What Does a Cemetery Security Guard Do?

What Does a Cemetery Security Guard Do?

We may be inclined to think that cemeteries don’t have many security threats since not many crimes happen within these premises.

This is not always the case- even graveyards are sometimes targeted by criminals and security guards can help prevent vandalism and other crimes.


Why Cemeteries Are Not Free of Risks?

There are several main reasons why cemeteries may look like an attractive target to criminals:

  • Most cemeteries are open to the general public
  • Headstones, memorial objects, and other valuables that are found inside a cemetery can attract thefts and vandals.
  • Cemeteries are visited not only by family and friends of the deceased but also by people who are interested in history, birdwatchers, artists, tourists, and a variety of other people.

Because access to cemeteries is not restricted, hiring more than one security guard is usually necessary.

Additional security personnel may be needed when a funeral requires extra security.

Since anybody can enter the cemetery, the valuables are exposed if a security guard is not patrolling and surveilling the premises.

Hundreds of cemeteries are targeted by vandals in the United States every year.

Usually, the reported acts of vandalism are toppled headstones, demolitions, and desecration of graves.

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What Can A Security Guard Do to Prevent Cemetery Crime?

Sometimes even the simple presence of a uniformed guard can be enough to scare off potential criminal offenders.

Security guards may also use CCTV rigs and patrol the areas.

Guards who have specialized training know how to identify and interact with suspicious persons.

Cemeteries that have been targeted by criminals in the past may be best protected by armed guards, but for the rest, unarmed guards are usually enough.

Job Description

The main tasks a security guard has to complete are:

  • ensuring that the valuables are not stolen
  • recording visuals and other evidence of offenders
  • patrolling the grounds
  • ensuring that the grounds are secure
  • authorizing visitors’ check-ins and check-outs
  • observing vehicles parked near the cemetery and notice if any suspect vehicles are present near the premises
  • contacting emergency services if needed
  • writing daily reports

In conclusion, since cemeteries are not risk-free when it comes to thefts or acts of vandalism, security guards who work in a graveyard have to be well prepared and always alert.

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