10 Good Jobs for People With Autism

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Good Jobs for People With Autism

Autistic teens and adults may be led to believe that their employment prospects are dire but in reality?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Autistic people have no shortage of strengths that can be channeled into a wide range of career paths.

While the process of obtaining employment can seem daunting, this guide is here to help.

It is time to remove the barriers to finding a rewarding job once and for all.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most rewarding careers that are available to people with autism.

10 Good Jobs for People With Autism


1. Journalism

Journalism is a wonderful choice for people who have been diagnosed with autism.

For starters, it allows for plenty of opportunities to work from home, which is a major boon to those who have autism.

Additionally, journalists are given the chance to enjoy the sort of structure and routine that allows autistic journalists to thrive.

Autistic people tend to take a keen interest in learning facts, which is also a great skill to have in this field.

Anyone who loves to write is more than capable of pursuing a career in this field and autistic people are no different in this regard.

Best of all, those who choose a career in this particular field have the chance to explore their interests in a more in-depth manner.

There are even related fields that can be explored, providing autistic people with a wide range of choices.

Animal Care

2. Animal Care

There are all sorts of animal care tasks that need to be done on a daily basis.

For an autistic person that loves to interact with animals, animal care is one of the best career choices that can be made.

Whether they prefer to work with dogs, cats, horses, or a different type of animal, the opportunities to make a name for yourself in this field are absolute.

Autistic people will have the option to study animal science so that they can find the specific aspect of this field that is most appealing to them.

Pet grooming is a commonly chosen profession for autistic workers because of the structure and calm that it provides.

Some may decide to work as a veterinary technician, obedience trainer, dog walker, or pet sitter, depending on their personal preferences.

Others may decide to work in the world of animal care in a more general sense.

Those who are comfortable with larger animals could work in zookeeping or livestock handling.

Auto Technician

3. Auto Technician

For people with autism, the process of working on automobiles can be very peaceful and relaxing.

For starters, the amount of human interaction that is required in fields of this nature is minimal by nature.

This is not the only reason that auto technician can be such a fulfilling career choice for autistic adults, though.

Detailed-oriented individuals tend to thrive in these fields.

Autistic people often take a keen interest in learning how things work and can master these types of tasks inside and out if they are given the chance to do so.

This makes them perfect candidates to handle auto technician work.

Auto repair projects are often complex and detailed, which is very appealing to many potential autistic employees.

It’s especially interesting to those who have already taken an interest in automobiles, to begin with.


4. Researching

Autistic employees are able to report the facts without any sort of personal bias.

In the world of research, this is a major asset to any company that hires them.

Much like journalism, researching is a great way for potential employees to leverage their love for learning facts into a viable career.

The ability to remain logical and non-emotional when discussing facts and data is another crucial asset for research-based companies.

The information that researchers have to offer must be presented without any of the typical biases.

These careers exist within a wide range of fields, as well, allowing autistic employees to zero in on a particular point of interest.

Those who are willing to take on the necessary schooling can choose to become a librarian, research assistant, or fact-checker.

Some may choose to become a title abstractor or a genealogist instead.


5. Accounting

If an autistic child excels in mathematics, this is a sign that they could be suited for the field of accounting.

A career that is strictly focused on numbers is a great fit for these children.

Much like the world of research, there is no shortage of career paths for an autistic person to take.

It does not matter what the person’s skill or education level may be.

Whether the child is looking to attend a four-year college or merely complete a certification program, there are a number of different careers to select from, including forensic accounting and bookkeeping.

Meanwhile, others could choose to work as a CPA or as a tax preparation specialist. Billing specialists and accounts payable clerks are always needed as well.

Information Technology

6. Information Technology

The specialization that is involved in the information technology realm makes it the perfect choice for prospective autistic employees.

Many of these jobs are also carried out behind the scenes, easing the amount of anxiety that an autistic employee may feel on a daily basis.

The employer will be happy to describe the work environment and position in a way that allows the interviewee to make the best long-term decision for their mental health.

There are numerous roles where an autistic employee can excel.

Network engineering, web designing, software engineering, and database administration are just a few of them.

These areas of expertise allow them to avoid client-facing roles and they are not asked to operate in an agile daily environment.

The main advantage here is having the ability to contribute to the team’s success without feeling responsible for a sizable amount of consistent interaction.

Logistics and Shipping

7. Logistics and Shipping

When it comes to this field, it suits the confident drivers out there very well.

Autistic employees can handle various tasks that are related to the field, without all of the cumbersome person-to-person interaction.

Some could be more comfortable operating their own tractor-trailer, while others may choose to take on the task of delivering mail to those who reside in rural areas.

If the prospective employee is not looking to take on driving-related tasks, there are still a number of other tasks that need to be carried out on an everyday basis.

Mail processing, load supervising, and package handling are career paths that come with constant growth, allowing autistic employees that are less comfortable with driving-related jobs to find the role that best suits their personal needs.


8. Carpentry

While there are a number of carpentry tasks that need to be taken care of, an autistic carpenter is able to zero in on a particular area of expertise and become a master.

Anyone who enjoys working with their hands and building things would do well to consider this career path.

Many autistic employees prefer to spend more of their time outdoors, making carpentry the perfect choice for a more sustainable career.

The required skills for this line of work are also not hard for an autistic employee to acquire, either.

In many cases, they may already enjoy taking on these types of activities in their spare time.

This makes the transition to full-time carpentry a far more natural one than most would expect.

It all starts with a natural love for working with tools.

In addition to having the inclination to work with tools, carpenters must also have the ability to handle basic mathematics.

This is typically not an issue for employees who have been diagnosed with autism.

Carpenters must also be able to read a blueprint.

Data Entry Clerk

9. Data Entry Clerk

Autistic employees who are not looking to spend a great deal of time in a lengthy collegiate program will often turn to the world of data entry for consistent and attainable employment.

That’s why this particular line of work is such a common choice for those on the autism spectrum.

The job only requires a high school diploma in the vast majority of instances, the work is solitary and the routine does not undergo any drastic changes on a day-to-day basis.

Those who choose to become data entry clerks are drawn to the fact that they can establish a comfortable routine that does not have to change much.

Many companies employ data entry clerks, providing prospective employees with the chance to choose from a number of different options.

The information is provided to them as needed and entered into the necessary database and some may be asked to do some light transcription work.

Data rosters may also need to be kept fully up to date.


10. Gardening

Gardening is another great choice for autistic employees that are looking to spend some time outdoors and work with their hands regularly.

There are not many jobs that allow for the chance to create natural beauty out of thin air, making gardening an excellent career path for those who are looking to walk a little bit further off the beaten path.

Best of all, many gardeners are not beholden to the typical boss/employee dynamic, as many of them are able to work for themselves.

Others work for smaller companies that allow for greater levels of flexibility.

Schools and businesses will also employ a number of different gardeners.

On the other hand, some may prefer the long-term stability that is usually associated with working for their town’s local Parks and Recreation department.

The tasks that need to be carried out each day are very easy to handle, including mowing, weeding, trimming hedges, and planting flowers.

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