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Walmart Assistant Manager Job Description

The assistant manager is one of the most appealing positions at Walmart.

It includes a wide array of responsibilities.

Candidates with some experience in retail management can be a good fit for this position.

In this article, we will cover various aspects of the job including duties, salary, working hours, environment, etc.

What Does the Work of a Walmart Assistant Manager Include?

A Walmart assistant manager deals with multiple tasks in the store.

The candidates should be able to multitask because the duties involve anything from training the associates to dealing with customer complaints.

Below, you will find more details about the Walmart assistant manager duties.

Responsibilities of a Walmart Assistant Manager

Making deposits, scheduling and training associates are some of the primary duties of an assistant manager.

Besides, the employees should be able to ensure a good shopping experience for the customers.

Primary duties for this position include:

  • Making deposits and document cash shortages.
  • Coaching and training the associates in the store.
  • Resolve customers’ issues efficiently and quickly.
  • Work at the cash registers when needed to decrease the waiting time of the customers.
  • Meet sales and growth goals set by the management.
  • Deal with loss prevention to lessen shrink.
  • Assist the store manager as requested.

Working Hours

Typically, a workweek of a Walmart assistant manager is 40 hours.

However, overtime hours can occur quite often.

Therefore, most assistants work for 45-50 hours a week.

The hours can vary depending on the volume of the particular store.

Working Environment

The work environment can change every day.

Assistant managers at Walmart work most of the day on their feet, standing and walking.

Restocking and lifting merchandise up to 30 pounds can also be involved.

A candidate should be comfortable with regular interaction with people.

Salary of a Walmart Assistant Manager

Assistant managers at Walmart start with the average annual salary of $40,000.

The salary range is very wide and can be anywhere from $14,000 to $131,000.

The payment is determined by your experience, whether you work full-time or part-time, years you work in the company and at a particular position.

At this position, you can also expect to receive bonuses depending on the performance.

You can also receive benefits including $401,000 health insurance, employee discounts, and paid time off.

Required Qualifications for a Walmart Assistant Manager

To apply for the position of an assistant manager at Walmart, you need to check the required qualifications and see if you meet them.

The qualifications may be slightly different from store to store, but in general, they are similar to what you’ll find below:

  • 2 or more years of a college degree.
  • OR
  • A retail experience for one year plus one year at a supervisory position.
  • OR
  • General work experience for 2 years plus one year of experience at a supervisory position.


  • Agree to firearm-related Criminal Background Check (CBC) and Firearms Authorization Training (for stores selling firearms).
  • Successfully complete trainings and assessments required for the job.

Desired but not required qualifications:

  • Supervision of associates.
  • Work streams in leading projects.

Work at Walmart

While you are considering an assistant manager or some other position at Walmart, there is some information you may find useful.

Career Opportunities and Growth

At Walmart, your hard work and talent are what’s appreciated.

With hard work, you can grow in the company and advance to superior positions.

At Walmart, there is a training program called Walmart Academies set up in a working hypermarket.

Via this program, the associates can gain classroom training as well as sales floor training.

They are taught advanced retail skills and leadership skills, and more.

Walmart also offers a newer type of training via Virtual Reality.

In 2018, Walmart sent over 15,000 VR sets to all their stores with which the associates could complete the training.

Walmart Academies also have a video game called Spark City where the associates can play as a department manager.

This helps them learn techniques to apply them in reality on the sales floor.

This app is also available on Google Play and the App Store for free.

Growth Opportunities

Walmart provides statistics which demonstrates the growth opportunities the employees have while working at the company.

They include:

  • More than 75% of Walmart managers started their careers at Walmart as hourly associates.
  • In the business year 2019, more than 215,000 people were promoted to higher-paying jobs at Walmart with more responsibilities.
  • Both part-time and full-time employees can receive quarterly bonuses.
  • The average payment of a store manager in $175,000, and they coach more than 300 associates.
  • During the business year 2019, about 175,000 part-time associates were promoted to full-time jobs.
  • During the business year 2019, the overall amount of bonuses for the hourly associates amounted to $800 million.

Walmart employees also have a chance to enroll in educational programs outside of the workplace offered by Walmart.

They are partners with Guild Education and run their Live Better U program.

Under this program, the associates can earn a degree paying only $1 a day.

All the other costs are covered by Walmart.

Besides, the Walmart Academies program also offers to their associates a college credit.

Also, they provide benefits to obtain a GED or a high school diploma, starting college, completion of language training and technology certification.

Walmart Benefits

The qualifying employees are eligible for a wide range of benefits from Walmart.

They are considered to be some of the best in the retail industry.

All the benefits are listed below, but keep in mind that they are only for qualifying employees.

Not everyone might be eligible for every single one.

Health and Personal Benefits

  • Medical plans from $28 per pay period plus vision and dental.
  • Both full- and part-time associates can receive affordable care options.
  • Centers for Excellence program from Walmart cover specific procedures, transplants, replacement surgeries, and cancer treatment with no charge for the associates.
  • Domestic partners can benefit from coverage.
  • Health compensation plans cover $300 to $1,000, plus $700 match under the health savings account to pay for the expenses.
  • Associates can freely contact health care advisors and nurse care managers.
  • Associates can also benefit from Walmart’s free and confidential health and counseling service, Resources for Living.
  • Additionally, various types of company-paid insurance are available including life, accidental death and dismemberment, critical illness, disability (short and long-term), business travel accidents.

Financial Benefits

  • Associates can take part in associate stock purchase plan.
  • Associates can add to their 401k insurance form the first day, and Walmart provides up to 6% match after one year of work.
  • Associates can benefit from Associate Discount Center getting exclusive discounts on cell phone plans, travel, entertainment, and other services unavailable at Walmart.
  • The associates hold a 10% discount card for fresh products, and regularly prices merchandise at Walmart.
  • From 2019, Walmart is one of the first retailers to offer 48 hours of Protected PTO to all hourly associates.

Family Leave Benefits

Maternity, parental, and adoption benefits at Walmart are available to all associates with salary or hourly wages at full-time working at the company for over a year.


  • New mothers can have up to 10 weeks of paid and protected maternity leave.
  • Based on the average weekly wage, they receive 100% of their payments.
  • They are eligible for new parental benefit as well which is the additional 6 weeks, so a total paid time off is 16 weeks.


  • New legal parents, foster parents, and guardians are eligible.
  • Protected paid parental leave for six weeks.
  • The time away should be continuous and taken all at once.
  • Parental leave can be used at any time within 12 months since they became a new parent, foster parent, or a guardian.
  • Associates with a salary can use a two-week family care program to cover the time caring for a dependent or a spouse with a medical condition.
  • They receive 100% of their payment.


  • Associates receive up to $5000 payback for expenses related to adoption.
  • Maximum of $10,000 annually and $20,000 lifetime per associate.
  • The expenses include (not limited to):
    • Application, placement, agency, legal, and court fees.
    • Studies of home suitability.
    • Immunization, immigration, and translation fees.
    • Meals, lodging, transportation.
    • Adoption, child, and parent counseling.


Walmart assistant managers should have great multitasking skills.

You should be able to handle multiple functions for employees and customers.

If you are considering a career at Walmart, you can get more information on the Walmart employment portal.

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