How to Become a Construction Manager in Kentucky

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How to Become a Construction Manager in Kentucky

Construction managers play a pivotal role in supervising various facets of building projects.

They might also be known as project managers or general contractors.

Their job entails working closely with engineers, construction crews, and government authorities.

If you want to work as a construction manager in Kentucky, all you need to do is read on.

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Construction Manager Job Description

A CM, or a construction manager, is the driving force behind the:

  • Concept,
  • Strategy,
  • Financial management,
  • Execution of a project.

Here’s an overview of your potential duties:

  • Ensuring precise adherence to onsite specifications
  • Hiring skilled workers for various building tasks
  • Ensuring timely delivery of construction materials
  • Resolving delays, regardless of their cause
  • Providing clients with reports on completed tasks
  • Keeping project costs within budget

These responsibilities help ensure the smooth progress of construction projects.

To be considered for this role, you may need an associate degree, relevant practical experience, or at least a bachelor’s degree.

Project managers have the flexibility to specialize in different areas of construction projects, including civil, industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural, or institutional sectors.

Becoming a Construction Manager – Step by Step

You need to take several steps before starting your career in this field.

So, let’s have a look at the steps!

1st Step – Complete Your Education

As previously mentioned, becoming a construction manager typically requires a diploma.

Most construction managers hold at least a bachelor’s degree, which requires a high school diploma or GED first.

Some project managers are hired with just an associate’s degree but withrelevant work experience in the field.

Graduates from an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program can pursue a bachelor’s degree.

In the four-year bachelor’s program, you will delve into topics such as:

  • Design
  • Structural science
  • Engineering
  • Materials management
  • Economics
  • Alternatives

If pursuing a four-year degree after your associate’s isn’t appealing, you can choose to gain sufficient relevant work experience instead.

For those with only a high school diploma, another path is to become an independent contractor.

2nd Step – Become Licensed

Not everyone who earns a bachelor’s diploma will seek further certifications.

This shouldn’t hold you back because with more credentials you’ll show dedication to your career.

Here are a few of the extra certifications you can earn:

  • Certified Construction Manager (CCM)
  • Certified Professional Constructor (CPC)
  • LEED Green Associate
  • Certified Safety Manager (CSM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

Construction Manager Programs in Kentucky

Let’s look at what programs Kentucky has to offer for future CMs.

Western Kentucky University

This university created a Construction Management program especially for those needing technical and leadership skills for top roles in the construction industry.

At WKU, the program stands out due to small class sizes and a strong focus on applied research opportunities.

Through our project-based curriculum, students tackle real-world challenges, acquiring practical skills that will be invaluable in their careers post-graduation.

The program requirements total 71 hours.

A minimum of 120 credit hours is required to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Typically, a construction manager holds a bachelor’s degree in the fields mentioned earlier.

Employers also value relevant work experience, as noted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Murray University

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, with an Architecture/Construction Management Track, equips students with the skills to oversee the construction process and coordinate the various trades needed to complete a project.

This degree emphasizes sustainable building practices, cost management, and the technical aspects of construction.

Coursework may cover subjects like building technology, estimating, scheduling, surveying, and sustainable construction practices.

Construction managers do not need to be licensed, often securing positions through extensive experience in the field.

They can also pursue voluntary certifications from organizations such as the Construction Management Association of America and the American Institute of Constructors.

School Name Address
Western Kentucky University 1906 College Heights Blvd. Bowling Green, KY 42101
Murray University 102 Curris Center, Murray, Kentucky
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Construction Manager Salary in Kentucky

After you complete your education and training, you might also want to know what salary you will earn.

You can expect to earn a median salary of $125,704 per year.

Of course, some other factors will be taken into account, such as your experience and where you live.

If you live in a big city, you will make more money compared to someone in a rural area.

Let’s have a look at the table below for a better idea of construction manager salaries in Kentucky.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Bellevue $130,646
Covington $130,646
Hebron $130,580
Independence $130,513
Burlington $130,513
Union $130,379
Walton $130,246
California $130,112
Germantown $129,845
Verona $128,910

Regional Salary in Kentucky

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Bowling Green, KY30$85,710$41.21$154,990$35,870
Lexington-Fayette, KY260$105,380$50.66$167,150$57,730
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN520$97,020$46.64$149,830$50,630
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Construction Managers, OCC Code 11-9021, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find employments in Kentucky as a construction manager?

Those who graduated with a BS are well-prepared for rewarding careers with:

  • Construction firms,
  • Consulting companies,
  • Contractors and subcontractors,
  • Engineering and architecture firms,
  • Residential home builders,
  • Land developers,
  • Utility companies,
  • Transportation departments,
  • Materials testing companies,
  • Suppliers of building products, materials, and equipment.

How well do construction managers earn in Kentucky?

Entry-level personnel in the construction field may earn up to $100,000 per year.

The more they accumulate experience, the more their salaries will increase.

Is there a difference between a project manager and construction manager in Kentucky?

The main distinction between a project manager and a construction manager lies in their level of authority.

A construction manager oversees all construction activities and sends reports to the project manager.

The project manager holds broader responsibilities, managing various aspects beyond construction.

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