How Much Does Dental Admission Test Cost?

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$ Exam Fee: $320 $ $ Test Preparation: $37-$1,200+

DAT, the Dental Admission Test is required by all U.S. dental schools and is conducted by the American Dental Association.

Typical Costs

  • The price of the exam is $320.
  • The online practice test is priced at $37 and is administered by testing and assessment company Prometric.
  • The print format test is priced at $27 plus applicable taxes.

What Is Included

  • The cost of $320 includes the exam and the sending of the scores to the dental schools enumerated during registration.
  • The overall score is between 1-30, the test has four parts and covers perceptual ability and quantitative reasoning, a survey of natural sciences, reading comprehension.
  • The ADA provides a DAT Guide online.

Additional Costs

  • The sending scores to additional schools after the initial application is possible for $25 each.
  • Based on study styles, the test preparation options can include online courses and textbooks, in-class and tutoring options which range from online practice test for $55 to more than $1,200 for a comprehensive test.


There is an ADA scholarship of up to 50% available for students with financial needs.

Shopping For The Dental Admission Test

Try the prospective dental school or campus bookstore for recommendations on DAT preparation.

Get tips from Brigham Young University.

Listen to the American Student Dental Association which recommends narrowing the test preparation to areas of difficulty.

Search Dental Assistant Programs

Get information on Dental Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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The classroom-based courses are possible at independent companies including The Princeton Review and Kaplan for the price of $1,400.

The DAT electronic application is possible through the American Dental Association.

To register, the applicants should show evidence of their intention to apply to dental school along with meeting the other eligibility requirements – at least one year of college courses including biology, general and organic chemistry.

When approved, the application is forwarded to Prometric to set the test date and location.

Applicants have to register for a Dentpin – this PIN is required for all dental students and DAT test takers who are part of the US Dental Education System and standardized testing programs.

A detailed and updated list of test centers is available through Prometric by entering the desired area.

A list of the dental schools is offered by the American Student Dental Association.

The changes to the DAT procedure affected all areas of the website in early 2012.

Try the ADA website for updated information.

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