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Vocational training and trade school are great options for many types of people.

Generally, vocational training offers a flexible schedule and is completed faster than a traditional college.

Additionally, vocational training is focused on the exact skills needed for the job you are training.

Hence, making it more cost-effective.

However, vocational training can still have a higher cost than some people are able to pay.

Luckily, New York City offers a range of free vocational training programs.

Below are a few free vocational training programs in NYC. In order to qualify for free tuition, you must be a resident of the city.

Top 3 Free Vocational Training Programs in NYC

Here are a few of the best programs in NYC:

NYC Department of Education – Office of Adult and Continuing Education

OACE offers over 900 tuition-free educational courses for adults 21 and over. Adults who do not have a US high school diploma or equivalent are eligible.

Career and Technical Education

Technical, trade, construction, and entrepreneurial skills are offered through this program.

Some areas of study include the following:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Installation
  • Solar Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Boiler Maintenance/Air Pollution EPA
  • Building Maintenance Program
  • Culinary Arts/Food Preparation
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Nursing Assistant Program
  • EKG

More information is available in their course catalog.

Information in the catalog includes areas of instruction/study, placement requirements, extra associated fees, training locations, course prerequisites, and certification information.

Health Careers

Health careers are in high demand. OACE is there to get you going in this prosperous and abundant career field.

Therefore, they offer a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) program. CNA is a part-time program designed to teach students about Nurse Aide Theory.

Furthermore, the program focuses on ample hands-on experience.

Participants engage in supervised long-term clinical experience in an actual facility.

This is where you will have the opportunity to put your knowledge from the program to work.

Once you complete this training program you are eligible to take the NY State Nurse Assistant exam. If you pass you become a certified NA.

Vocational Foundation Inc.

The Vocational Foundation program was started in 1936 in NYC and trains young adults for career preparation.

This program offers training for youths, aged 17-21, who have dropped out of school and don’t have a high school diploma.

They offer job training, career/job placement, and work retention services.

Career training options include:

  • Bank Teller with Basic Accounting
  • Security Guard/Public Safety
  • Office Support Specialist
  • Certified Customer Representative
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Computer Technology

Training classes are tuition-free. Training programs, including the literacy program, run for five months. The training program is followed by their “Moving Up” program.

The Moving Up program focuses on keeping graduates in their job placement for at least two years.

Strive International

This is a vocational skills training program currently offered in NYC to residents.

For the first four weeks of the program, you must complete their Attitudinal and Job Readiness Training.

After this training is completed, you can then move on to your actual job training of choice.

The vocational training study area includes:

  • Green Construction
  • Light Maintenance
  • Office Operations
  • Medical Information Technology

Green Building Maintenance

In one of Strive’s free programs, participants must be physically fit and have an eighth-grade reading and math level.

Additionally, you must also be between the ages of 18 and 45 years old.

The training starts with Strive’s CORE classes/Attitudinal and Job Readiness training – “a workshop focused on soft skills, career development, job readiness, customer service, and civics.” (STRIVE)

This is a 10-week training program and focuses on the following:

  1. Renovations
  2. Painting & Repairs
  3. Weatherization
  4. Retrofitting and Energy Auditing.

According to their job and training description, “participants will earn their OSHA 10 Health and Safety certification, as well have the opportunity to learn retrofitting, renovation, repair and painting, energy auditing, weatherization, and Green Building fundamentals.)

  1. Avatar for Sinnaa Sinnaa

    Hey, do they help people that have a little record trying to get back on track ?

  2. Avatar for Zahira SOHAN Zahira SOHAN

    Hello , I am looking for any Free LPN Training program , I am a single mom looking to work to take care of 2 my children . I tried getting into a collage but its very expensive and working full time and going to school was a disaster. please help me



  4. Avatar for Ralph Spencer Ralph Spencer

    Hi Ralph here, I’m interested in welding, I have the basic knowledge and training skills, but I need more to be able to get a job in the field. I’m 31 years old I live in Harlem New York.

  5. Avatar for Brunilla Brunilla

    I’m a college graduate and obtained a professional license in CLT ( Microbiology) however, I have been out of circulation for many years therefore, I’m not qualified for free training. Is it possible to obtain free training in a laboratory hospital setting or a private lab? Please advice. Thank you Mr. Miller.

  6. Avatar for Ogunbo izinegbe ahmed Ogunbo izinegbe ahmed

    I’m happy for this opportunity interested in electrical class am from Nigeria, I want to acquire more skills in electrical installation

  7. Avatar for Bhu Tashi Bhu Tashi

    Hi sir,
    I’m interested to take Electriction class for 3months. Please advise. Want to join as soon as possible.

  8. Avatar for Ishaq Luqman Ishaq Luqman

    Instead of being subjected to the mundane scrutiny of my bogled down job I want to continue my education and training in the automotive industry.

  9. Avatar for omadat jodhan omadat jodhan

    Hi i am interested in free phlebotomy or EKG class. I am working as an CNA/Rehab Aid.

  10. Avatar for Marcia Stoddard-Pennant Marcia Stoddard-Pennant

    I need information on Building Maintenance Program in New York City, thanks.

  11. Avatar for Naima osamah Naima osamah

    Hey,it’s naima from New york.I am interested for medical Assistant certification course. Let me know please how should I apply for this course??

  12. Avatar for Wayne Johnson Wayne Johnson

    Definitely interested

  13. Avatar for Abdul shakoor Abdul shakoor

    Hi I am Abdul and living in new York I have 25 years experience in electrical field and I am looking low voltage certification or Air Conditioning & Refrigeration field.

  14. Avatar for Singh Singh

    Hi i would like to be in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration field. Please advise or help me out i really appreciate you. Thank you.

  15. Avatar for nhlakaniphop nhlakaniphop

    i want the job

  16. Avatar for Richard Rotich Richard Rotich

    Comment Text I’m machinist manual With 20yrs experience aged 45yrs. I would like you to sponsor me to learn computer numerical control for just one month,I have trade test grade 2 please assist me.

  17. Avatar for Matthew Matthew

    Hello Scott
    my son has a GED is he still able to try to apply for free training?

  18. Avatar for Miriam Ortiz Miriam Ortiz

    Hello my name is Miriam I like the Light maintenance job could I join the course

  19. Avatar for Hesty Pasaribu Hesty Pasaribu

    Hi , I’m from Indonesia and I graduated from vocational high school in Nursing and I want to continue my education . What program should I apply to .Thank you.

  20. Avatar for Sunday Oladosu Adeleke Sunday Oladosu Adeleke

    I am a holder of west Africa certificate in plumbing (equivalent to intermittent city and guide of London) a three year course in plumbing from a technical school,l wisher know which level l will be placed to become a qualified plumber in NY?
    And l wish to know how and where l can get started.
    Possible training and location, thanks and God bless.

    1. Avatar for Bill Christian Bill Christian

      I need a bathroom sink faucet kit installed.

  21. Avatar for Aarrnavy Aarrnavy

    Hello I’m from you india … can I join this course

  22. Avatar for Kenny Hicks Kenny Hicks

    Hello my name is Kenny Hicks I am currently attending The Strive Green Building and Maintenance program. I am 47 yrs old, have an Associates in Human Services and collect unemployment. Although the their website says 45’s the limit for most programs, I called and found out I was still eligible. You do take a little entry exam to test your ready/math scores but those exams were doable. They have a variety of programs that are 100% free and they provide everything you need from carfare, clothing, to even food to help you accomplish your goals! The name says it all the staff are mostly graduates so their motivation for you to succeed is more than personal, it’s out of LOVE! Look at the website and read some of the stories if you’re looking for anything along the line of the programs they offer I swear by God that Strive is where you need to be! Their not just staff they’re like another family. Again the name is STRIVE I suggest you call tomorrow. Good night and my God bless all of you in your endeavors.

    1. Avatar for Bob Bobby Bob Bobby

      Hello Kenny Hicks. Can you tell me plz to get
      Free Vocational Training Programs in NYC (New York City) where I have to go or can I apply online ? Thank you.

    2. Avatar for Manuel Riquelme Manuel Riquelme

      Hello Kenny hicks. I’m 25 years old & looking for training & employment but I’m curious to know are they going to still accept Me because I don’t want go for nothing

  23. Avatar for Bob Bobby Bob Bobby

    Hi . How can I apply ? Where I can apply ? My zip code 11230. Thank you .

  24. Avatar for jennifer harvey jennifer harvey

    Do you know of any NYC trade schools for middle school kids 12+

    1. Avatar for sara sara

      Yes their books (:

  25. Avatar for Denise D opuni Denise D opuni

    Are there any Hemodialysis Tech courses?

    1. Avatar for Nisha Browne johnson Nisha Browne johnson

      I know that New York medical career training center has a hemodialysis class but it not free if you are on public assistance they might help you have to ask public assistant.

  26. Avatar for ken Stephen Bodjua Mbola ken Stephen Bodjua Mbola

    How to apply?

  27. Avatar for Priscilla Perez Priscilla Perez

    I am interested in a phlebotomy certification class if available. What are the requirements in order to get into a free class?
    If that is not available , is there a medical assistant program?
    Thank you.

    1. Avatar for Monisha Sherpa Monisha Sherpa

      Phlebotomy certification class or any kind of medical related classes except first aid and home care is not provided free of cost if you are not public assistance recipient. To get it for free, you need to get a voucher from the public assistance department our HRA that handles your case to the certification institute.

  28. Avatar for Eric Eric

    Can you do a certain program more than one time?

    1. Avatar for claire claire

      Good Afternoon

      My nephew will be 21 in August. He was born and raised in NY and graduated from a High School in Queens. He currently works odd jobs in construction,dietary and in the restaurant industry. He would like to apply to a free Technical/Vocation school to pursue a Career and would like some guidance as to where to go and what’s being offered in and around the community.
      Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank You

  29. Avatar for Mohsin Sale3em Mohsin Sale3em

    I’m from Pakistan.
    Any scholarship available for the aviation programme in your institute ?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi, this site is informational. we do not provide any teachings directly.

  30. Avatar for Rakesh Jagdeo Rakesh Jagdeo

    Are these weekend program?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Rakesh, some of them might be, the dates and times vary, please contact the program provider directly to know the current times the courses take place.

      1. Avatar for rita rita

        hi, do you have any programs that combine English training classes and professional classes?

        1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

          Hi Rita,
          We do not provide any programs, this site is only informational.

  31. Avatar for Emmanuel. O . Emmanuel. O .

    Do you have program for electronics technician that repairs all kinds of electronics machine or printing machine

  32. Avatar for Amani lay Amani lay

    Need to know if I can find a free automatic program of I can partially pay for it

  33. Avatar for Utopia Utopia

    Can I still apply for one of these programs if I have an associates degree from cuny?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      In most cases yes, you will have to check that individually.


    If iam over 30 can i take this courses or not tell me please thank you.

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Yes, technically you can take some of the courses, you will need to check the course you want individually, each course has a different set of requirements.

  35. Avatar for ellen simonetti ellen simonetti

    i am interested in fashion, cosmetology and interior design. do you have any of these courses available?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      I don’t know of any free courses in the fields you are looking for, but you might find some school that might be of help, try here:

  36. Avatar for Ms. Davis Ms. Davis


    I am almost 45 years old and currently receiving unemployment benefits. Will I qualify for any free training classes? Where can I go to register and start to take the classes? I also hear that the Math portion of the test is hard for someone who has not been in school for a while. Is that true? This will be my first time taking vocational courses since high school.

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      If there’s gonna be any math at all it depends on the course you’ll take, try looking for schools in your zip code here:

  37. Avatar for stanley stanley

    I am from Nigeria and i want to be part of this training…. Can I be updated?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Stanley,

      The training programs in this page are for New York City (USA), it does not apply to Nigeria.

  38. Avatar for Ahmed Ahmed


    Is there any opportunity for any person who is now in USA with B1/B2 visa and can apply for any free vocational training courses?
    Also could you let me know if there is some vocational institution who can enroll over 34 years person and how can be possible to enroll those vocational school.


    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Usually if you can provide a social security number you should be good to go but in some cases they ask for a US passport, it depends on the program and you will have to check it individually to the program you are looking for. good luck!

  39. Avatar for Marcsene Marcsene

    Could you address
    For the training course

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      To which course you’re referring?

      1. Avatar for Nizzy Nizzy

        40 yrs. old no high Dioploma, but pretty well rounded, was thinking about coding or developer programming, even Hvac. I just want a career I don’t want to waste anymore time achieving. Or could you recommend a trade?

        1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

          It’s hard to give any recommendation without knowing more about you, but going through the list and writing down a few options on the side and considering each individually might be a good place to start (:

  40. Avatar for Octavio Sosa Octavio Sosa

    Hi my name is octavio and I’m interested in electrical degree .carpentry. plumbing. do u have free clases? and also when u starting the. Courses? And is free?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Octavio,

      We do not offer any courses, this page is here to show information about courses available to the public by other institutions, if you want to inquire specifically in schools in your area you can use our school-finder, here:

      Good luck!

  41. Avatar for Pitshou Pitshou

    Dear recruiter,

    I a m interested to your free program” building maintenance program” please send me information and more details for my application.


    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Pitshou,
      We are not affiliated with the OACE, I suggest you contact them directly and ask them for that information if you’re serious about studying with them, you can find a little bit more info and their contact information here:

      Good Luck!

  42. Avatar for andry rodriguez andry rodriguez

    hello there…I wanted to know if its free,,,because I really want to study “medical administrative assistant” or “medical billing & coding” or “cna” or “cma”. those are the ones I’m so interest and be employ in a hospital (anyone). and I live in Brooklyn, ny 11208 and I don’t know which is close by me. thank you and please write me back asap!!!!

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Andry,
      Your best bet would be to contact the OACE at the nearest location to you, you can see their locations here:

      The program for the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) should still be available for this year, better check it before registration period is over.

      Let us know if you get in, all the best!

  43. Avatar for Irabor Juliet Ose Irabor Juliet Ose

    what is requirement for industrial maintenance program.

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      There are no requirements for this class.
      You will have to go through a short interview to make sure you are able to work well with others and you will need to agree not to miss any class in order to finish it successfully.

  44. Avatar for ALBERTHA ALBERTHA

    Are these courses only for people ***without*** their GED or High School Diploma?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Some of them are, each course as is own requirements and there isn’t any yes/no answer here, you will have to check specifically about the course you are interested in.

  45. Avatar for raffique khan raffique khan

    good day can disabled veterans attend this program.

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Raffique,
      Which program?

  46. Avatar for Carolina Carolina

    Can I apply for vocational training course?

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Of course!
      Contact any of these institutes and go for it!

  47. Avatar for Adeola Olaniyan Adeola Olaniyan

    Please How can be a part of this goodwill. I promise to make the best of it and be a good ambassardor

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Adeola,
      I’m happy you want to give back to the community, a good place to start would be to contact the OACE and ask if they need a volunteer.


    hi my name is Michael Fleischhauer i want to learn welding i an 45 years old i live at 7 navy pier court Staten island ny 10304 can you please help me find a progam for free i an on hasa i realy want to learn welding to get a job realy bad i cant find the place to go to school to learn this trade please call me on my cell 646 345 9458

  49. Avatar for Anthony Canales Anthony Canales

    I would like to learn a trade in electrical maintenance

  50. Avatar for Reginald Mayers Reginald Mayers

    I am interested in the Green Building Maintenance.

  51. Avatar for Mr Olabode Olubo Mr Olabode Olubo

    Admin I appreciate this your platform which is good for people like us, pls am from Nigeria and I want to know if you offer vocational training to biomedical technician that maintain s medical equipments. I work as a service technician that maintains X-ray machines, Mamo, CT Fluoroscopic machines etc. I’m looking for an avenue where I can acquire more knowledge and technical skills in other to upgrade my myself with the technological advancement in the field of medical equipments. I look forward to hear from you sir. God blessed you. thank

    1. Avatar for Scott Miller Scott Miller

      Hi Olubo,
      Unfortuantly all the programs on this page are only relevant for people living in or near New York City.

      1. Avatar for Serge Serge

        I live in Brooklyn,Ny

  52. Avatar for annie annie

    Im interested in doing the medical billing and coding
    who do i contact could you provide a contact number . really need this asap

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