A Guide to the Best CompTIA Network+ Training Bootcamps

A Guide to the Best CompTIA Network+ Training Bootcamps

Network security is a critically important field that provides many unique benefits for the market.

For example, it helps minimize hacking risks and reduces expensive identity theft lawsuits from your customers.

Even better, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 35% increase in the next 10 years and a median salary of over $100,000.

Thankfully, CompTIA Network+ certification can help you transition into this field.


With a constantly changing cybersecurity marketplace, newer and more expansive certifications emerge yearly.

For example, the CompTIA+ certificate provides a hands-on training experience that makes cybersecurity a more accessible career for you to learn.

Created by CompTIA, these bootcamps typically include interactive and self-paced environments for people interested in this field.

You’ll access many unique amenities like virtual labs, exam prep, study guides, hands-on instructor help, and an e-learning option.

In addition, they typically occur over a short period, immersing you in the unique world of cybersecurity.

Often, they’re suitable for people with beginner-level skills, though some might require more advanced experience in tech.

  • Average Cost: $2,500 to $5,000
  • Usual Duration: Five to seven days with 8-10 hours of daily study
  • Available Formats: Live, online instructor-led courses or in-person training with a skilled educator
  • Typical Level: Beginner (0-2 years experience) and Intermediate (3-5 years experience)


All cybersecurity bootcamps focus on multiple elements, and the CompTIA+ certification is no different.

It focuses on the eight main factors of CISSP certification and prepares you for the unique demands of this career.

These include security and risk management, security engineering, asset security, communication and network security, security operations, and more.

Each of these different fields includes in-depth training that focuses on multiple security levels.

For example, you learn essential security concepts, governance principles, compliance options, professional ethics, security documentation, risk management, and threat modeling.

Then, you advance to data handling, resource provisioning, asset retention, data security, and cryptography techniques.

While this might seem like a lot to learn, each bootcamp is carefully arranged to help you master these concepts.

Many can be understood reasonably quickly or in a single day, with each bootcamp session focusing on specific concepts.

The goal isn’t to make you a master immediately but to give you the basic skills necessary for earning your certificate and starting an entry-level career in this field.


Attending a CompTIA+ bootcamp will immerse you in complex technical knowledge that will help you master network security more effectively.

Though not quite a crash course, they’re quick and compelling enough that most people walk out ready to start a cybersecurity career.

That fast-paced learning environment is just one of the many benefits of these bootcamps, such as:

  • Expert Trainers: Each CompTIA+ bootcamp is led by a skilled educator who deeply understands cybersecurity. Most classes are also relatively small, meaning you get plenty of in-person time with the teacher. This intimate setting helps to ensure you get the attention you need to succeed.
  • Extensive Exam Preparation: Everything in a CompTIA+ bootcamp is geared towards preparing you for your certification exam. This means you’ll learn information used on most tests, take multiple practice exams, and even get a guaranteed pass that can help you finish your training more quickly.
  • Real Practice in Cybersecurity: While bootcamps feature necessary theoretical training that helps you master various skills, you’ll also get real experience working with different equipment. This hands-on approach ensures that you transition more successfully into this career field.
  • Exam Pass Support: Completing your certification requires passing an exam that covers everything you’ll learn in bootcamp. Most will help you with this process by providing a pass guarantee. In other words, if you don’t pass the exam the first time, you can retake the course for free.
  • Networking Options: Most high-quality CompTIA+ bootcamps let you interact with other people in class, including potential co-workers in future jobs. Creating a solid network of like-minded people can help you reach out to more potential employers and thrive in your field.

All these benefits make a certification bootcamp an excellent option for people interested in the cybersecurity field.

Other benefits include flexible course options, such as taking a live, in-person, or virtual class.

These options make it easier to choose which class makes the most sense for you, especially if you’re on a more limited budget.


A typical CompTIA+ bootcamp will cost around $1,500 to $3,500, depending on multiple factors.

First, any program affiliated with a university or official CISSP-certification groups will automatically cost a little more.

A program’s length will also affect its price, with more extended options costing more.

Furthermore, things like CISSP exam vouchers, which cost up to $750, also increase your cost.

However, higher-cost programs often have more extensive training courses and better tech, meaning they work well for those who want a better and more intensive education for their cybersecurity career.


Course lengths vary depending on your program and its focus.

A typical CompTIA+ certification class should take at most a week, though some can be finished in as little as three days.

These shorter classes are suitable if you already have more tech experience and feel comfortable transitioning into a cybersecurity career with just a few training days.

On the other hand, the more extended programs work better if you have little experience and want more hands-on support for mastering these skills.

Top Bootcamps

The following CompTIA+ courses immerse you in cybersecurity protocols and make this educational experience much more accessible.

They’ll cover various subjects to prepare you for your career, including in-depth security protection and immersive network-planning protocols.


CompTIA offers an excellent bootcamp with e-learning opportunities, virtual labs, study guides, instructor-led programming, and unique study guides.

It consists of a customized training option to help you quickly transition into a better career.

Just as importantly, you can earn certification in this field and get exam help with CertMaster Practice.

In this way, you should be more than ready to take your exam and pass.

  • Location: In-class, instructor-led training, and online virtual courses
  • Cost: Between $358 to $1,029
  • Duration: Variable depending on your program


InfoSec provides a unique CompTIA+ certification with a 93% first-time pass guarantee and an exam voucher to help cover your costs.

In addition, when you sign up for InfoSec Skills, you get access to additional courses and labs that help you prepare for the cybersecurity market.

You’ll also get high-quality and hands-on training with educators who better understand your needs, including what programs make the most sense for you and how to integrate them into your education quickly and efficiently.

  • Location: In-person and live online courses, depending on your preference
  • Cost: Between $2,500
  • Duration: Five days of extensive hands-on training with skilled professors

Training Camp

Training Camp provides multiple training options for cybersecurity, including an official CompTIA program.

This course includes three days of intense training that consists of a prep boot camp that helps you get started and an exam pass guarantee.

This course’s long hours and fast-paced design may only be for some.

However, those who enjoy its quicker and more intensive pace will likely transition to a tech career more quickly and see better training results when they’re done.

  • Location: In-person training, as well as live online courses for larger teams
  • Cost: Around $2,000
  • Duration: Three days of intensive and hands-on training


NICSS has a three-day CompTIA+ certification course that provides an instructor-led atmosphere that will work well for many people.

You’ll learn about network concepts, installation, configuration, media, topologies, management, and security.

The latter focus is particularly important because it will ensure you know how to keep your customers’ networks safe.

It’s also designed as a beginner-friendly course, meaning you can walk in with little knowledge and earn a certification.

However, even more, advanced tech professionals may learn new skills by attending this in-depth training program.

  • Location: Live, in-person training with a skilled professional
  • Cost: $1,500
  • Duration: Three days of intensive training in a hands-on environment

Chicago State University

CSU provides a hands-on boot camp that will help you get your certification and prepare for a unique career in cybersecurity.

You’ll learn how to troubleshoot wired and wireless networks, handle hacking attacks, update networks more safely, and properly showcase your skills to employers.

Class seats in this program are limited, meaning you’ll get lots of personal time with your professor and fellow students.

This means you should have a more intensive experience that feels more comfortable.

  • Location: Online, immersive live format
  • Cost: $1,895
  • Duration: Five days of intensive, expert-led training

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bootcamps Offer Payment Plans?

Some high-quality CompTIA+ bootcamps will provide payment plans that make affording their classes much more accessible.

These plans often include monthly or even weekly payments that are often easier for many people to afford.

However, make sure that you ask about interest rates to ensure that you don’t get surprised.

Thankfully, many schools won’t charge interest to keep their training costs down.

What Careers Will This Prepare Me For?

If you complete your certification bootcamp, you can easily transition into multiple careers, such as cybersecurity, security architects, engineers, analysts, and more.

These careers often include advanced security protocols and complex security networking programs that streamline your job.

Try to choose one that fits your interests and which matches your experience.

Are Online Classes Worth It?

High-quality online certification courses are a great option for people who aren’t near a physical training location or who prefer to learn at home.

Often, these classes include personalized amenities that make them unique, such as recorded lectures that you can watch if you miss a class.

Others include in-depth training materials that you can use after finishing your course.

Which Class Type is Best for Me?

Online courses work best if you’re away from a training facility but still want to get a high-quality education.

They also cost a little less and include recorded class options to help you if you miss a day.

However, in-person courses feature far more hands-on training and give you the support you need to advance your career, including networking workshops.

How Can a Bootcamp Cover So Much Information?

A typical bootcamp class lasts 8-10 hours, meaning you’ll spend all day learning about cybersecurity.

As a result, each class is dense with details that make each course very informative.

In addition, most class days focus on specific lessons to ensure you learn them as accurately as possible, including unique security protocols and other essential details.

What Does a Pass Guarantee Do For Me?

Courses that provide a pass guarantee typically let you retake the program if you fail the exam the first time.

This means you’ll take the course twice without paying for it.

You’ll also need to study outside of the course and take several practice exams before trying the certification exam.

Doing so helps give you the help needed to master these skills before certification.

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