TWIC Card: What Is It? Here’s The Full Answer

TWIC Card: What Is It?

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While working as a truck driver, you may be obliged to bring numerous loads to different places.

Sometimes, you may need to bring loads to protected or sensitive places.

It means that you’ll be obliged to complete some extra security steps or have government identification.

To be able to get access to maritime facilities you need to have the TWIC card which is a specific type of identification.

What Is a TWIC Card?

A TWIC card – it is a Transportation Worker Identification Credential card.

People who need access to various sensitive places like ports, boats, continental shelf facilities need to have this card.

It is issued by various transportation professionals such as the US Coast Guard.

Do You Need a TWIC Card?

Usually, employers inform their drivers about the necessity to obtain a TWIC card when hiring them.

Sometimes it can be a condition of employment if you’ll need access to maritime facilities constantly.

Getting a TWIC Card

In order to get this identification card, you need to complete a pretty long verification process.

Usually, it takes about 6-8 weeks in total.

Nevertheless, according to government agencies, it is better to submit an application in 12 weeks in advance so you can avoid delays.

You can submit your application in two different ways.

The first one requires an application to the Transportation Security Administration.

If you choose the second one, you need to complete the whole process on your own visiting an application center in person.

While most centers accept walk-ins, it is better to schedule your appointment beforehand.

The application includes a whole bunch of various papers.

The list includes a passport, an enhanced driver’s license, an enhanced tribal card, or a certified copy of your birth certificate.

When bringing a birth certificate, you also need to add your current driver’s license.

Make sure that your name is similar in all the provided papers.

If you’ve changed your name for any reason, you need to include certified documentation that proves the change.

After the documentation verification, you need to provide your photo and fingerprints.

Also, you need to pay a fee is about $128 but it can be reduced to $105,25 in case you have a hazardous materials endorsement or FAST card.

You need to know that the process involves some background checks and you can be disqualified because of certain criminal offenses.

Among those offenses, there are treason, terrorism, transportation security crime, racketeering, and robbery.

As soon as the verification is completed and you are approved, you’ll get a notification about your TWIC card status.

To get your card, you can visit an application center or get it in your mail.

A TWIC card is valid for five years since the time it was issued.

Renewing a TWIC Card

As it was mentioned earlier, you need to renew your TWIC card every five years.

To renew your card, you need to complete the whole submission and verification process every time.

In other words, you should provide proper papers, fill out an application, pay a fee, and complete a background check.

You can use a credit card, money order, company or cashier’s check to pay a fee.

It is better to renew your TWIC card before the current one will get expired.

If you have a TWIC card, you have an opportunity to get some better jobs.

Just make sure to check whether you are qualified for this card.

Final Words

A TWIC card is something many truck drivers need.

If you want to become a truck driver and you’re looking for a school that is close to you, see our CDL schools by state section.

Good luck!

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