47 Great Job Options for Former Teachers

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Great Job Options for Former Teachers

Do you know that there is a whole bunch of great jobs for former teachers?

If you quit being a teacher just recently or just thinking about it, you may think that there aren’t so many job options for you.

However, the truth is that you can find lots of great careers where your degree, knowledge, skills, and experience can be applied.

You just need to understand properly all the available options including those that may require some extra training.

You need to remember that school teachers are incredible professionals that have an amazing set of skills.

To say the truth, there are only a few people that can be great teachers.

As a former teacher, you have certain traits such as kind heart, compassion, understanding, supportiveness, and others.

You can use both your professional and personal skills and traits to gain the career of your dreams.

There are numerous reasons why teachers decide to quit their job and retirement is just only one of the possible options.

According to the data, about 8% of specialists decide to quit teaching in the USA annually.

The truth is that even such a small percentage is in fact about hundreds of thousands of specialists.

If you want to stop teaching, you need to know that you for sure aren’t alone and have a large company.

One other point is that most teachers who decided to quit their careers were able to getter a better job successfully.

If you want to start a new career while using some of your previous experience, you should analyze your previous job.

Think about things you’ve enjoyed the most and those that disappointed you greatly.

Try to understand why you’ve decided to change your job and quit teaching.

All of these may help you to understand better what career you would like to pursue in the future.

In this article, we’ve gathered a variety of career options that may be great for teachers that want to change their job.

In some cases, you just need your skills, dedication, and determination to start a new career while others may require some extra training as well.

Just make sure to explore all the available options so you can find a career that can provide you not only with some good income but guarantees you some satisfaction.

Don’t forget to check some training options so you can find those that will help you get some extra skills.

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Second Careers for Teachers Who Want Something Totally Different

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You might always think that teaching is your perfect job but if you suddenly decided to change your career, it is absolutely OK.

If you think that you need another job to be happy, you need to decide what you are interested in and what makes you happy.

Numerous ex-teachers start working in such spheres as a business, communications, journalism, management, and so on.

The reason is that teachers usually already have a set of essential skills required for these jobs.

You may also look for some amazing options related to healthcare, sports, or science.

Just think about what areas and majors were the most appealing for you during your education.

Below, there are some of the most popular career options for ex-teachers.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist

Teachers know well how to help others develop and achieve success based on their specific talents and skills.

It is quite similar to HR pros as they are responsible for looking for the right positions for each individual, training them, and so on.

In some cases, you may need to obtain some extra training so you can apply for this job but in any case, it is absolutely worth your efforts.

Median salary—$60,880;
Highest salary—$104,390 or more.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Most teachers tend to have excellent organizing and planning skills as well as some great attention to detail.

Working as a compensation and benefits manager, you have an opportunity not only to use your skills but also to get a meaningful job.

These specialists are responsible for overseeing of pay and benefits structure of a company in order to make sure that employees’ rights are protected.

It helps other employees feel safe and valued which results in the successful development of a company.

You may need to complete some extra training in business administration or HR.

Median salary—$121,010;
Highest salary—$205,470 or more.

Personal Financial Advisor

If you were a math teacher or have a strong background in this sphere you should consider working as a personal financial advisor.

It is a great opportunity to use your skills in number calculating and interpretation as well as explaining complex concepts.

Moreover, you are going to support people who pursue their financial goals and help them make their dreams come true.

Before applying for this job, it is a good idea to complete some extra training in financial planning.

Median salary—$88,890;
Highest salary—$208,000 or more.

Dental Hygienist

As an ex-teacher, you have an opportunity to build up a successful career as a dental hygienist.

The point is that you should be attentive to details to know how to educate others effectively without stressing them out and it is most likely you already have these skills as a former teacher.

The only thing you need is just a little training so you can develop some important practical skills.

The best option is to obtain an associate’s degree that can be completed just in 2 years.

Median salary—$74,820;
Highest salary—$101,820 or more.


It is a common fact that most former teachers have excellent writing skills.

The main point is that qualified and skillful writers are in great demand in various spheres.

For example, some businesses and non-profit organizations may look for specialists that know how to write whether for technical documentation, grant applications, proposals, or internal or external marketing properly.

Also, if you have some good background in a certain field, you may get a job through the textbook publishers.

Moreover, as a writer, you have an opportunity to become a part of an in-house team of writers at some company or work as a freelancer from your home.

The median salary for technical writers—$71,850;
The highest salary for technical writers—$114,930 or more;
Median yearly pay for other writers and authors—$62,170;
Highest yearly pay for other writers and authors—$121,670 or more.

Registered Nurse (RN)

If you are supportive, compassionate, attentive to details, and well-organized, you should consider becoming a registered nurse or RN.

One of the most important points is that it is one of the most highly demanded specialists all over the USA.

To be able to start your career in this sphere, you need to complete an associate degree in nursing.

Median salary—$71,730;
Highest salary—$106,530 or more.

Marketing Specialist

If you are a very creative personality with excellent insights into human behavior, marketing specialists can be a perfect career for you.

Numerous companies, organizations, and agencies all over the world want to hire qualified specialists that are skillful in interacting with people and understanding their reasoning and motives.

To be able to apply for this job, you just need to obtain some extra training in marketing.

One of the most prominent areas in this sphere is internet marketing.

Median salary—$63,120;
Highest salary—$121,080 or more.

Respiratory Therapist

If you don’t feel like working as a teacher anymore but still want to work with kids, you may be interested in the career of a respiratory therapist.

All over the country, there are numerous kids that have different respiratory issues and need some qualified help.

After completing a 2-year associate’s degree training, you will be able to start a meaningful, rewarding, and really fruitful career.

Median salary—$60,280;
Highest salary—$83,520 or more.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

If you want to help people and support them, you should consider becoming an occupational therapy assistant.

Working in this sphere you are going to work with both adults and kids with some disabilities while helping them to learn how to deal with numerous everyday tasks.

If you want to apply for this job, you need to obtain an associate’s degree that is provided by numerous vocational schools.

Median salary—$60,220;
Highest salary—$80,980 or more.

Public Relations (PR) Specialist

Effective communication is very important in any sphere of our life.

As a former teacher, you for sure know how to create effective communication and present information properly.

Working as a PR specialist you need to know how to address and reach an audience and media professionals.

As any teacher, you have excellent skills in writing, public speaking, and planning that are also essential for any successful PR manager.

Median salary—$60,000;
Highest salary—$112,310 or more.

Radiologic Technologist

While considering becoming a radiologic technologist, you need to know that your interpersonal skills will be very handy in this sphere.

Also, it is a great option for those who want to help others and protect their well-being.

One other great thing is that you can easily obtain some extra required training just in 2 years.

Median salary—$59,520;
Highest salary—$86,350 or more.

Physical Therapist Assistant

If you are one of those teachers that like adding some physical exercises in your classes, a physical therapist assistant career can be exactly what you are looking for.

It is perfect for active and energetic people who want to help others.

Working in this sphere, you are going to help people who suffer from pain or have some mobility issues because of different reasons.

To enter the field, you need to obtain an associate’s degree that can be completed just in 2 years, learn how to become a physical therapist assistant.

Median salary—$58,040;
Highest salary—$79,810 or more.

Executive Assistant

Sometimes it can be really hard to find a qualified specialist with excellent planning and organizing skills.

The point is that most teachers have these skills and can use them effectively.

After completing your extra training in business administration, you can easily boost your CV and get a job of your dreams.

Median salary—$59,340;
Highest salary—$89,310 or more.


If you are interested in-laws, you may be interested in starting a career in a paralegal sphere.

Also, as a former teacher, you likely have a bunch of useful skills that will help you succeed in your job.

Moreover, it is easy to enter the field as you don’t need to complete some long-lasting courses or obtaining an advanced degree.

As a paralegal worker, you will be responsible for researches, document creation, and pre-trial preparation while supporting lawyers.

Median salary—$50,940;
Highest salary—$82,050 or more.

Event Planner

This amazing and exciting job is great for detail-oriented people with excellent planning skills and as a former teacher, it is likely you will meet the requirements.

As an event planner, you can make other people happy while helping them to make their dreams come true by organizing weddings, birthdays, conferences, presentations, and so on.

Also, event planners not only organize events but manage them as well.

Median salary—$49,370;
Highest salary—$84,900 or more.

Real Estate Agent

Like any other type of sales professional, as a real estate agent, you need to have excellent listening, communication, and presentation skills.

Also, it is important to have well-developed interpersonal skills.

These are the main reasons why most former teachers were able to transfer in this sphere and build up a successful career.

Median salary—$48,690;
Highest salary—$112,610 or more.

Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse (LPN or LVN)

Considering the incredible growth of the healthcare system, there is a growing demand for qualified workers.

LPNs and LVNs are one of the most required specialists in the sphere that makes these careers great options.

You just need to complete a 1-year training course before applying for a job.

These jobs are perfect for supportive, compassionate, and dedicated people with the ability to track every detail.

Median salary—$46,240;
Highest salary—$62,160 or more.

Child and Family Social Worker

Considering the fact that teachers are usually pretty much compassionate people, then you can easily get a job related to social work especially one that involves kids.

They usually make sure that children are well protected while offering assistance and support for families.

Social workers are real guardian angels that support people in difficult times.

Median salary—$46,270;
Highest salary—$76,750 or more.

Medical Laboratory Technician

If you have an amazing attention to details, you can try one of those less people-focused options while still supporting them.

Just after a two-year training program, you have an opportunity to start working as a lab technician who performs lab tests.

Median salary—$52,330;
Highest salary—$80,330 or more.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Are you interested in such things as nutrition issues and physical training?

You can start working as a fitness trainer at one of those sports clubs and find your own clients and work as a private trainer.

You should be able to plan properly each training session and motivate your clients during those training.

Moreover, you can get your certification easily.

Median salary—$39,820;
Highest salary—$76,090 or more.

Dental Assistant

As a teacher, you need to be sensitive to other people’s emotions but this quality is highly required in some other spheres.

One of them is a dental assistant who supports dentists while they work with adults and kids.

You can easily apply for a job and enroll in this sphere after just 1 year of training.

Median salary—$38,660;
Highest salary—$54,800 or more.


An optician is one other great career option for those who want to help people.

Also, you can use your teaching skills to help people learn more about the health of their eyes.

Moreover, they help people to decide on the best eyewear and teach how to maintain it properly.

Finally, you just need about 1-2 years so you can complete your training and start your new career.

Median salary—$37,010;
Highest salary—$60,030 or more.

Veterinary Technician

If you are a former teacher, it can be a great idea to switch your focus and start helping animals.

Also, you still may educate people by teaching them how to take care of their pets properly.

You just need to complete a 2-year training program so you can enroll in this career, learn more about becoming a vet tech.

Median salary—$34,420;
Highest salary—$50,010 or more.

Medical Assistant

As a teacher, you have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills that are really important for medical assistants.

Numerous great career options for these specialists are provided by family physicians which means that you will be able to interact with kids and teens.

To be able to work as a medical assistant, you need to obtain some extra training that can be completed just in a year.

Median salary—$33,610;
Highest salary—$47,250 or more.


An actuary is one of the most fruitful career options that can provide you with a pretty high income.

After obtaining some extra training related to applied statistics, finance, and economics, you have an opportunity to get a certification in this sphere.

Actuaries help insurance companies and businesses assessing risk so they can reduce any financial losses.

Median salary—$102,880;
Highest salary—$186,110 or more.


If you have some good mathematics background and love solving problems, statisticians can become a perfect career for you.

These specialists are in great demand in various spheres as they know how to gather and interpret information.

Also, you can be sure that it is a meaningful job and you can make a huge impact on different spheres of our life.

For example, you can create statistics that will help to improve the healthcare system or economics.

Just keep in mind that for some positions you may be obliged to get a master’s degree.

Median salary—$87,780;
Highest salary—$139,350 or more.

Operations Research Analyst

One other job that requires skills and knowledge of math is an operation research analyst.

These specialists use their math skills as well as analytical techniques in order to reveal possible problems and issues that may impact a business.

If you want to succeed in this sphere, it is also a good idea to complete some training related to computer science.

Median salary—$83,390;
Highest salary—$136,250 or more.


An editor is one of the best and most popular career switches for ex-teachers who have a background in English.

Editors and teachers are pretty similar as both should be able to see the strengths and talents of others, and help them develop and succeed.

Also, this job is perfect for teachers as they tend to have great knowledge and skills in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Median salary—$59,480;
Highest salary—$117,810 or more.

Sales Representative

As a qualified teacher, you should know how to engage people whether it is individuals or groups.

These skills are absolutely essential not only for teachers but for sales representatives as well.

As a result, there are numerous former teachers that we’re able to become successful sales representatives.

Just use your charm, enthusiasm, and communication skills to deliver massage to your clients.

Median yearly pay of non-technical product sales reps—$58,510;
Highest yearly pay of non-technical product sales reps—$122,770 or more;
Median yearly pay of service sales reps—$54,550;
Highest yearly pay of service sales reps—$116,090 or more.


If you’ve been working as a history or art teacher, you may be interested in the career of a curator.

There are numerous small and large museums and galleries that look for qualified curators that are able to oversee their different collections.

If you like acquiring, evaluating, and categorizing unique items, a curator is for sure your perfect career.

Just keep in mind that you need a master’s degree in order to get a position in one of those large museums.

Median salary—$53,780;
Highest salary—$94,330 or more.

Interpreter or Translator

In case you’ve been working as a foreign language teacher and you are fluent in it, you may be interested in the career of an interpreter or a translator.

As an interpreter, you are going to work with real conversations both live and recorded.

At the same time translators work with written texts such as documents, books, letters, and so on.

In fact, there are numerous great career options and some of them may even let you travel around the world.

Median salary—$49,930;
Highest salary—$90,610 or more.

Chemical Technician

There are numerous labs and manufacturers that look for qualified chemical technicians that can help hold different researches.

If you have majored in chemistry or any related field, this option is absolutely great for you and worth your attention.

Median salary—$48,160;
Highest salary—$79,100 or more.

Biological Technician

If you are a former biology teacher or it was your major in college, you may be interested in becoming a biological technician.

Applying for this job, you may address different labs and research centers and facilities.

Biological technicians help scientists during research performing experiments and tests.

Median salary—$44,500;
Highest salary—$71,440 or more.

Museum Technician

If you know how to make detailed and clear records and keep things safe, you may be interested in the career of a museum technician.

A background in such spheres as art or history can be a great advantage while you are looking for a job.

As a museum technician, you will be obliged to take care of different priceless objects kept in a museum.

Median salary—$43,020;
Highest salary—$74,840 or more.

Bus Driver

Driving can be a great way to change the rhythm and style of your life somehow.

You can drive buses that carry people for work or students to school, it is up to you to choose but in any case, it is a very important job to do.

If you feel like trying being a driver, you should at least give it a try especially considering the fact that you need almost no extra training.

The median salary for transit drivers—$42,080;
The highest salary for transit drivers—$69,070 or more;
The median salary for school bus drivers—$32,420;
The highest salary for school bus drivers—$49,430 or more.

Activities Director

Those who decided to quit being teachers may be interested in some leadership roles in the community services sphere.

You need to have excellent events planning, leading, and coordinating skills.

With it, you may have a job at one of the youth organizations and retirement communities.

Median salary—$38,961;
Highest salary—$53,820 or more.

Private Nanny

It can hardly be considered as the most popular career option for former teachers however there are still people that may be interested in it.

As a nanny, you are going to overview, support, and educate kids that are pretty similar to your previous job.

This job is more intimate than teaching as you can create bonds with the kids you are working with.

Moreover, there is a whole variety of amazing options and some of them are even live-in.

Median salary—$23,966;
Highest salary—$51,521 or more.

Non-Teaching Jobs in Education

Vocational Training, Former Teachers, Career Options, Sphere of Education

There are numerous careers that are in the education sphere but still don’t involve direct teaching.

The main point is that you may even be able to find a job in the same district you’ve been working before and some of them even offer a really high salary.

It is a great option for people who need some change in their life but doesn’t feel like leaving the sphere of education.

Just keep in mind that you will hardly be able to find any great option at the elementary and secondary levels.

However, a non-teaching job in a high school or higher education facility can be exactly what you need.

Below, there are some of the most amazing options you may be interested in.

School Guidance Counselor

Lots of former teachers consider counseling as one of the best options for a career switch.

It is perfect for those who don’t feel like teaching but still want to work with kids and prefer one-on-one interaction.

Just keep in mind that you may be obliged to get a master’s degree so you can apply for this job.

Median salary—$56,310;
Highest salary—$94,690 or more.

School Administrator

Do you know that most school principals started their careers as just some regular teachers?

If you have excellent leading skills and want to oversee a whole school, you should consider becoming a school administrator.

You should be able to manage even the smallest things within a school while helping and supporting both teachers and students.

To be able to get this job, you need to have a master’s degree in administration or any related sphere.

Median salary—$95,310;
Highest salary—$144,950 or more.

Instructional Coordinator

If you are skillful when it comes to developing curricula and designing materials for your lessons, you will likely become a successful instructional coordinator.

In fact, such specialists are required not only in schools but also in post-secondary institutions, government agencies, and cultural institutions.

The reason is that they are good at designing different materials, papers, and documents.

Median salary—$64,450;
Highest salary—$102,200 or more.

Educational Consultant

This career option is exactly what you need some flexibility and freedom as you have an opportunity when and whom you are working for.

As an experienced former teacher, you may be able to make some valuable suggestions and recommendations on such issues as curriculum development, educational policies, administrative procedures, and so on.

These specialists are independent contractors which means that they can choose short-term or long-term projects to work with.

You can work for government agencies, private schools, charter schools, public school districts, or other organizations related to this sphere.

Median yearly pay—$60,440;
Highest yearly pay—$99,804.


It is almost impossible to find a school without a library so a career of a librarian is one of the most appealing options for numerous former teachers.

If you like choosing, acquiring, organizing, recommending, and distributing books and other printed materials, this job is exactly what you need.

Also, it is the best way to support students without teaching and holding classes.

Median salary—$59,050;
Highest salary—$93,050 or more.

College or University Academic Advisor

As a former teacher, you likely know how to help students navigate through their academic requirements and needs.

There are qualified specialists that help students with different aspects of college life almost at any post-secondary education facility.

In other words, an academic advisor can be an excellent option for a former teacher who wants to support students.

Median salary—$42,786;
Highest salary—$56,867 or more.

Teaching-Related Jobs Outside the Classroom

Vocational Training, Former Teachers, Career Options, Outside of Classroom

It is not a secret that teachers may work not only at schools.

In other words, you can work as a teacher and educate others without entering school even once.

Moreover, you have an opportunity to work with small groups of students or even individuals instead of large overloaded classes.

If you want to look for jobs that are related to teaching but still have nothing to do with schools, below there are some of the most popular options.


If you have some background in any recreational activity or sport, you may be able to get the job of a coach at one of your local youth and community organizations.

It is not a secret that teachers tend to have excellent mentoring and motivation skills that are also important for coaches.

It means that you can be a great coach especially if it is related to some types of sports or recreational activities.

Median salary—$33,780;
Highest salary—$77,880 or more.

Corporate Trainer

In case you have great communication, presentation, and leadership skills, you may succeed while working as a corporate trainer.

It is a great option as you can teach while avoiding traditional classroom settings that involve lots of bureaucracy.

Corporate trainers teach not only groups of business professionals but also some individuals.

Also, they may work for non-profit organizations helping them develop.

Median salary—$60,870;
Highest salary—$102,740 or more.

Museum Educator

This option is great for those who want to combine teaching with some culture and even art.

There are numerous museums and galleries that hold some presentations, educational events, programs, and so on.

Having a background in teaching, you can help organize, plan, and even hold these events.

Median salary—$35,683;
Highest salary—$49,061 or more.

Private Tutor

If you prefer working with students in private instead of big groups, this career option is exactly what you need.

Nowadays, numerous parents prefer homeschooling or want to find a qualified that can help their kids with their studies.

As a result, the market of private tutors develops and grows constantly.

Moreover, it is a great option for those teachers who look for flexibility or a part-time job to get extra money.

Median yearly pay—$50,939;
Highest yearly pay—$104,166 or more.

Why Teachers Leave Their Jobs

At all times, teaches was one of the most important professions and it keeps its position nowadays.

There are numerous people who enjoy teaching and consider it the job of their dreams.

However, there are also teachers who aren’t satisfied with their job because of different reasons.

According to the statistics, less than 1/3 of teachers leave their job because of retirement.

It means that more than half of the teachers who decide quite teaching do it because they aren’t satisfied with their job.

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Feeling like a scapegoat for the problems caused by a lack of accountability among parents or students;
  • Feeling like the educational system is failing too many students;
  • Feeling more like a data collector or babysitter than a teacher;
  • Feeling overworked and underpaid;
  • Feeling too much pressure to “teach to the test”;
  • Having to buy learning materials out of your own pocket because the school can’t afford them;
  • Having to follow a narrow or poorly developed curriculum;
  • Having to measure up to unrealistic standards;
  • Not feeling respected or supported by school administrators or parents;
  • Not having enough time for bureaucratic paperwork or unnecessary meetings, let alone real teaching;
  • Trying to cope with poor building conditions;
  • Trying to deal with class sizes that are too big to manage;
  • Wanting to invest more quality time with family.

Also, there are teachers who work in poor or small schools so they want to look for some more promising and fruitful options.

According to the data, every year lots of teachers decide to quit their job and start a new career.

Most of them are able to succeed easily in their search and find a great job.

Below, there are several useful tips that will help you to find the job of your dreams.

Think About Your Professional Traits And Skills

The first thing you should do is to analyze your previous job – teaching.

Think about your knowledge and skills that you’ve been using while working as a teacher.

Don’t forget about your responsibilities and make a list of your everyday tasks.

It may be such options as:

  • Assessing and developing curricula;
  • Collaborating with colleagues;
  • Consulting with school administrators;
  • Evaluating the progress of students and grading their work;
  • Finding or developing appropriate learning materials;
  • Getting classrooms ready for different kinds of lessons;
  • Interacting with parents;
  • Planning and preparing lessons;
  • Teaching students of varying abilities.

Now, it is time to think about the knowledge and skills you were using so you can accomplish all those tasks.

Think about any skill you were using as a teacher and list all of them.

If you feel like you cannot figure out all your skills ask someone to help you with brainstorming.

As a teacher, you may have some of those valuable skills:

  • A passion for lifelong learning;
  • Adaptability;
  • An understanding of why people behave the way they do;
  • Creativity;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Exceptional presentation and public speaking skills;
  • Genuine enthusiasm;
  • Great organizational and time-management skills;
  • Remarkable patience;
  • The ability to both collaborate and work alone;
  • The ability to communicate complex ideas in a simplified way;
  • The ability to lead or manage others.

As you can see, all these skills are absolutely transferrable and can be pretty useful in other spheres.

It is a great way to promote yourself why looking for a new job.

Consider All Available Opportunities

While looking for a new job, it is very important to be open-minded and ready for changes.

Don’t make yourself lose a whole variety of job options just because you forget to pay them some attention.

Sometimes you may feel that you aren’t ready for some options however, you still need to consider them and analyze everything properly.

In other words, don’t be quick to judge any of your options.

It also means that you shouldn’t restrict yourself only with those options listed in this article.

Make sure to check your local, state, or federal government agencies or website so you can look through all the offers.

Don’t forget that you may also look for options that are related to your different interests and hobbies.

We’ve listed only some of the most popular and fruitful options but you should consider other options as well.

For example, it may be jobs related to:

  • Educating prisoners;
  • Helping adults earn their GED;
  • Teaching at a community college;
  • Teaching for online schools;
  • Teaching literacy skills to adults.

Gain New Experiences And Start Networking

Do you want to find a job that is related to teaching after you quit being a teacher?

If you aren’t sure in your answer, you may participate in some volunteer activities in your area so you can find something else that you like.

While using your skills and abilities in different contexts, you will be able to find the one that suits you most of all.

Also, it is a great opportunity to meet new people that may help you with your job search.

Moreover, there is a whole variety of networking events in different spheres so it is better not to miss such opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to mention that you are looking for a new job while attending those events and meeting new people.

Make A Choice And Complete Extra Training

At a certain moment, you will be obliged to decide on some specific needs and goals.

It means that you should be able to decide on a specific career you would like to pursue.

As soon as the choice is made, it is time to think about what you need to achieve your goal.

You may need to complete just some extra training or pursue a degree in a certain sphere.

In any case, it is up to you but you need to know that there are numerous education options for adults who decided to change their career.

Work On Your Resume

Don’t hesitate to ask your former colleagues to write several letters of recommendation so you can add them to your CV.

It can be not only your colleagues but also people whom you met outside your work, for example, while volunteering.

After it, work on your CV, write several drafts and refine them properly asking for help if necessary.

Don’t forget to include some examples that tell you about your skills and achievements that are relevant for your desired position.

If necessary, you can address a qualified professional career assistant that will help you to create a strong and well-structured resume.

Interview Like A True Pro

The main issue is that most teachers tend to think that their abilities cannot be applied for jobs outside the teaching sphere.

Of course, it may be true for many jobs but still, there are numerous employers that are interested in your candidacy you just need to explain how useful your skills can be for them.

An interview is your perfect opportunity to tell your potential employer about your numerous skills and their usefulness.

While communicating with an interviewer, stay positive, and tell how you are going to use your knowledge and skills to add value for your employer.

Also, don’t forget to mention your different accomplishments.

Stay Persistent

Don’t lose your composure if you cannot get the job you want right away.

Just keep going, meeting new people, applying for other job options, presenting you to others.

You may use different tactics and improve your interview skills.

Never forget that you for sure have something valuable and remarkable to offer for your potential employer.


Like any other person, you for sure deserve a satisfying and fulfilling career.

As a former teacher, you have an opportunity to apply for a whole variety of new job options.

You just need to decide which one you like and understand how you can achieve it.

If you need some extra training, don’t hesitate to check your local colleges and vocational schools for available options,

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