16 Pros and Cons of Being a Security Guard

Pros and Cons of Being a Security Guard

A security guard is someone who protects people, property, or interests.

A security guard can be armed or unarmed, and this person may work inside or outside of doctors’ offices, workplaces, schools, business establishments, and the like.

You may be interested in this position if you desire to serve the community by watching out for people.

You might also desire the position if you are an adventurous soul.

The following are some pros and cons of being a security guard.

Pros of Being a Security Guard

There are many affirmative reasons to become a security guard.

These are some of the most significant pros of choosing this line of work:

No College Degree Needed

One of the most prevalent benefits of choosing to be a security guard is that you will not need a college degree for the position.

You can get an entry-level job as a security guard with little to no education or experience.

You will go through a training program that will teach you the ins and outs of the job.

Within a short period, you will be able to perform your job alone without the help of a guide or trainer.

Excellent Benefits or Pay Rate

Security guards have a generally positive pay rate with excellent benefit packages.

The pay and benefits will vary depending on where you work, but you can expect to earn about $32,000 a year.

Another positive aspect of working as a security guard is that the job opportunities will rise about 15 percent over the next 10 years.

Therefore, you do not have to feel insecure about being able to find another job if something happens to your security position.

It is a Non-Traditional Job

A job as a security guard might be great for you if you want to do something different from the traditional behind-the-desk or 9-to-5 position.

Some security jobs will require you to sit behind a desk.

However, there will be plenty of positions that allow you to be in more exciting and eventful environments and positions.

This job will most likely suit you if you have an adventurous spirit and soul.

You Get to Meet New People

A job as a security officer can be an excellent way for you to meet new people and engage in conversations with them.

Depending on where you work, you might meet people from different parts of the state, country, or world.

You might even come across the opportunity to meet one of your favorite celebrities.

Thus, this could be an excellent opportunity for you if you are a little bit on the shy side and want to increase your people’s exposure.

You Learn How to Protect Yourself

Working as a security guard will allow you to learn new skills that can help you in the future.

For example, you may learn some self-defense moves that will help you protect yourself and your family.

You might also get some additional exercise if your job as a security officer requires you to walk around frequently during your shift.

Your Skills Are Transferrable

As mentioned before, security jobs are expected to expand over the next 10 years.

The skills you learn in this particular security job can go with you to the next opportunity if you leave that job.

You may even get the chance to earn a higher amount of pay because of the experience you have as a guard.

It Can Be a Stepping Stone

Working as a security specialist can be a stepping stone into a more involved career.

For example, it could be the first step toward becoming a police officer for you.

You might want to work as a security officer before you embark on a career in the military, as well.

You Feel a Sense of Purpose

You will feel a heartwarming sense of purpose and accomplishment if you are someone who wants to make a difference in the world.

You will make a huge difference in the world by protecting your employer as well as other people who visit the establishment for care or shopping experiences.

You will be a hero in a sense, and you might love the job because of that.

Cons of Being a Security Guard

Some aspects of becoming a security guard may be looked upon as unfavorable.

These are some of the cons of choosing to be a security guard as your profession:

The Job Can Be Dangerous

One aspect of working as a security guard that may seem like a con is its risk level.

You might work in a position where you are at significant risk of being harmed.

You have to be okay with the high level of risk to succeed as a security guard.

However, some locations will not be as dangerous as some of the others.

Thus, you can choose to work at one of those sites rather than put yourself at risk.

You Need a Clean Record

You will need a squeaky-clean criminal record to obtain a job as a security guard.

That means your chances of getting hired are low if you have a criminal history.

You may have a tricky time getting hired, even if the crimes you committed were from many years ago.

However, some processes, such as expungement, may be available for you.

You Can Lose Your Job Quickly

Your employer will expect you to operate to a high standard as a security guard.

They will want you to conduct yourself with the highest level of integrity.

It may be difficult for you to avoid making mistakes while working as a security officer.

However, you must make a diligent effort because you could lose your job very quickly because of integrity issues.

Read your manual and follow all protocols and procedures precisely.

You May Have to Work Outdoors

You might have to spend your entire shift outside in some security positions.

That may cause you to feel uncomfortable when the temperatures swelter in the summertime.

You might feel uncomfortable in the winter with the snow and cold, as well.

Rain could also be an issue you might have to face working as a security officer.

You can either accept those conditions or search for work that does not require you to work outside.

You Can Never Work From Home

You will never be able to work as a security officer from your home.

There is no such thing as remote work in this position.

You will always have to get into your vehicle or on public transportation and visit someone else’s establishment or home to provide services for that entity or individual.

Therefore, working as a security guard may not be for you if you enjoy the flexibility of having the option to work from home.

You Must Stay Fit and Trim

You must keep yourself fit and trim to work a job as a security guard.

That is necessary so that you can provide patrons and visitors with the level of protection they deserve.

You will also want to protect yourself as well.

Therefore, you might have to keep a regular fitness routine and pay more attention to the foods you eat and the vitamins and nutrients you absorb throughout your day.

You May Experience Drama or Trauma

Some people like security jobs because they are exciting.

However, some situations can be a little too dramatic for your liking.

You might also work in an environment that causes you to experience trauma.

Job insecurity may not be your cup of tea if you desire to have a quiet and peaceful life at all times.

You will interact with different people and have to handle different situations constantly.

The Pay Rate May Not Be Stellar

Security guards earn an average pay rate that may not provide enough funds for you to take care of all your bills at once.

Therefore, you may have to work a second full-time or part-time job to make ends meet.

The salary depends greatly on where you work and the type of establishment you work for.

You can earn more money in some places than in others.

You can also earn much more working for yourself.

Should You Become a Security Guard?

The decision of whether to become a security guard is solely up to you.

Only you know what your goals are and what you want to achieve personally and financially.

A job as a security guard might be exactly what you need to build your skills and your self-esteem and confidence.

Consider working in such a position and how doing so can help you to grow your career and life achievements.

Many opportunities await you if you decide to delve in.

You can now make a well-informed decision about whether to become a security guard.

Use the information above and take enough time to consider each factor and how important it is to you and your family.

You can move forward and start looking for open positions and seeking qualifications if you feel that security is the right field for you.

Alternatively, you can search for job opportunities that better align with your personal goals and aspirations.

Pros and Cons of Being a Security Guard – Summary Table

Pros of Being a Security GuardCons of Being a Security Guard
No College Degree NeededThe Job Can Be Dangerous
Excellent Benefits or Pay RateYou Need a Clean Record
It is a Non-Traditional JobYou Can Lose Your Job Quickly
You Get to Meet New PeopleYou May Have to Work Outdoors
You Will Learn How to Protect YourselfYou Can Never Work From Home
Your Skills Are TransferrableYou Must Stay Fit and Trim
It Can Be a Stepping Stone You May Experience Drama or Trauma
You Will Feel a Sense of PurposeThe Pay Rate May not Be Stellar


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