How Much Does GMAT Cost?

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$ Exam: $250 $ $ Test Preparation: $5-$210 $ $ $ Private Tutoring: $570-$5,400

GMAT or the Graduate Management Admissions Test is needed at many institutions for advanced study in business and management, including the MBA.

The test is under the direction of the Graduate Management Admission Council which is a non-profit organization, and the standardized exam that measures mathematical, verbal, and analytical writing skills with a top possible score of 800.

Typical Costs

  • The GMAT test is priced at $250.
  • The official test preparation guides, such as hard-copy books and mobile apps, are priced between $5 and $210, depending on the products and sample tests offered.
  • There is a variety of GMAT practice books and software programs priced at $15-$63 through independent companies such as, Kaplan, and The Princeton Review.

What Is Included

  • The online registrations give access to free test preparation materials.
  • The scores are sent to as many as five schools listed on the application.

Additional Costs

  • Several independent companies such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review provide private tutoring options for the sum between $570-$5,400, based on the number of hours and skill level of the chosen instructor.
  • Each company keeps an updated list of tutors.
  • The Kaplan classroom courses cost approx. $475-$1,550 depending on the location and online or in-class options.
  • The price of the additional score reports is $28, while the exam rescheduling costs $50.


The fee waivers are given by the GMAC directly to schools.

Each university chooses by itself which students will receive the financial aid.

One should contact the individual school to determine eligibility.

Shopping For The GMAT

  • Register online for a GMAT test date.
  • An online updated list of schools that accept the GMAT is obtained by the GMAC.
  • offers a search tool to find the closest test center.

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