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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Asheville, NC

Nicknamed as North Carolina’s “Land of the Sky”, Asheville, has amazing mountain views, breathtaking waterfalls, fresh air, award-winning restaurants, and gastronomic foods to offer.

It is also a perfect destination for students who want to enjoy a slower pace of living while pursuing their studies.

With many trade and technical schools to choose from, Asheville is one of the best places to upskill your digital, technical, or occupational skills as preparation for future employment. Salary here starts at $26.33 per hour.

Check out these 10 trade schools at Asheville.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

About the School

Established in 1959, the Asheville-Buncombe (A-B) Technical Community College is a premier trade institution in Western North Carolina.

Over the years, it has produced licensed professionals who are serving the needs of the communities.

With four learning locations, A-B Technical provides inclusive, innovative, student-centered programs as well as best employment practices.

This ensures a successful employment journey after on-the-job training.

Furthermore, this school does not condone discrimination, making the students feel safe and protected as they pursue their chosen fields of expertise.

Courses Offered

The Asheville-Buncombe Technical has over 150 programs with various fields of study that gives you certificate, degree, or diploma.

The school’s continuing education aims to enhance the skills of the workforce through customized training.

The top courses are BioNetwork, Advanced Manufacturing, Business and Hospitality, Computer and Online Training, Business Incubation, and Small Business, and Barber Services.

Completers can also apply for related licensing examinations.

The A-B Technical course is also known for its Job Preparedness (HRD) program that assists underemployed and unemployed adults through counseling and short-term pre-vocational training.

This unique program develops the employability skills of the individual as well as boosts self-confidence.

Some of the short-term training options that help students work in the industry immediately after completing the required study hours are Basic Welding, Basic Construction and millwork, Retail Marketing, Phlebotomy, Human Services, and Substance Abuse Studies, and Architectural Drafting.


  • Asheville-Buncombe Technical
  • Address: 340 Victoria Road, Asheville, NC 28801
  • Phone: (828) 398-7900
  • Website:

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts

About the School

A collective product of shared purpose and vision, The Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts is committed to restoring ancient traditions of healing and Chinese Medicine in today’s world.

Students follow an inclusive curriculum that promotes highly specialized applications of classical Chinese healing methods and practices of the Daoist traditions, such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

More than classrooms and books, the school ensures that it is also aligned in pursuing growth, aptitude, and connectivity amongst its students.

The unique academic programs of this college have attracted a lot of future practitioners who are interested in alternative healing.

Apart from classes, students are also encouraged to commit to self-cultivation and holistic transformation.

Courses Offered

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts has four programs to choose from:

  • Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CCHM)

This 24-month postgraduate program provides comprehensive training to acupuncture practitioners.

Students also learn to effectively and safely use the popular Chinese herbs during their clinical practice.

Graduates become qualified for the NCCAOM certification examination in Chinese Herbology.

  • Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM)

MAOM is a four-year degree course that integrates the unique teachings and practices of Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine, including pertinent biomedicine.

The program teaches students to master acupuncture and become well-versed in using herbal medicine.

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) Professional Track

A doctoral degree program that expands the knowledge and expertise of practitioners in specialty areas.

It teaches advanced competencies in collaborative care, system-based medicines, and evidence-informed practices.

  • Dual Enrollment (MAOM/DACM)

This program is aimed at master’s students who want to simultaneously finish their Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM) Degree and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Degree, provided they meet the admission requirements.

Practitioners learn competencies in Neurology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, and Endocrinology.

Contact Information

Western North Carolina School of Massage

About the School

A well-known training academy in the heart of Asheville, the Western North Carolina School of Medicine is a name to trust when it comes to learning massage techniques.

The select team of instructors are specialists in the industry with three decades of combined teaching and practicing various methods of massage.

The courses will help you discover the power of your touch and understand the human body’s needs.

As you immerse yourself in the invigorating environment and assimilate the teachings in the comprehensive curriculum, you will learn the multiple benefits of massage therapy.

Courses Offered

The journey to become a professional therapist begins by mastering the science and art of massage through its 600-Hour Massage Therapy Diploma Program.

The lessons help students learn different healing techniques such as Neuromuscular Therapy, Therapeutic Relaxation Massage, Energetic Touch, Integrative Deep Tissue Technique, and a lot more.

Other popular courses are Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Somatic Psychology, and Reiki and Energy Theory.

Once you have a license to practice, you can level up your skills by enrolling in the school’s advanced training programs.

With its strong partnership with the Mind Body Connection, LLC., the school is offering more than 25 advanced training programs and continuing education workshops on the latest therapeutic techniques.


  • Western North Carolina School of Massage
  • Address: 707 Haywood Rd, Suite 001 Asheville, NC 28806
  • Phone: (828) 761-1553
  • Website:

Carolina College of Hair Design

About the School

Undeniably, the beauty business never runs out of style.

For individuals who want to pursue a career in the beauty industry, Carolina College of Hair Design is a place to enhance your talent.

This nationally accredited beauty school helps cosmetology students obtain their license after completing the course’s lessons.

The school’s positive learning environment makes learning fun, helping the students develop life-long skills that come in handy in practicing the passion to beautify other people.

The best practices are taught by instructors in small classes for better knowledge assimilation.

Courses Offered

To learn more about the offered courses by the Carolina College of Hair Design, it is recommended to request comprehensive information, from their website.

The next thing to do is to set an appointment and tour the school campus.

Then you will be interviewed. Afterward, provide the admission requirements such as a high school diploma or Graduate Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D), driver’s license, and application fee payment.

Successful entrants will receive an acceptance letter via postal mail.

During the duration of the course, students learn the art and science of beauty treatment which include hair cutting, styling, texturing, coloring, highlighting, shampooing, scalp treatment, deep conditioning treatment, mustache/beard trimming, blow-drying, braiding, and more.


  • Carolina College of Hair Design
  • Address: 1302 Patton Ave. Suite 20, Asheville, NC 28806
  • Phone: (828) 253-2875
  • Website:

South College

About the School

Gone are the days when education is only possible through daily appearances, and on-campus offices are a must.

This is what South College is determined to prove in its career-focused curricula.

A private, nonsectarian higher institution, it provides quality education through accelerated modes of learning, with a mix of classroom teachings and hands-on skills opportunities that prepare students for evolving job trends.

The conducive and safe school community atmosphere, thus, enhances the positive academic and training outcomes.

To achieve this objective, the administration and faculty staff work together to strengthen its core values of excellence, integrity, and responsibility.

They are committed to seeking advanced knowledge through various professional development activities and research.

Courses Offered

South College has over 60 Associate, Bachelor’s, Certificate, Master’s, and Doctoral Programs. The following are courses of study that provide certifications:

  • Computer Science – Data Science Certificate, Software Developer Certificate
  • Health Science – Phlebotomy Technician Certificate, Certificate in Magnetic Resonance
  • Imaging (MRI), Certificate in Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Information Technology – IT Specialist Certificate
  • Legal/Paralegal – Certificate in Paralegal (Post-Degree)
  • Dental Hygiene & Assisting – Certificate in Dental Assisting

Some trade-related programs are Dental Assisting, Practical Nursing Certificate, and Medical Assisting.

South College offers an online study option to make it more convenient for learners.

It is perfect for busy, working professionals who want to improve their careers or find a more lucrative job in niche industries.


  • South College
  • Address: 140 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803
  • Phone: ((828) 398-2500
  • Website:

ABC Bartending School

About the School

A career in bartending is one of the most flexible jobs, whether for full-timers or part-timers which makes it a good skill to learn.

The good thing is, you won’t be wasting time doing trials and errors.

There are many schools now offering special courses like bartending which eliminates the need to buy all sorts of bar stuff that are pricey.

The ABC Bartending School offers world-class training to individuals who want to become professional bartenders or mixologists.

All classes are hands-on and done in an actual bar setting making learning more fun, and realistic.

This approach, helps students become more familiar with a real bar environment, allowing them to easily perfect the craft.

There are two class schedules, which gives you a convenient option around your daily routine. To get started, you only need $100.

Once you complete your bartending course, you get a certificate and license including a job placement.

Courses Offered

ABC Bartending School provides the following learning pathways:

  • Bartending and Mixology
  • Liquors and Definitions
  • Alcohol & State Laws
  • Responsible Liquor Service
  • Bar Equipment
  • Bar Set-Up
  • Bar Breakdown Procedure
  • Drinks & Shots
  • Beers and Wines
  • Glassware
  • Free Pouring Techniques
  • Fruit Cutting
  • Customer Service
  • How to cater parties

While it may seem like an easy job, becoming a master bartender and mixologist requires proper training.

The instructors at ABC Bartending Schools are experts in the industry, so you get your money’s worth.

Whether you aim to put up your own bar or make a career in this field, learning from the best is the secret of bartending success.


Tech Talent & Strategy

About the School

A woman-owned tech recruitment, training, and staffing company, Tech Talent & Strategy is proud to share that it began its business journey from an Atlanta kitchen in 2013.

It was founded by CEO Betsy Hauser, an award-winning leader in the recruitment industry.

Her mission to equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge to compete in the global digital market has created a diverse tech community.

After a decade, Tech Talent & Strategy has become one of the Fortune 500 firms.

It is a leading provider with over 28,000 network members and 2,500+ graduates.

Courses Offered

Tech Talent provides world-class training for individuals and organizations. The average training period is 12 weeks. Whether you want to upskill or expand your tech knowledge for future job hunt, Tech Talent is a place to be. You will be mentored by tech specialists and instructors in the most in-demand skills in the following learning pathways.

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Science
  • You can also choose to join the following workshop courses:
  • Workshop on Comprehensive Project Management
  • ChatGPT for Sales & Marketing
  • Harnessing AI for Coding Excellence

What makes it more interesting is you can easily transition from a trainee to getting hired through TTS.

Its path to employment program has already helped thousands of members find their niche in the tech industry.


Asheville Mountain Kitchen

About the School

A culinary school founded by Chef Ofri Gilan, the Asheville Mountain Kitchen is a testament to how far passion can bring you.

While it was an unexpected shift from her architecture and design practice, Gilan was able to make a living out of her passion, and now extends her skills and learnings to enthusiasts.

The school caters to both experts and novices who want to learn different cooking techniques, exotic cuisines, and the use of local ingredients.

The hands-on classes cater to individuals, couples, groups, and parties.

Courses Offered

There are a lot of options at Asheville Mountain Kitchen. Whether you’re learning individually, in pairs, or in groups, an option can be suited to your liking.

The Dinner Plan Weekly is a 1-Hour Week Course where students learn to prepare healthy and delicious dishes for one week without spending long hours in the kitchen.

The meal plan taught here is also chosen to benefit people suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, acid reflux, candida, and other health issues.

All classes are small for better engagement and have themes that correspond to the season, holiday, or cookbook.

Depending on the number of participants and the complexity of preparation, attendees are taught 3 to 6 dishes.

After the cooking session, everyone eats together and tastes the dishes, so you can be a critic of your own too!


Hayward Community College

About the School

Originally a unit of the AB Tech Institution, Hayward Community College, is home to numerous programs and courses that are designed to equip students with skills and knowledge, essential in today’s labor market.

It also houses exclusive programs, such as Fish & Wildlife Management and Forest Management Technology, that are accredited by respective bodies.

With half of its courses offered in an online setting and the others in hybrid, education is made more convenient for the residents of Asheville.

Students at Hayward can also find themselves immersed in numerous programs, clubs, and activities, making student life even more vibrant for its community.

Courses Offered

Currently, there are ten pathways at Hayward, and each lists an array of programs – associate, degree, and certificates.

  • Automotive and Manufacturing
  • Business Administration, Finance and Marketing
  • Education and Human Services
  • Health Sciences
  • Highschool Programs
  • Natural Resource and Agriculture
  • Public Administration
  • Creative
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Transfer Programs

With high-income potential, a career in Automotive and Manufacturing is one of the most sought-after paths.

If you’re interested in cars, and mechanical aptitude, you can choose between the following programs.

  • Auto Systems Technology
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Electrical Systems Technology
  • Industrial Systems Technology
  • Computer Integrated Machining
  • Welding

Meanwhile, health science programs are also excellent career pathways if you want a field that’s always in demand.

Choose between associate programs in Nursing, Medical Office Administration, and Medical Assisting.

Another exciting career you’ll find at Hayward is Criminal Justice Technology. Meanwhile, the continuing education courses are worth checking out if you don’t have the luxury of time.


Hayward Community College
Address: 185 Freedlander Dr, Clyde, NC 28721, United States
Phone: +18286272821

Center for Massage & Natural Health

About the School

The Center for Massage & Natural Health is among Asheville’s most popular massage therapy places, and this has been another reason why the private practice extended to providing classes for aspiring massage practitioners.

Since 1998, CFMNH’s Therapy Center has produced over 1,000 graduates, most of whom are still in the industry providing services both in the private and public setting.

Located in the heart of the city, the Downtown Asheville Massage School is also appealing as an educational community brought about by the array of cafes, shops, and restaurants belting the area, not to mention the full-growth trees and brick sidewalks elevating the outdoor ambiance.

Courses Offered

Learn the most effective massage therapy technique and self-care designed to meet MBLEX standards through the 654-Hour Massage Certification Program at CFMNH.

With a long-standing history of openness, and inclusivity, there’s room for everyone.

Dubbed number one in the best schools, as certified by the NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy, this school was also nodded by the United States of Department Education.

The 654-hour program will cater to the following topics:

  • Swedish Massage Theory and Practice (Spa Massage)
  • Neuromuscular Therapy Theory and Practice (Medical Massage)
  • Sports Massage Theory and Practice
  • Pregnancy and Geriatric Massage Theory and Practice
  • Hydrotherapy: Integrating Water into Massage Sessions
  • Spa Treatments and Aromatherapy: Integrating Applications into Massage Sessions
  • Chair Massage Theory and Practice
  • Shiatsu Theory and Practice


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Final Thoughts

There are dozens of opportunities for skilled trade workers, whether in Asheville or its neighboring towns.

Hence, it’s an advantage if you start your journey with notable schools.

We have a diverse set of institutions to suit your interests.

Whichever you think is ideal, what’s important is that you find one you’re passionate about.

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