Massage Therapist Tips for Career Success

Massage Therapist Tips

In this article, we want to discuss what you need to become a successful massage therapist.

You need to know that there are numerous factors that may influence your career.

We are going to discuss reasons to enter this career, aspects related to training program choice, and other important issues.

Moreover, there are some useful massage therapist tips on essential classes, avoiding burnout, and hours required for

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Reasoning and Motivation

There can be numerous people wandering why someone chooses to become a massage therapist.

Each person has its own reasons to pursue a certain career and massage therapy is no exception.

However, there is one rather common reason for most people interested in this career.

This point that is one of the most significant aspects of massage therapy is compassion.

In this case, compassion may mean the ability to listen to someone who’s in pain and knowledge of how you can reduce and alleviate that suffering.

You need to understand what makes your patient suffer and reveal how you can use your knowledge and skills to help him/her.

In fact, it can be a great motivation as well as you can see the immediate result of your work and people who feel better after it.

Just imagine a patient with low back pain or a whiplashed neck and you know how to help this person.

Won’t it keep you inspired and motivated?

In other words, if you aren’t motivated enough to help others, massage therapist career can be not the best option for you.

If you don’t have enough compassion about your patients, you will feel like all these people just come to you to whin about numerous things.

Just make sure that you are compassionate, dedicated, and supportive enough to pursue this career.

What Do You Need to Know Before Applying for This Career?

Before applying for this career, you need to know that it requires lots of emotional and physical strength.

In other words, you need to be 100% health in your mind, body, and spirit.

It is pretty hard to perform your duties the whole day if you have a running nose or after an argument with a family member, or constantly thinking about necessity to pay your health insurance.

All these stress, anxiety, worries, and health issues will make you feel exhausted and you won’t be able to prived a good treatment.

Of course, you can continue working when you feel bad but to achieve a good result both you and your client need to do your best.

Also, you need to be concentrated on the present moment to provide excellent services.

Sometimes, you need to choose between some relaxing activities and your job as the first one may have a longlasting effect on your ability to perform your duties.

You need to make a choice whether you want to be focused while working or enjoy something during your free time and then experience an aftereffect during your working time.

In fact, you can be really surprised how easy it is to give up on something and succeed in your career instead.

It’s About Time (and Money…)

It's about time and money

When it comes to time and money that is required for your training, it is an important aspect we should discuss.

Recently, there appeared a bunch of new massage schools that makes it harder to find the one that suits your needs.

You need to understand well what you want to get from your training.

For example, if you want to pass the licensing exam, you need to find the program that will get you ready for it.

Using this approach, you can make your search easier and faster.

In fact, there are numerous facts you need to take into consideration.

It includes such points as the cost, the length, your location, disciplines included in the program, available career guidance, related challenges.

One other significant point is the amount of practice provided through your training program.

If the program contains enough out-of-classes practice it is really great as you can understand what it means to work in a real setting.

There are schools that make students receive a massage so they can experience all sides of this job.

It is a great option as you can gain a better understanding of this job.

Your training can be completed as fast as in a year and it may cost you about $10 000-12 000.

Nevertheless, it absolutely worth it.

It’s Your Life and Your Education

Most schools offer classes that are focused on Swedish techniques including effleurage and petrissage.

Also, there are classes of anatomy, physiology, ethics, and various elective classes.

Just make sure to learn about elective classes in your school and choose those you really need or interested in.

Among the available options, there can be Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Deep Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and others.

Keep in mind that the type of massage you are going to choose will be your specialization in the future.

If you want to make a proper choice it is better to get each type of massage from qualified specialists so you can understand the specifics of each type.

After it, you can decide what type of massage you want to learn as your specialization and look for a school that offers it.

However, it doesn’t mean that should be only one technique that you specialize in.

In fact, you need to learn as many techniques as you like and can.

Each client has specific requirements and needs and you should be able to meet all their expectations and provide the required help.

In other words, a successful massage therapist career requires continuing education.

The Choice Is Yours

After completing your training, you can look for employment or start your own business.

In most cases, this career can provide you with a good amount of flexibility.

It is a great point that you can manage your schedule according to your needs.

You can set vacations or days off when you need it or work some extra hours to increase your income if necessary.

Don’t Get Burned

An important aspect of any job is the possibility of burnout and massage therapy is no exception.

The main reason is physical fatigue after completing too much work.

As a result, you feel too tired to perform your job or communicate with your family so you cannot relax.

One other reason is emotional burnout because of various reasons.

Actually, there are three types of burnout – physical, mental, and emotional.

Anyone can experience burnout but you need to figure out what can help you to overcome it.

For example, you can cut your working hours, get some extra training, or get some massage that will help you relax.


Massage therapist career isn’t the one that can bring you fame or wealth but you can be surprised how much it gives you.

You can be sure that it can provide you with lots of joy and satisfaction because you can help people every day.

If you are a compassionate person it can be an absolutely priceless reward for you.

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