How Much Does SAT Prep Cost?

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$ Self-Guided Study Tools: $10-$50 $ $ Instructor-Led Classes: $75-$1,000 $ $ $ Private Tutoring: $75-$250 Per Hour

A major college entrance exam, SAT is testing the knowledge of the student in writing and reading, as well as in math.

Once known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, nowadays it is popular as the SAT Reasoning Test.

The test is published by the non-profit organization College Board.

The choice that the students should make is whether to prepare for the SAT or for the ACT (or both) and to which prospective colleges to send the tests.

Typical Costs

The study tools of the self-guided SAT such as software and books cost approx. $10-$50.

Several SAT books are published by Random House for the sum of $10-$30; while the Official SAT Study Guide is published by the College Board and costs $22, including practice essay questions, 10 official practice tests, and free online score reports.

The software is known as Boost Your Score! The Unofficial Software Guide to the Real ACT costs $15 and includes 6 practice tests and interactive quizzes.

SAT online study courses range between $70 and $500: the Official SAT Study Course by the College Board costs $70 for one year and provides 10 official practice tests, 18 interactive lessons, sample essays, and 1 automated essay scoring.

The online course SAT On Demand by Kaplan, features a personalized study plan and more than 2,000 practice questions, practice tests and videos.

SAT prep classes led by an instructor come at the price of $75-$1,000.

SAT Classroom by Princeton Reviews is priced at $600 – this is an 18-hour course with a focus on frequent test components and is provided at various USA locations.

There is another 30-hour review course, which is offered for $1,000 and is more in-depth.

Another 18-hour $400 SAT prep course is provided by Sherwood Test Prep covering 60 locations across the U.S.

These courses are led by university-level instructors, where students take 6 practice SAT tests during the course and learn test-taking techniques and strategies.

SAT private tutoring varies between $75 and $250 per hour and is done online or in-person.

The 4-hour package of private, in-home tutoring by Parliament Tutors is provided for $360 ($120 per hour), while the 60-hour tutoring package is available for $4,500 ($75 per hour).

The company provides this service in 22 states and numerous cities.

Private online tutoring with a senior (mid-level) instructor is provided by Ivy Bound Test Prep for the price of $2,450 for 20 hours (which is $123 per hour).

In case the students need additional hours, they can be purchased with a discount for $70 per hour.

Ivy Bound Test Prep rate for in-person private tutoring is $183 per hour for a senior instructor, where tutors can offer in-home tutoring in 22 U.S. cities.

What Is Included

Three main things are included in the SAT prep package: test-taking strategies, multiple-choice practice questions, and SAT structure overview.

Reading Comprehension topics test the student’s response to the critical reading of sample passages.

Math review topics include algebra and geometry and probability.

Writing portion practice is included in the study materials or the SAT prep course.

A great deal of the test prep books and courses include access to SAT full-length practice tests.

Additional Costs

  • Registration for SAT costs $49.
  • A graphing or scientific calculator is needed for completing the test prep courses and for taking the SAT.
  • The used graphing calculator is priced at $20, while a new and upgraded model costs $150.
  • The used calculators TI-82 are available for approx. $30 or less on eBay, while at the same time a new TI-84 Plus calculator from Texas Instruments can be found for the sum of $123 including shipping.


A free SAT practice test is offered by The College Board and could be taken online or printed and filled out on paper.

Shopping For SAT Prep

  • Follow the tips by the College Board on when to start SAT planning, during the student’s freshman year in high school.
  • The juniors at high school typically take the SAT and students can retake the test during their senior year in order to get a higher score.
  • In addition, there is PSAT/NMQST test, possible to be taken during the junior year of the student as a practice for the SAT and for National Merit Scholarships qualification.
  • Review of 10 online SAT test preparation companies are offered by the Consumer Reports published a
  • A searchable directory for the accredited test prep organizations is offered by ACCET – the Accrediting Council of Continuing Education and Training.

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