15 Good Jobs for Lazy People

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Jobs for Lazy People

Lazy is generally considered a negative word, meaning a person is unwilling to do what they could do to accomplish anything.

It could be though, that you just want an easy job, which is a more positive way of looking at the idea of work.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting an easy job, and even an easy job is relative.

Some things are easier for some than others.

What may be hard for one may be easy for someone else.

With that in mind, here are some jobs that do not require a lot of effort, meaning they are either lazy or easy, depending on your point of view.



This could be the ultimate job for the lazy person, who does not want to have to do much of anything.

The hardest part of the job would be to stay awake or to get used to staying awake all night.

A night watchman hangs out at a business and keeps an eye on the facility.

If an unauthorized person shows up, you just have to call someone.

You might have to walk around some and if there is an issue, such as a leaky pipe, you just call someone.

You might have to fill out a report now and then, and that is the extent of such a job.

Security Guard

Security Guard

This might be a bit counter-intuitive, but security guards really do not do much.

It is similar to a night watchman, but the security guard is more visible and works during the day.

You may be at a station or a gate, and let people through who have the proper credentials.

In some situations, you check trucks or record their arrival and departure.

Most security guards have significant periods of the day, or the shift, where there is nothing to do.

It is a job where sitting around and doing nothing is something you can get paid to do.

Professional Cuddler

Professional Cuddler

This is a relatively new job and is a bit controversial.

A cuddlier, as the word implies, means you either sit or lay down with a person, holding them and making them comfortable.

It may also involve conversation, or just relaxing together.

There is no sex involved, it is just a means for someone to have some intimate physical contact with another person.

There is a growing demand for the service, and it could be a good job.

It’s pretty easy to just lie down with someone and relax.

Sessions are generally for an hour and the pay is good.


Store Greeter

Big box stores, and big grocery stores, often have someone at the entrances to greet customers as they arrive.

They are more of a presence than anything else.

You say hello to people as they arrive, and you might try to answer any questions they may have.

If you see shoplifting going on, you will report that to security, but will not be involved yourself.

You will have to stand up for several hours at a time, but some stores provide a chair for you to sit in if you get tired.

If you like watching people walk by, and don’t mind smiling and saying hello, this could be a good job.

Bed Tester

Bed Tester

No really, we are not kidding.

There is a job called bed tester.

Bed-making companies, as well as hotels, hire people to test out beds by sleeping in them.

The job involves testing how well the bed sleeps, and that includes testing the mattress and bedding.

Mattress makers want to know their product is good.

Higher-end hotels want rooms to be perfect, so they serve to have the best and most comfortable beds.

It is worth it for them to hire someone to test out the bed and the room to make sure it is of high quality.

It’s great for a lazy person. You just have to sleep.

You may also have to fill out a report.

Drink Tester

Beer or Drink Tester

Beer companies, as well as wine and liquor companies, hire people to test their products.

They hire people to make sure their product is as good as advertised.

The job is to taste and report, not necessarily to actually drink it or get intoxicated.

There are rules about that sort of thing, but it still might be fun to be a tester.

It takes very little effort and all you have to do is tell them if it tastes like it is supposed to.



You do have to have some training and some knowledge to do the job of a librarian, but it is an easy job once you have that knowledge.

You check in and out books and other media, keep it organized, and that is about all you have to do.

There is a lot of time to wander about and read the many books in the library.

You could also enjoy, or test, all the music, and videos the library have to offer.

If you can get a few volunteers to help out, you won’t have to do very much at all.

Stand in Line

Stand in Line

This may not be a formal job, but there are people who will pay you to stand in line for them.

This could be a long line waiting to get concert tickets, where people sometimes spend the night waiting in line to get the best seats.

Sometimes people stand in line to get a new product that is going to be released, and they might pay you to do that for them.

It is an easy job as all you do is hold the place in line.

You can probably even sit in line if you want to.

Rideshare Driver

Rideshare Driver

Uber or Lyft have become popular, and if you have a car, you can be a driver.

The job involves giving people rides in your car.

If they need to go somewhere for just a few minutes, they might hire you to take them back home.

It helps if you know the area, but all you have to do is drive around in your own car.

It is pretty low-stress, but they may want you to hurry at times.

You can work as much or as little as you like.

Online Shopper

Online Shopper

Here is an easy job you can do at home if you have a computer and an Internet connection.

People need to buy things but don’t have time to wade through all the online listings to find the right products.

If you can understand what someone really wants, and have the patience to look online until you find it, this could be a good job.

You get to work your own hours and at your own pace.

Surfing around on the Internet is a very easy job, perfect for the lazy person.

Sleep Studies

Sleep Studies

Scientists and medical professionals study things like sleep, and they need people to use them for studies.

This job involves sleeping, but you may be attached to monitors and such, but that is about all that is involved.

Sometimes they want you to sleep at their place where you can be monitored in more detail.

Sometimes you can do this from your home in your own bed as long as you can hook yourself up to their software.



This is a lot like being a night watchman, but even easier.

House sitting is staying in someone’s house while they are away and keeping an eye on things.

can lay around on the sofa, watch TV and eat their food, and call that work.

If something goes wrong, or there is a problem, you just call whoever they told you to call.

It is the ultimate lazy job.

Some people want you to spend the night and stay there a lot.

Other people just want you to stop by once or twice a day and check on the house.

Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is almost as easy as house sitting.

Pet sitting is just taking care of someone’s pets for them.

All you have to do is hang around and make sure they are OK.

Some people want you to just stop by a couple of times a day, and make sure the animals have food and water and are basically OK.

Other people want you to stay there with the animals, and maybe take the dog for a walk.

Either way, it’s an easy job.

Animals won’t tell you if you lay around on the couch all day, they may even appreciate it.

If you like animals, this would be a fun, lazy job.

Survey Taker

Survey Taker

There are companies that will pay you to take surveys.

You have to be a little careful because there are some scams, but there are legitimate companies that need you to do surveys.

Surveys help companies get real user information about their products.

You may get free products to test in addition to getting paid for your efforts.

It’s always fun to try out something new, and if you are getting paid to do that, it is even better.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

This is similar to being a survey taker, but you go shopping instead.

You get to go to stores of all kinds and do some shopping.

This involves looking around and analyzing displays, product placement, and rating customer service.

Sometimes you might get to be a little dramatic to see how employees handle a problem customer.

You report your findings to the company with a report, and that is about all you have to do.

Companies want to get real information, and this is one way they get it, by hiring someone to act like a customer.

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