Jobs for Introverts: 50+ Top Career Options

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Jobs for Introverts

Introversion – it’s not just a trait of character but a whole set of personality characteristics that is why it is so hard to find the best career for such people.

One modern school of thought claims that there are four types of introverts:

  • social;
  • anxious;
  • thinking;
  • inhibited;

Have you ever thought about what type of introvert you are?

If your answer is no, it’s time to find out as it can help you to find your perfect career.

Below, you can find a list of the best career options for introverts.

The list is made on the bases of knowledge about four types of introverts and their specific traits.

One significant point you should remember that while being a representative of one type, you can still have traits that are common for others.

That’s why you need to learn all the available guidance and ideas about available career options so you can choose the best one.

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Social Introvert Jobs

Vocational Training, Introverts, Career Options, Social Introverts

It’s a well-known fact that introverts usually try to avoid social interactions as much as possible so the term ‘social introvert’ sounds like a real misnomer.

While sounding pretty strange, the term describes real people which means that social introverts really exist.

Social introverts are people who like spending time alone or with a small group of people instead of a crowd.

One significant point is that these introverts aren’t shy and don’t become anxious when surrounded by people.

It’s only that they feel more comfortable when there are only a few people around.

One other point is that this type of introverts is very loyal, has an excellent understanding of personal boundaries, and knoыw how to build meaningful relationships.

As a result, among all types of introverts, social introverts have the biggest number of available career options.

If you consider yourself a social introvert you need to pay attention to the working environment when choosing your career.

Lots of social introverts prefer working from their homes while others look for jobs that can provide them with a quiet and peaceful working environment with enough private space.

The point is that your working environment and conditions mainly depend on your employer and not your job.

There are various careers that can provide you with a satisfying occupation and comfortable environment.

Among the available options, there are numerous jobs related to skilled trades and other spheres.

You can find a list of some of the best careers for social introverts below.

Database Administrator

Potential job openings—93,000
Median annual pay—$90,070

Private Chef

Potential job openings—203,000 (for all chefs and head cooks)
Median annual pay—$62,036 (according to PayScale)3

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technician

Potential job openings—120,000
Median annual pay—$64,330

Mechanical Drafter

Potential job openings—59,000
Median annual pay—$55,920

Civil/Architectural Drafter

Potential job openings—95,000
Median annual pay—$54,920


Potential job openings—610,000
Median annual pay—$53,910

Commercial Diver

Potential job openings—4,000
Median annual pay—$49,140

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Potential job openings—330,000
Median annual pay—$52,340

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Potential job openings—135,000
Median annual pay—$51,920

Private Investigator

Potential job openings—45,000
Median annual pay—$50,090

HVAC Mechanic

Potential job openings—387,000
Median annual pay—$47,610


Potential job openings—78,000
Median annual pay—$49,930


Potential job openings—1,044,000
Median annual pay—$46,590

Heavy Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver

Potential job openings—2,135,000
Median annual pay—$43,680

Motorboat Mechanic

Potential job openings—24,000
Median annual pay—$40,180


Potential job openings—458,000
Median annual pay—$41,380

Dental Lab Technician

Potential job openings—50,000
Median annual pay—$40,440

Motorcycle Mechanic

Potential job openings—19,000
Median annual pay—$36,790

Small Engine Mechanic

Potential job openings—44,000
Median annual pay—$35,400

Animal Trainer

Potential job openings—70,000
Median annual pay—$29,290


Potential job openings—291,000
Median annual pay—$26,520

Thinking Introvert Careers

Vocational Training, Introverts, Career Options, Thinking Introverts

Thinking introverts don’t spend much time communicating with others but they feel comfortable when there are lots of people around them.

They do not feel tired and drained out after interacting with other people.

The point is that these people are very introspective and really thoughtful so they spend lots of time on self-reflection and imagination.

Usually, thinking introverts are very inventive and creative due to the fact they have a rich inner world.

Among the most remarkable traits of these introverts, there is the ability to see the big picture, thinking outside the box, synthesize ideas, and making inventions.

Moreover, they know how to listen to others and respect their point of view and ideas.

Careers in technology, engineering, design, art are perfect for thinking introverts.

If you want to learn about the available options, look through the list below.

Aerospace Engineer

Potential job openings—46,000
Median annual pay—$115,220

Environmental Engineer

Potential job openings—40,000
Median annual pay—$87,620

Industrial Engineer

Potential job openings—197,000
Median annual pay—$87,040

Civil Engineer

Potential job openings—259,000
Median annual pay—$86,640

Computer Programmer

Potential job openings—155,000
Median annual pay—$84,280

Web Developer

Potential job openings—146,000
Median annual pay—$69,430

Video Game Artist

Potential job openings—66,000 (for all multimedia artists and animators)
Median annual pay—$72,520

Fashion Designer

Potential job openings—23,000
Median annual pay—$72,720

Interior Designer

Potential job openings—65,000
Median annual pay—$53,370

Graphic Designer

Potential job openings—260,000
Median annual pay—$50,370

Anxious Introvert Jobs

Vocational Training, Introverts, Career Options, Anxious Introverts

As well as social introverts, anxious introverts prefer to stay away from the crowd and be alone.

However, this type of introverts usually stress out about the attitude of people around them and it makes them feel uncomfortable and anxious.

These people are very shy, unconfident and constantly worry about their past or future actions.

While being rather crippled, these introverts have some unique skills and abilities that allow them to succeed in some careers.

Anxious introverts are a good fit for jobs that require attention to detail.

Also, they are good at modeling and planning for worst-case scenarios due to their constant anxiety.

Among the best careers for anxious introverts, there are those related to keeping people safe and those that require a detail-oriented approach.

If you are an anxious introvert, give preference to those jobs that allow you to work alone or only with a few people.

The list of the available options is given below.


Potential job openings—44,000
Median annual pay—$87,780

Commercial Pilot

Potential job openings—40,000
Median annual pay—$82,240

Technical Writer

Potential job openings—57,000
Median annual pay—$71,850


Potential job openings—1,418,000
Median annual pay—$70,500

Medical Lab Technician/Technologist

Potential job openings—129,000 for technicians; 129,000 for technologists
Median annual pay—$52,3305

Aircraft Mechanic

Potential job openings—109,000
Median annual pay—$62,920

Audio Engineering Technician

Potential job openings—17,000
Median annual pay—$52,390

Auto Mechanic

Potential job openings—756,000
Median annual pay—$40,710


Potential job openings—22,000
Median annual pay—$39,140

Inhibited Introvert Careers

Vocational Training, Introverts, Career Options, Inhibited Introverts

Inhibited introverts are known as very laid back and reserved personalities.

They use need some time to start speaking, make a decision, or start doing something.

Moreover, they do things more slowly than other people but they prefer to think twice and analyze everything before starting doing anything.

While being rather reserved, these introverts are very observant and tend to reflect a lot.

The best careers for inhibited introverts are those that allow them to use their wisdom and calculated approach.

In fact, they can be a perfect voice of reason in various situations.

Such introverts are always ready to deal with hard questions and find answers for them.

Usually, inhibited introverts succeed in such spheres as counseling, science, and other vocational areas.

Due to their analytical and big-picture thinking, they can easily achieve career growth and success.

Below, you can find a list of the best career options for inhibited introverts.


Potential job openings—17,000
Median annual pay—$120,950


Potential job openings—2,000
Median annual pay—$105,680


Potential job openings—35,000
Median annual pay—$91,130

Personal Financial Advisor

Potential job openings—255,000
Median annual pay—$88,890


Potential job openings—32,000
Median annual pay—$93,280

Management Analyst

Potential job openings—839,000
Median annual pay—$83,610


Potential job openings—22,000
Median annual pay—$71,650

Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist

Potential job openings—771,000
Median annual pay—$63,120


Potential job openings—7,000
Median annual pay—$62,410

Conservation Scientist

Potential job openings—20,000
Median annual pay—$61,310

Creative/Non-Fiction Writer/Author

Potential job openings—126,000
Median annual pay—$62,170

Wildlife Biologist

Potential job openings—19,000
Median annual pay—$63,420

Career/Education Counselor

Potential job openings—353,000
Median annual pay—$56,310

Marriage/Family Therapist

Potential job openings—57,000
Median annual pay—$50,090

Mental Health Counselor

Potential job openings—216,000
Median annual pay—$44,6305

Addictions Counselor

Potential job openings—141,000
Median annual pay—$44,6305

Variety of Introversion’s Traits

Even if it is only a small degree, each person is an introvert in a certain way.

There are numerous stereotypes about introverts and while some of them are accurate for lots of people, in most cases, they are absolutely false.

Nowadays, using various online quizzes and such techniques as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), you can learn about your personality.

For example, MBTI aims to identify the strongest preferences of an individual while other tests can tell you about your strengths.

However, these tests and techniques not always provide you with a firm description of your personality.

Moreover, they may provide you with wrong information and lead to wrong decisions including those related to your career.

The reason is that there’s no perfect way to identify your personality type as each individual is unique.

Just make sure to learn some common introvert traits and preferences including such aspects as:

  • Staying alone or only with several people:
  • Using internal stimuli and inspiration to draw energy;
  • Looking for enough personal space and private time;
  • Listening and observing more than speaking;
  • Avoiding contacts with other people and waiting while others initiate interaction;
  • Think over their words and actions more than others;
  • Exuding a calm, quiet, and reflective demeanor;
  • Learning all the details of several issues instead of looking through general information about numerous topics;
  • Giving preference to tasks that allow working independently;
  • Paying attention to self-promotion;
  • Subduing their external demonstration of emotions;
  • Trying to reduce their interaction and contacts with others.

Each introvert is absolutely unique and has its specific traits and introversion characteristics.

You need also to know that introversion has nothing to do with mental disorders.

There are introverts and extroverts not only among humans but among various animals as well.

While our society is more comfortable for extroverts’ it does not mean that introverts cannot succeed in this environment.

Take Advantage of Your Unique Personality

Always remember that your introversion is not a reason to hold back and miss great career options.

Just look for training options in your area and find the one that suits your needs so you can start your perfect career.

Make a little research and you’ll be able to find a whole variety of options that will make your unique personality shine.

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