How Much Does GRE Cost?

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$ General Test: $160 $ $ Subject Tests: $140 Each $ $ $ Private Tutoring: $450-$5,800

GRE, the standardized Graduate Record Examination is a Revised General Test which measures the analytical writing, as well as the verbal and quantitative reasoning.

GRE subject tests are separate from the general exam, and emphasize skill levels in specific areas such as biology and chemistry, computer science and mathematics, literature in English, cell and molecular biology, physics, psychology, and biochemistry.

Typical Costs

  • The price of the general test is $160 in the United States and includes practice test materials and sending scores to listed colleges or universities.
  • The price of GRE subject tests is $140 each.

What Is Included

The scores, which are up to a maximum of 800 points, are used by university admissions departments together with the undergraduate records and recommendation letters in order to determine the possible admission to graduate programs.

Additional Costs

  • The price of the Official Guide to the GRE General Test is $35 and includes the software POWERPREPII – these are two practice tests with hundreds of questions, test-taking strategies, and sample essays.
  • The two essays online writing practice is priced at $13 through the ScoreItNow! Program and includes general improvement suggestions, as well as essay samples from similar topics.
  • There is a late registration fee of $25, rescheduling test dates or changing the test center fee of $50, and rush scores fee of $12.
  • Private tutoring through independent companies such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review are priced at $450-$5,800, based on the number of hours, the location, and the instructor skills.
  • The online courses cost approx. $500-$700, while the classroom-based courses are about $800-$1,200.


  • There are discounts available of up to 50% for specific off-season testing dates.
  • There are free GRE General Test preparation materials in the POWERPREPII software and in a pdf format.
  • Available online are the additional printable study guide for the math review and the math conventions.
  • Free preparation help is also available for the individual subject exams of GRE.

Shopping For The GRE

There is online registration for the GRE Revised General Test or a subject test through the non-profit Educational Testing Service.

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