How Much Does LSAT Cost?

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$ Registration Fee: $139

LSAT or The Law School Admissions Test is administered by the Law School Admission Council.

Typical Costs

  • LSAT main registration fee is $139 in the U.S. or $144 in Canada.
  • The regular registration is possible only up to 4 weeks before the test date with specific deadlines being available online.
  • The LSAT Credential Assembly Service (CAS) fee for test-takers is $124, which covers the access to electronic applications for all LSAC-member law schools, a letter of recommendation service and a summary undergraduate record.
  • Additional $68 in the U.S. or $71 in Canada is the late registration fee.
  • The late registration closes approximately 3 weeks before each test date and there are specific deadlines set online.
  • The price of the test date is the additional $68 in the U.S. or $71 in Canada.
  • The fee for the change of the test center is the additional $35 in the U.S. or $36 in Canada.
  • If the testing location is inaccessible or more than 100 miles from the individual’s home then a non-published testing center can be requested.
  • The non-published test centers must be requested in advance before the deadline and cost an extra $252 in the U.S., $262 in Canada or $335 in other countries.

What Is Included

  • Being a half-day exam, the LSAT has test dates offered four times each year at locations across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, plus several international testing centers across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America.
  • LSAT features five, 35-minute sections with multiple choice answers.
  • One of the sections comprises of test questions for future exams and is not counted toward the test taker’s score.
  • The LSAT also includes an unscored 35-minute writing section, and even if no score is awarded, the section writing samples are sent to the law schools of the applicant’s choice together with the test results.
  • The test consists of three types of questions: analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension.
  • Providing that the test taker is not happy with his or her performance, the LSAT test scores can be voided at no cost, yet the testing session is counted as one of the three possible individual tests that are allowed in two years.
  • If canceled by a certain date, the test fee is partially refundable.
  • An individual in the U.S. registered for February 13, 2012, LSAT, for example, may cancel by January 20, 2012, to receive a $48 refund.
  • As long as no applications, transcripts or letters of recommendation have been processed, another $48 could be refunded for Credential Assembly Service fee.

Additional Costs

  • The LSAT study tools are priced at $10-$200, where the online and in-person LSAT study courses usually cost $600-$1,450, and the private tutoring can add $100-$300 per hour.
  • If an applicant feels there is a scoring error, he or she can provide a written request for a rescore of the exam for $42.
  • The old LSAT score reports could be ordered for $42 each.
  • Some copies of law school reports may be ordered for $16 each, being created by CAS and including the academic summary, all academic transcripts and letters of recommendation, LSAT scores, and writing samples.


A fee waiver is offered for applicants who cannot afford the LSAT testing fee and can prove this with financial documentation to The Law School Admission Council.

When approved, the fee waiver entitles the recipient to sit for two LSAT exams within a two-year period, which means four law school reports, one registration for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS), and an LSAT study guide.

Shopping For The LSAT

  • According to the University of Notre Dame, students who want to attend law school after graduation from a four-year college should plan to take the LSAT in June after completing their junior year.
  • This date helps students to avoid conflicts with classes and allows them time to repeat the test if needed.
  • LSAC offers a list of items that test-takers could bring into the LSAT testing center.
  • Tips on applying to law schools are provided by the same organization.

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