A Guide to the Best Microsoft Azure Certification Bootcamps

A Guide to the Best Microsoft Azure Certification Bootcamps

Whether you are an entry-level IT professional who wants to stand out from other prospective employees with a Fundamental Microsoft Azure certification or you are a specialist who wants to validate your expertise with a Specialty Microsoft Azure certification, boot camp training for Microsoft Azure certification can prepare you for the test in record time.

For the top boot camp training options for Microsoft Azure, keep on reading our list below.


  • Average Cost: $1200 – $5000
  • Duration: 1 – 14 days
  • Format: Instructor-led training (in-person or online); self-paced remote learning
  • Level: Beginner to advanced


In the Microsoft Azure Boot Camp curriculum, you will find that most training programs cover important topics such as cybersecurity, Microsoft Azure skills, solutions, architecture, and analysis.

Since there are several different levels of certification that Microsoft Azure specialists can obtain, each boot camp will have information and materials that are specific to the test that students intend to take in that class.

For example, those who are going after their Azure Security Engineer Associate will learn different materials than those who are working towards a certificate as a Security Operations Analyst Associate or Cybersecurity Architect Expert.

Regardless of your level of experience, you can expect a boot camp to be more of an overview than an in-depth tutorial or training.

If you want more training in Microsoft Azure or you have never been exposed to this software, it may be best to seek out regular courses that are not performed in such a time crunch.


Some of the obvious benefits of taking a Microsoft Azure test preparation boot camp training include the confidence and skill that it will provide for test taking.

If you want to take a Microsoft Azure certification exam in the near future, the short timeframe of the boot camp style of learning might suit your needs better than a long-form certification program or diploma.

Additionally, if you want to see where your skill level lies in this software, it can be helpful to take a boot camp-style course so you know whether you will be able to keep up at a certain level of skill.


While some programs may be more or less expensive than the average, most Microsoft Azure boot camp courses range from $1,200 to $5,000.

The price of the course is determined by a variety of factors including the level of support from the instructor, the length of the course, the type of instruction, the location, and the level of experience required to take the course.

For those who are further in their IT professional journey, the courses may be more expensive since they will cover information that has a higher degree of specialization.

Beginner-level courses or bare-bones curricula may be less expensive.

Self-paced courses are generally less costly than courses with one-on-one instruction or classroom support.


Although some courses may be shorter or longer than others, the average amount of time you can expect to spend on a Microsoft Azure Boot Camp is about one day to two weeks.

Some courses that delve into more specialized topics may last longer, as well.

If you are taking a class that is designed to teach students skills instead of simply reviewing materials, the course will probably last longer, since the class time will be spent doing more involved activities.

Top Bootcamps


For students who want to knock out two certifications with one boot camp, Infosec’s Microsoft Azure Dual Certification Boot Camp (Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Security Engineer Associate) could be a match made in IT certification heaven.

This unique program prepares users to take the certification exam for the Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Security Engineer Associate.

With this powerful combination, you can be especially useful to your company, IT clients, and more as a qualified IT security professional.

The features of this boot camp are as robust as you would like to expect from a dual-certified boot camp.

Infosec offers users a 90-day extended access pass to all of the components of the boot camp.

You will even be able to access class recordings during that 90-day period after you leave the class.

You will also be guaranteed to pass the exam with this boot camp–that is how confident Infosec is in the quality of its program.

What’s more, you will receive a voucher for the exam and proctoring of the exam onsite.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that this program packs a lot of value into a boot camp experience, you will also receive a 90-day Infosec Skills subscription for free.

This subscription allows you to access over 1,400 extra labs and courses to sharpen your skills.

For practice exams, you can make as many attempts as you would like.

This is the best preparation for the actual exam.


As you can imagine, there is no better place to get Microsoft Azure training than from the company itself.

Microsoft generously offers a One-Week Azure Cloud Skills Bootcamp periodically.

These classes are live, so you will need to check their global calendar to see when the boot camp will be offered in a city near you.

While it is not offered all the time, this course is worth taking if you have an opportunity to take it.

This class is ideal for learners and IT professionals of all levels.

Whether you have been working in Cybersecurity for decades or you are starting to explore IT as a career option, this class will teach you the basics of Azure Cloud Skills that you need to prepare for certification in the future.

Once you have completed the course, you will be ready to practice cloud use, perform quick migration, and innovate apps with Azure, as well as data.

Even if you can’t take this specific class due to it not being available in your area or in a timeframe that suits you, you can check Microsoft’s website regularly for free or low-cost Azure training.

Certification Camps

If you are looking to advance your way through the ranks of Microsoft Azure specialization, Certification Camps’ three courses that take you from Azure Foundations to Azure Administrator to Azure Architect can be an ideal solution.

The MCE Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect + MCA Microsoft Azure Admin (w/ Foundations) COMBO Training & Certification Boot Camp – 10 Days (3 Courses, 3 Exams, 3 Certifications) offers everything you need to receive the right certifications to excel in this area.

As a beginner, you can take the first course and prepare for the Azure Foundations/Fundamentals test.

Once you have passed that exam, it will be easy to seamlessly move on to the next course to learn and review the skills you need to become an Azure Administrator.

After that, you can tackle the course work necessary to become an Azure Architect.

Because everything is streamlined through these three courses, you will not have to hunt down another course to prepare for the next exam.

Unless you want to gain further certifications and specializations, this course is a one-stop shop for your Microsoft Azure certification.


For total beginners, the Microsoft Azure for Beginners:

The Ultimate Azure BootCamp on Udemy is the ultimate resource at an affordable price point.

While this course typically costs just under $80, it was currently on sale for less than $15 at the time of writing this article.

If you have never been exposed to Microsoft Azure, this course will demystify the basics so you will feel totally prepared to gain work experience in your first entry-level position with this product or even take the certification exam in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

In this course, you will learn the very basics, such as what differentiates Microsoft Azure from other software, the free services that exist in the program, and a short hands-on demonstration of the free services in Microsoft Azure.

You will also learn about Microsoft Azure console basics.

This all sets a firm foundation for you to construct your career or specialization in Microsoft Azure if you choose.

Even if you don’t decide to keep pursuing further certification and expertise in Microsoft Azure, the basics laid out in this course will help you if you ever encounter the software on the job.

In addition to useful information about Microsoft Azure, this course comes with added perks such as access to 5.5 hours of on-demand video through mobile or TV applications.

You will be able to access this course for life once you purchase it through a one-time payment.

You will also get two extra articles and six resources that are available for download.

Once you are done with the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can use to show your current or future employer that you are serious about pursuing a certificate in Microsoft Azure.

Training Camp

As one of the industry’s leaders in fast-paced, effective boot camp training for IT certifications, Training Camp more than delivers with their Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Boot Camp (AZ-900) training course.

For a course that only lasts a day, Training Camp is confident that their course will prepare Microsoft Azure users to excel on exam day when they sit down to take their Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.

Since they are recognized as an Official Microsoft Azure Exam Prep Boot Camp and they have been praised as an Award Winning Microsoft Gold Partner, Training Camp has a fantastic reputation that makes them a popular choice for IT professionals.

They also offer a Microsoft Azure Exam Pass Guaranteed, so you know that your money will be well spent if you decide to opt for their training services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Microsoft Azure certificate?

A Microsoft Azure certificate is a certification in a popular service that is used for cloud computing.

Many Information Technology, development, and data professionals gain this certification when they anticipate that they may need to work with Microsoft cloud computing systems now or in the future.

Is a Microsoft Azure certificate worth it?

While only you can decide if a professional certificate is worthwhile based on your career goals, a Microsoft Azure certificate would help you to stand out in a crowd of applicants.

This can make it worthwhile.

Do I need a Microsoft Azure certificate?

While you might not need a Microsoft Azure certificate to get a job in IT, you may need one for certain positions.

If you know that your company prefers Microsoft Azure-certified candidates for certain roles or promotions, it may be best to get ahead of the game and earn your certification before you need to use it.

Do I need experience for a Microsoft Azure certification?

You don’t need experience for a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certificate.

However, some training is recommended before taking the test.

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