A Guide to the Best CISSP Training Bootcamps

A Guide to the Best CISSP Training Bootcamps

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical fields in the market today because it protects companies from the dangers of hacking and identity theft.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 35% growth in this industry over the next 10 years and a median salary of over $100,000.

As a result, attending a high-quality CISSP bootcamp is worth earning a certification that can help you begin this exciting career.


CISSP bootcamps immerse you in an extensive training environment that teaches you the skills necessary for this career.

For instance, you’ll learn cybersecurity basics, like setting up and maintaining a network.

Once you finish a bootcamp, you can take the Certified Information Securities Security Professional (CISSP) certification and find a career in this field that appeals to you.

Most bootcamps take no more than a week to complete, which helps you transition to this field quickly.

  • Average Cost: Between $2,500 to $5,000
  • Duration: Around 5-7 days with 8-10 hours of study each class
  • Format: Live training with an instructor, including virtual and in-person classes
  • Level: Intermediate or about 3-5 years of experience


A typical CISSP bootcamp covers eight different fields that help you transition into this unique career.

Each field is balanced relatively equally in the exam, though some have slightly more emphasis.

Understanding these fields can help you more effectively plan for your exam:

  • Security and risk management: 15%
  • Security engineering: 13%
  • Communication and network security: 13%
  • Security operations: 13%
  • Security assessment and testing: 12%
  • Software development security: 11%
  • Asset security: 10%

Subjects you’ll cover in these fields include security concepts, compliance, professional ethics, security documentation, risk management, risk response, asset security, asset clarification, secure data handling, and security architecture.

These are just a few things you’ll learn, as this field includes many extensive concepts and techniques necessary for success.

You’ll also take a practice test that gauges your knowledge before taking your official certification exam.

This short test helps you better understand what you’ll see on the official exam and minimizes your risk of failure.

In addition, most bootcamps provide an exam pass guarantee, meaning they will work hard to ensure you complete your certification correctly.


Taking a CISSP bootcamp can provide many benefits that make them worth the time and money.

First, they’re much quicker than a complete college education and can help you transition to a job just as quickly.

The modern security market accepts these certifications as proof of your abilities.

As a result, you can find a job only a few months after completing your certification.

Other benefits of CISSP bootcamps include:

  • Experienced Trainers: All bootcamps use a high-quality professional who understands complex cybersecurity subjects. They’ll help you work through your lessons quickly and effectively and make this career more accessible for you to start, no matter your age.
  • Smaller Class Size: Most bootcamps have a relatively small class size, meaning getting personalized help from your professor is manageable. When you’re struggling to understand necessary lesson plans, they can help you by providing hands-on support that makes sense for you.
  • Exam Coverage: Certification bootcamps cover all the subjects mentioned above to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for your exam. As a result, you’ll be more likely to pass and better understand this field’s unique scope.
  • Networking Support: When you attend a CISSP bootcamp, you’ll meet multiple networking professionals who can help you transition into this career. Networking this way can provide the long-term support you need to advance to bigger and better things.
  • Pass Guarantee: If you finish a bootcamp and fail to pass your exam the first time, most programs will let you attend for free a second time to get help. This guarantee ensures you spend only a little money on your training, enabling you to get the skills required for this field.

These benefits make a high-quality CISSP course a wise investment for the right person.

If you’re interested in network security and want to start your career quickly, a bootcamp is an excellent choice.

Make sure that you carefully research all elements of your program before starting, which ensures that you get the unique and hands-on training you need.


A CISSP bootcamp typically costs between $2,500 to $5,000, depending on multiple factors.

For example, longer and more intensive programs, as do those held by more authoritative groups, such as universities, usually cost more.

Other amenities that may increase costs include course materials, testing location, and a CISSP exam voucher.

These $749 vouchers cover the cost of your certification test, and if there’s a pass guarantee, you get this voucher for each test you take.

This small investment is wise because this career is rapidly expanding and high-earning.


Most CISSP bootcamps will take 5-7 days to complete, though some may take a little longer.

During each day, you’ll typically cover 8-10 hours of study materials, including new security concepts, techniques, and programs that can expand your knowledge of this career.

Once you finish this course and take your practice exam, you can sit for the certification test.

After earning your certification, you can apply for entry-level jobs throughout the cybersecurity world.

Some people may find themselves in a new career within a month, depending on how quickly they earn certification and find a potential gig.

Top Bootcamps

The best CISSP bootcamps include high-quality courses that immerse you in this field and make it easier to master.

In each review below, we’ll highlight what makes each course unique, including its location, duration, and cost.

In this way, you can better prepare for each class.

Central Michigan University

CMU provides a unique live course to prepare you for the CISSP certification exam.

During the course, you’ll get access to skilled educational support and an immersive six-day program that will teach you about risk management, security engineering, and more.

You’ll learn critical learning skills and get hands-on experience.

You also get 90-day access to InfoSec Skills, a program that includes over 1,400 other courses and labs to improve your skills in this position.

  • Location: Live, instructor-led training on CMU’s campus
  • Cost: $4,299
  • Duration: Six days of in-person training

InfoSec Institute

InfoSec Institute provides a high-quality bootcamp with an immersive online environment based on your needs.

If you like, you can also take in-person and group -on-site classes to ensure you get the attention you need.

In addition, when you sign up for this course, you get unlimited practice exams, a CISSP exam voucher, extended training with a trusted educator, and a guaranteed pass meaning that you can retake the course if you fail after taking it.

  • Location: Online or in-person exams based on your testing area
  • Cost: $4,299
  • Duration: Six days of instructor-led training


(ISC)2 is the official body for certifying the CISSP, and its bootcamp is one of the best in the nation.

It’s also surprisingly inexpensive, mainly because it’s an online-only course.

However, they also offer a 20% discount for (ISC)2 candidates attending training from their official seminar.

That makes this option a good choice for people on a limited budget or those wondering if this career is right for them.

It also provides various guarantees that ensure you get the best results possible for your training.

  • Location: Live, online training with a skilled professional who understands their field
  • Cost: $2,880 before applying the 20% discount
  • Duration: Just six days of high-quality CISSP training with skilled professionals

George Mason University

George Mason University hosts an (ISC)2 CISSP training boot camp that helps immerse you in this field and become a better cybersecurity specialist.

It includes lessons on developing security polices, managing risk factors, understanding security tools, and information system information.

Like many bootcamps, your exam cost is covered and all your prep materials is included with your costs.

There’s a second-day voucher as well, as long as you meet a few criteria, such as attending 85% of each class and getting 90% or higher on the final practice exam.

  • Location: Live, online sessions or in-person classes on GMU’s campus
  • Price: $4,299 with all included course materials and practice tests
  • Duration: Six days of hands-on training with real cybersecurity specialists

Training Camp

Training Camp is the official (ISC)2 certification bootcamp, and it includes an in-depth review of this field’s unique demands.

Designed as a more comprehensive upgrade of the previous bootcamp, it contains free course retakes, exam pass guarantees, and a second-shot exam voucher.

You’ll not only learn about networking security through this course’s six-day schedule but master things like career advancement and management, as well as intensive programming and protocol design.

  • Location: Live, online courses or physical classroom options are available
  • Cost: $4,995, including course materials and training tools
  • Duration: Six days in classes lasting between 8-10 hours each day

Frequently Asked Questions

What Careers Will This Prepare Me For?

People interested in this certification can find careers in many fields.

For example, you may earn a career as a security analyst, security architect, cybersecurity manager, security engineer, network administrator, and much more.

In this way, these bootcamps help you prepare for the unique demands of these professions and ensure that you find a job that makes the most sense for you.

Who Fits These Bootcamps Best?

People interested in technical careers will thrive in a CISSP bootcamp.

They suit anyone with computing experience and an understanding of various security protocols.

While experience will help you succeed in these camps, it is optional.

Even people with minimal tech knowledge may do well in a CISSP bootcamp, mainly one pitched for beginners.

Do I Need to Do Anything Specific Before Starting?

Few CISSP bootcamps have prerequisites for joining and may let just about anybody jump into class.

However, many strongly suggest at least 3-5 years in information security, understanding CISSP exam domains, and knowledge of IT security concepts.

While you won’t be turned away if you lack this knowledge, it will make your bootcamp easier to handle.

Are Weekend or Evening Classes Available?

Not all CISSP bootcamps will provide weekend or evening classes.

Smaller programs may only have enough time to provide one main course, usually held during the day.

Some may provide weekend or evening programs that take a little longer to finish.

Talk to your bootcamp professor about this option to ensure you understand whether it’s right for you.

Why Do Bootcamps Cost So Much?

Some people may balk at the costs of a CISSP bootcamp, but they’re pricey for a reason.

Typically, they include multiple training sessions with skilled professionals and various tech devices, such as computers and networking programs.

Furthermore, many courses include exam-pass guarantees and test vouchers that add to the cost but improve the value of your bootcamp immeasurably.

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