississippi

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How to Become a Dog Groomer in Mississippi

Most animal lovers become veterinarians or start volunteering with an animal rescue organization.

Those are great options, however, if you don’t like to see injured animals, you can consider becoming a pet groomer.

Here you’ll learn more about the process of becoming a dog groomer in Mississippi, as well as what this job is all about.

Mississippi Requirements to Become a Dog Groomer

Most pet groomers like or don’t mind handling dogs, cats, and their fur all day long.

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Sometimes, the owners of these animals are more difficult to talk to than it is to handle the pet.

Being able to keep calm for both the pet and its owner is very important for this job, as are your communication skills.

You’ll also need some physical strength to stand for long periods, lift animals from the floor to the working station.

Having a steady grip can also benefit you while trying to trim the nails of some animals.

Ideally, you’re ambidextrous or able to use your hands at the same time, while performing various actions with each.

Dog Grooming Duties and Responsibilities

As a dog or pet groomer, you’re also expected to ensure it is in a good state of health.

This is done through an examination of:

  • Its skin
  • Its eyes
  • Its ears
  • Its paws

By doing so, you can observe any flea infestation, ticks, rashes, or small cuts.

You’ll, therefore, avoid using inefficient or irritant products, that can affect the animal’s behavior both in your salon and at home.

In case you notice something out of the ordinary, or if the client is new, you’re expected to inform the owner of any issue you notice with their pet.

Your daily duties will be bathing, trimming, cutting, and cleaning the animals visiting your practice.

Some pet owners will request a different procedure instead: 

  • Fur straightening or curling
  • Fur coloring
  • Nail coloring

Training and Certification

In Mississippi, you don’t need to hold a certification or a license to groom dogs.

It is still a good idea to undergo some training, either through a pet grooming school or as an apprentice to someone who practices this occupation.

The pet grooming training programs are generally organized by the same organizations that also have dog obedience, training classes.

The coursework should cover topics such as:

  • Introduction to grooming
  • Grooming dogs
  • Grooming cats
  • Tools to use
  • How to run a successful business

When searching for a training program, make sure it is an approved and accredited one.

The approval and accreditation need to be from the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

This association issues the most valuable certification for these professionals.

Generally at the end of the training, regardless of where it was completed, you’ll have to pass a test.

Employment and Salary Information

Finding employment after receiving your certification should be much ore easy.

You even have the possibility of starting looking for a job while you are still an apprentice.

Animal rescues and vet clinics are some of the places where it’s easier to get hired.

Your skills and experience will greatly influence how much you’ll earn in this field.

The same can be said about the number of hours you’ll work each week.

On average, in Mississippi, you can expect a salary of around $30,229 per year.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Olive Branch$32,070
Horn Lake$32,134

Additional Information

The National Dog Groomers Association of America is one of the best sources of information on the topic.

You can also consult with the Mississippi Section of the National Humane Society of United.

If you want to run a dog grooming business, make sure to get the correct information related to the business licenses you need, from your local authorities,

USA Dog Grooming by State

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