10 Best Degrees for Artists That Are GREAT Right Now

Degrees for Artists That Are GREAT Right Now

Modern labor market provides lots of options for creative people but most of these careers can be really challenging.

If you are interested in those careers that involve advertising and graphic design, you should know that these spheres can be hard to pursue as printed media decline slowly.

Nevertheless, there are some creative careers that develop and transform into some new options like multimedia design and virtual reality environments.

In other words, creative people can be really useful in a bunch of other spheres that you’ve never been thinking before.

In this article, you can find ten degrees that can help you to build a career in the creative field.

Moscow as an example for good architecture


In simple words, architects are specialists that are responsible for the look of our houses and working environments.

It is an important career as our environment can influence the quality of our life.

In some cases, architects may even be responsible for landscape design.

Nevertheless, in most cases, these specialists work with contractors and engineers to create buildings that not only useful but beautiful as well.

This career option is especially popular among individuals who want to work in the creative sphere and have a good salary.

The Degree Program

If you are looking for some training options:

You can enroll in Architectural Design or Architectural Technology degrees that can provide you with the National Architectural Accreditation Board certification.

poly cat - graphic design

Art Director/Graphic Design

The fact that printed media become less popular and decline constantly, it doesn’t mean that there are no career options.

Speaking of Art Directors, they are responsible for the management of concepts that are used for advertising and layouts.

Also, they may be responsible for visual integrity maintenance and creation of various traffic-generating products.

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Considering the fact that Art Directors can work in various types of media, this job may require a variety of skills such as technical and creative abilities.

Also, to be able to work in this sphere, you need to have some excellent computing and software skills.

The Degree Program

If you want to get your education to become an Art Director, you can enroll in training programs on Fine Arts, Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, or Art Administration.

Dam design

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineers are responsible for the creation and modeling of various industrial and architectural systems.

This career requires not only great math knowledge and analytical skills but some creativity as well.

Lots of industries look for environmental engineers when they need to design some sustainable places and spaces.

If you are one of those individuals who have excellent math skills and lots of creativity, you can become an excellent environmental engineer.

The Degree Program

There is a bunch of standard training programs for environmental engineers and it can help you to build a great CV and obtain some great job.

game design

Game Design

Gaming is one of those industries that grow and develop rapidly nowadays.

Considering the growth and importance of this sphere:

Most companies tend to hire some best specialists from such spheres as Art Design and Programing.

All these specialists work on designing, programming, and marketing games and applications.

You should know that all these careers are really demanding and sometimes even challenging but lots of them can provide you with really remarkable opportunities.

This is rather a newcomer to our list of degrees for artists.

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Nowadays, game design is one of the most promising career options in IT sphere.

The main reason for such development is extensive usage of various modern technologies.

The Degree Program

If you want to start your career as a Game Design, you can enroll in one of the numerous training programs.

You can obtain a degree in Computer Science, Multimedia Design, or Fine Arts, to be able to start working in this sphere.

Of course, there are a few Game Design degrees you can apply for but it is a rare option so it is better to give preference to some more traditional degrees in this sphere.

instructional design

Instructional Design

Instructional Design can be considered as a very young sphere that can be described as a combination of Higher Education Administration and IT Administration.

Nevertheless, it can give you an opportunity to use your various creative skills while working on the design of educational materials and programs.

If you aren’t only creative but also administratively-minded person, this career option is exactly what you need.

The Degree Program

In modern society, an Instructional Design career becomes more popular and there are more options available.

If you want to apply for this job, you need to obtain a Computer Science or Adult Education degree.

Any of these degrees can be obtained really fast.

Multimedia Design and Animation

Multimedia Design/Animation

Multimedia Designers can find a job almost in any sphere nowadays.

These specialists work in such spheres as Instructional Design, Film or TV production, and others.

You should know that this career differs significantly from other art or IT careers.

If you want to work as a multimedia designer, you need two things:

To learn how to use some specific-design software and develop your skills as much as possible.

The Degree Program

If you are looking for multimedia design training, you can look for some options provided by IT and Computer Science departments in various colleges.

Also, there are lots of educational facilities that offer Animation and 3D Animation courses and programs.

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a discipline that combines such activities as art, dance, and theater.

Of course, each of these activities is amazing on their own.

As an occupational therapist, you should know how to combine these activities and use them to help children and adults to develop and overcome some issues.

If you want to help people using your creativity, this career option is one of the best options for you.

The Degree Program

To be able to work in this sphere, you need to obtain a graduate degree.

After it, you can apply for one of the numerous career options.

Literature and Arts Education

Literature and Arts Education

If you feel like sharing your creativity and knowledge with others, Literature and Arts Education career is a great option for you.

Of course, in the education system, there are lots of prominent specialists but it doesn’t mean you cannot stand among them.

You just need to obtain a degree and show your talent and abilities.

The Degree Program

In most cases, if you want to occupy some teaching position, you need to obtain a graduate degree and this one is no exception.

Also, if you want to start working in a higher education setting, you need to get a terminal degree.

There is always an opportunity to work on your primary or secondary graduate degree while performing your duties in a classroom on a full-time basis.

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Some people may think that Urban Planning is only a type of Civil Engineering careers but it is not the truth.

In fact, this career – it is a mixture of Environmental Engineering, Architecture, and Sociology.

Such specialists are usually responsible for the creation of urban environments that can provide some better urban environments.

Urban Planners plan cities structures and decide on the best locations of various facilities.

You can use your creative abilities for modeling various urban spaces.

It should be mentioned that Urban Planning can not exist without creative people.

The Degree Program

If you want to enter the field, you need to obtain a graduate degree in Urban Planning.

Web Design

Web Design

One of the most popular options nowadays when it comes to degrees for artists.

If you one of those individuals who have both creative skills and ability to work with some complicated software and programming, you should consider becoming a web designer.

As a web designer, you need to know various programming languages and platforms and update your knowledge constantly.

It is a creative career option that can give you an opportunity to work on various interesting projects.

The Degree Program

To start working as a web-designer, you need to obtain a degree in Multimedia Design or Web Design.

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