10 Best Majors for Undecided Students

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Majors for Undecided Students

Most students feel absolutely stressed-out when the time to choose a major comes.

Of course, there are lots of people who know well what career they want to pursue and can choose their major without any issues.

At the same time, others experience numerous difficulties and spend some time staying “undeclared” while they continue thinking about various options.

There are people who want to enroll in the most interesting program in the sphere they are interested in.

Others are trying to find a degree that can provide them with the most beneficial career.

If you are right on this stage, you may feel under pressure as you are going to make a decision that may influence your future.

There can even be periods when you feel like you are a step behind others.

It can be a good idea to take some extra classes and get a piece of advice from other students that have already decided on their major some time ago.

Sometimes, you may even need to rethink your career goals and learn about internships you were thinking about before.

It may happen that you start feeling that your decision will influence your future success and your whole life but it is not so.

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Gather Info About All Options You Have

If you feel stressed out, insecure, and ashamed about the fact that you cannot make your final decision, you should remember that even if you don’t pursue this career in the future, you still can gain a whole bunch of useful skills.

There is a variety of programs that can be considered as more general so you don’t need to choose some concrete specialization.

You should consider an opportunity to choose one of more general degrees as it can be a chance to get a wider range of career prospects.

It is a great possibility to get a whole bunch of various knowledge and skills.

Also, you should keep in mind that the fact you cannot choose a specialization only means that now it is maybe not the right time to make a decision.

You should know that a general degree is a great opportunity to start earning after completing your income and you always apply for some concrete course later.

If you aren’t sure about the best major options, you may discuss the issue with other people like your friends or relatives.

Also, you can ask for advising some professionals that work in the spheres that you are interested in.

You can ask about the best training options for those spheres and some specifics that can be important when you start working.

Moreover, it is a good idea to talk with the students that attend programs you are interested in.

Use all available means to get more info about the careers you like.

Make sure to address a career advisor or guidance counselor in order to get more info about the best spheres and careers.

After gathering all possible info, you will feel more confident and will be able to understand the available options better.

If you are still not sure about which option to choose, you can always enroll in some general courses.

Below, you can find the list 10 majors that can be a great choice for those who are unconfident about their future.

Here’s the list of majors for undecided students:


If you decide to choose a biology degree as your major, you are going to learn a bunch of aspects related to plants, animals, humans, and nature in general.

Those who have an interest in science should try enrolling in a Biology training program as it is a great option to get some general knowledge that can be transformed into something specific later.

Also, this program is a perfect choice for people who have excellent problem-solving skills as most classes involve various hands-on activities.

After completing your training, you can start working in a lab where you can polish your skills.

Finally, this option is a great opportunity to obtain some general knowledge and skills that can be useful for various careers.

This major program is great for those who want to start working as a genetic engineer, personalized medicine specialist, and agricultural scientist.

Also, after completing it, you can look for job options in such spheres as medicine, research, or applied science.

In other words, a degree in Biology can provide you with a whole variety of career options.

Look at some employment options for entry-level biology majors to help you decide.

Business or Business Administration

You should know that a degree in Business and Business Administration is not only beneficial but really interesting and exciting.

After obtaining your degree in Business, you’ll be able to deal with such issues as marketing, finances, laws and regulations, accounting systems, management structures development and so on.

In fact, there are lots of career options for those who have a degree in Business or Business Administration.

If you cannot decide on a specific career you want to pursue, a degree in Business can be a perfect option for you as it can provide you with numerous opportunities.

You should know that such a program can be really beneficial and helpful for those who want to work in non-profit organizations, hospitals, and other facilities.

See here the top 10 high paying business degrees.

Chemistry or Biochemistry

As well as a Biology major, a degree in Chemistry is a perfect option for those who look for a general major and want to get access to a wide range of career options.

Speaking of the undergraduate level, after obtaining a degree, you can apply for various jobs in chemical and environmental engineering.

If you want to get even a wider range of job options, consider enrolling in a more general Chemistry or Biochemistry course.

You should know that most careers in chemistry require an advanced degree.

Nevertheless, it can be a great idea to start with a general program that can be an excellent basis for other more specified courses.

Also, you should know that a combination of a general degree and MBA  can be an excellent option.

People who have a scientific background can find a job in various spheres and industries.

Computer or Informational Science

People with a degree in Computer or Informational Science are always in great demand in modern society.

The usage of computers and data exchange rate grow dramatically every day.

That is the reason qualified specialists are constantly required in this sphere.

To be able to work in this sphere, you need to have some excellent knowledge of programming and information storage that can be hard to obtain.

If you cannot decide on a concrete training program, you can enroll in a general Computer and Informational Science degree program.

It can provide you with various career options in such spheres as information security, gaming technology, statistical analysis, software development.

Each of these options can guarantee an absolutely high salary even if it is some entry-level positions.

One of the best points about this sphere is that there are lots of jobs that you can apply for.

Such specialists are required in various spheres including healthcare, education, government and so on.

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If you are interested in such aspects as government policy, finance, law, international relations, politics, or education, you should consider enrolling in an Economics training program.

During your education, you’ll be able to learn basic issues of social, political, and commercial processes.

Also, it is a great option for those who are interested in history, philosophy, politics, math, and current events.

A degree in Economics aims to prepare qualified specialists that can perform some related duties in the federal government as well as the business world.

You should know that it can be hard to obtain a degree in Economics but it is absolutely worthy.

Engineering or Engineering Management

Various engineering specialists are really important in modern society as without them our world may turn into a mess.

You can apply for some undergraduate engineering programs that can be a perfect basis for your future education.

If you cannot decide on which specific program to choose, you can enroll in a more general Engineering or Engineering Management program that can provide with some great career prospects.

There are lots of schools that provide general engineering programs that can be a great option if you need some more time to think about your future career specifics.

Moreover, after completing such a program, you can find some great career options that require basic skills and help to obtain some new ones.

In any case, it’s a great starting point that can provide you with a bunch of amazing options.

Health Science

A degree in Health Science can be a great choice for those who are interested in a healthcare career in some medical facility.

If you want to work in the healthcare sphere but cannot decide on a specific career option, should enroll in some general Health Science degree program.

Also, lots of these programs will teach you how to combine clinical practice and administration in healthcare.

It can be a great option for those students that already work in the medical sphere as nurses or other clinical specialists, and think of developing their career.

Considering the fact it is a general program, you can use it to build some foundation to get a certification in the future.

If you want to work as a healthcare administrator, social worker, or a pharmaceutical worker, a general program in Healthcare can be exactly what you need.


There is a stereotype that most students that apply for the English major cannot get any other work than a waiter at a coffee shop.

You should know that it is not true as most students that study English can get some really great career options.

During your training, you are going to explore the language, its development and how it can be used.

Also, literature is an essential part of the English degree program and it helps to develop such qualities as a moral and intellectual depth.

All these skills are really valuable and there are lots of careers that require such skills.

In other words, a background in English can help you obtain some great jobs.

Moreover, the publishing industry provides numerous career options for those who are skillful in English.


Psychology is a complex science that studies not only communication and interaction issues but also a bunch of other significant aspects.

If you want to work in such spheres as social work, counseling, or mental health, you need to learn the way people think and how they interact with the environment around them.

After obtaining a general Psychology degree, you’ll be able to understand various theoretical and philosophical concepts of people’s lives and thinking.

It may seem like something not so big to be mentioned in your CV but this course is a great option for those who want to work as a counselor or study people’s behavior.

If you want to work with people and learn how to understand and support them, a degree in psychology is exactly what you need.


To begin with, Communication majors have lots in common with Business majors as both of these options can provide you with a big amount of career options.

Those who are interested in marketing, public affairs, business administration, or other rapidly growing industries like human resources, should consider applying for communication majors.

In case you cannot decide on your future career but you are interested in communicating ideas or organizing information, a training program in communication can be a beneficial option for you and help you build a great CV.

These programs help to develop some essential skills that are required in various spheres.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the happiest major?

According to an education business poll, students in humanities are the happiest students at the college level.

This can include English literature, history, philosophy, and other related fields.

A major that appeals to your interests and skills will be a major you will enjoy.

Students majoring in humanities seem to have found their niche.

What are the top easiest majors?

Often Education, English, and Journalism are considered easy majors because it involves a lot of reading and people generally have a high-grade point average.

However, business administration could be even easier because there is not a lot of homework, students usually have a high GPA, and there is a good return on investment.

What 4 year degree makes the most money?

Engineers with four-year degrees make the most money.

Engineers design and make machines and structures for a company in their specialized field.

A petroleum engineer starts at about $83,000 and can get up to $187,000.

Electrical engineers start out higher, at $108,000, but are at about $160,000 at the top end.

Industrial engineers are also close to those numbers.

What is the most difficult major?

Chemistry may be the most difficult major for four-year college students.

There is a lot of studying required, and a lot of attention to minute detail.

Grade point averages for chemistry graduates are on the lower end, and that may also be an indication of how hard this program is.

Often an advanced degree is required after you get the chemistry degree.

What careers can you get from studying biology?

There are several kinds of biologists that have a four-year college degree.

Any field involving the study of life would relate to biology.

Clinical research is another job you could get with this kind of study.

Genetics, genomics, immunology, and microbiology are just some of the careers you could get into as a result of studying biology.

What careers can you get from studying nursing?

The main reason to study nursing is to become a nurse, and there are many kinds of nurses.

Nurses with specialties are always in demand, such as pediatric nurses or ICU nurses.

With some administrative training, you could also become a nurse supervisor or nursing educator.

There are also research jobs, and some legal jobs you could do with a nursing degree.

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