A Guide to the Best CISM Training Bootcamps

Getting a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certificate is a good choice if you’re looking to join the field of information security management.

Certification is in high demand for the future, as companies need more security.

If you’re looking to join a program, there are CISM training boot camps that can quickly get you into the field.

Multiple boot camps are available for the CISM field, and knowing how to choose one can be complicated.

Below, we’ll help by describing the CISM field and listing a few choices.


  • Average Cost: $2,000-$3,500
  • Duration: 4-5 days
  • Format: In-person, online, or hybrid
  • Level: Intermediate to advanced


The best CISM training boot camps will provide expert review and hands-on training in the field.

There are a total of four information security domains in the CISM curriculum.

Each domain plays a critical role in the exam and must be mastered to pass.

CISM Domain Exam Weight
Information Security Governance 24%
Information Risk Management and Compliance 33%
Information Security Program Development and Management 25%
Information Security Incident Management 18%


CISM training boot camps have several benefits for those looking to become educated in information security.

In-depth knowledge of Exam Material

One of the biggest advantages of taking a CISM Bootcamp is that you can become prepared by learning about CISM exam materials.

The CISM exam is known for being difficult if you’re not prepared.

A boot camp can provide comprehensive coverage of the four CISM domains, which can help you master the materials.

There are four CISM domains, each with its material you must master.

That’s why boot camps can help assist you by helping you master each section.

In addition to that, you will also gain intensive training that is compact and easy to understand.

Exam-taking Strategies and Tips

Another benefit is that a boot camp will prepare you by teaching you effective exam-learning strategies.

Experts in the field understand what information is relevant on the job.

This is generally used for exams.

In addition, they can provide insight into how to approach a question, even if you might not know the answer.

Another important aspect of exam taking is learning how to manage your time effectively, and instructors can teach you how to do this, as they know the exam interface.

Opportunity to Network

If you’re attending an in-person or hybrid boot camp, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with others in the field.

Connecting with experts in the field can help you gain real-world experience and learn the ins and outs of the job.

Aside from that, you can gain job connections, and they can help land you a job after your certificate.

The CISM job field is competitive, and having the degree and connections can put you ahead of your peers.

Experienced Instructors & Professionals

While instructors are great, you want to ensure they have real-world experience.

Most boot camps have instructors and professionals with real-world experience, but some do not.

Not only that, but they also have years of experience in the field and understand the ins and outs of the job.

The benefits of having an instructor who knows the field are that they can prepare you for unexpected exam questions.

They will teach you how to approach questions in a manner that would be used in the real world.

Aside from that, professionals also have extra insight that other instructors might not have.

Hands-on Experience

Lastly, boot camps can provide hands-on experience in the field.

Hybrid and in-person boot camps offer lots of hands-on experience.

If you’re taking an online class, you might feel lacking this aspect.

However, many online boot camps are doing their best to use tools you would use in real settings.

To combat the lack of hands-on experience in online courses, boot camps are hiring industry professionals to help provide insight.

Trained professionals can give real-world examples and teach students how to transfer their knowledge into a business setting.


A CISM training boot camp can vary in expenses depending on several factors.

This includes program duration, learning format, and training provider experience.

Aside from that, another factor is the resources provided by the institution.

Generally, a CISM training program can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,500.

However, higher-end programs can end up costing more.

They add extra features like one-on-one coaching, more course materials, and vouchers.

You can expect to pay an extra $800 or more.

Each CISM boot camp will have its own costs, so evaluating the overall expense is important.

To know you’re getting what it’s worth, consider the value of training, time, and effort and how much self-study is required.

In addition to that, calculate the potential return on investment, career advancement opportunities, and salary increases.


The average timeframe for completion of a CISM training boot camp ranges from four to five days.

However, the timeframe can change depending on the institution providing it.

You can expect a maximum of a few weeks for higher-end boot camps.

If self-paced, then you can expect it to take an infinite amount of time.

Another factor to consider is the schedule of the boot camp.

Some students prefer a faster-paced boot camp, while others want a leisurely one.

Depending on the one you choose, the timeframe will be different.

So, be sure to factor in which one will fit your schedule before signing up.

Top Bootcamps

1. InfoSec Institute

ISACA provides a five-day CISM exam boot camp covering all four domains.

The course boasts a 93% pass rate for the CISM exam and can help you prepare.

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification path is difficult, and ISACA can easily help prepare you for the exam.

The program includes a few different learning options: online, in-person, and hybrid.

The training program will last five days and provide attendees with a 90-day extended access to the Boot Camp components.

Aside from that, students will get a 12-month subscription to the ISACA Official Question & Answer database.

This allows those to study even after the boot camp is over.

2. Simplilearn

Simpleilearn provides students with a four-day CISM training boot camp that helps cover all four domains.

The camp lasts around three weeks and provides 90 days of flexible class access.

The Lifetime Access is one of the better options for CISM training, as it provides self-paced E-Learning content for a lifetime.

Aside from that, the camp costs $2,299.

While that may seem like a lot, students will have 24/7 assistance and support.

The current CISM instructor is Dean Pompilio, the CEO of Steppingstonesolutions Inc.

He has worked in the field since 1989 and has over 20 IT certifications.

3. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy has a 98% pass rate for the CISM exam.

It includes various learning options, including online, classroom, self-paced, instructor-led, and on-site training.

There are over 490 locations worldwide, which cover over 3,000 subjects.

The span of classes will depend on your learning style, with the average being four days.

Some only take a week, while others might take a few months.

So, be prepared to choose one that suits your schedule.

The Knowledge Academy boasts the best price guarantee, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Aside from that, they guarantee students can pass the exam after taking the prep courses.

4. CPrime

CPrime includes a CISM exam boot camp that spans over three days with 24 hours of instruction.

The course is designed to fully cover all aspects of the exam in as little time as possible.

The course costs $1,595 but has reduced pricing if you take group classes instead of one-on-one.

Here, you will learn how to master CISM exam content areas along with practice test-taking skills from experts.

Students will learn to align security to business processes and gain in-depth knowledge of all four domains.

The boot camp does its best to avoid off-topic or “extra” information and only focuses on exam tasks.

This can be useful for those wanting to study enough before the exam.

However, you skip getting extra information that will translate to real-world situations.

So, be sure to weigh this in while making your choice.

5. SecureNinja

SecureNinja’s CISM Bootcamp is a five-day training course located in the Washington DC metro area.

They also have a location in San Diego, CA, and can help those in the area get their certification.

Unlike other institutions, the boot camp has a price match guarantee, ensuring you get the best price.

The course covers all four domains in CISM, which can help prepare you for the certification exam.

Those in advanced-level CISM or IT security will benefit most from these courses.

The course length in total includes 40 hours.

If you’re looking to join, check their website, as they consistently have online or in-person classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend a CISM boot camp?

CISM boot camps are ideal for anyone working in the information security field.

However, the people who benefit most are information security managers and other professionals.

Essentially, anyone who oversees, designs, or manages information security.

What do I need to attend a CISM boot camp?

While you don’t need much to take a CISM boot camp course, you need certain information after passing the exam to become certified.

This includes five years of information security work experience, three years of information security management work experience, and must be over 18.

So, you don’t need the requirements, but they are useful if you want to become certified in CISM.

How long are CISM boot camps?

CISM boot camps generally take five days at most to complete.

The classes are designed to be fast-paced and prepare you for the CISM exam.

However, boot camps span one week to a few weeks.

So, be sure to shop for one that suits your needs.

How can attending CISM boot camps help me land a job?

CISM certification has a pass rate for first-time candidates of 50%.

As you can see, that is extremely low.

The exam is difficult and often requires an in-depth understanding of information security concepts.

Taking a CISM boot camp can help prepare you for passing the exam your first time.

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