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UPS Driver Helper Job Description

The UPS driver helper position is pretty popular during the peak holiday season.

It can demand great physical strength, but it comes with a full benefits package for employees working full-time and a competitive hourly rate.

In this article, you will find information on the UPS driver helper responsibilities, hours, and salary.

What Does a UPS Driver Helper Do

The UPS driver helper assists the UPS driver with the delivery.

This position is open during the peak holiday seasons.

It is created to help a driver with the delivery of packages from trucks to the customers.

The packages are stacked in a truck, and the driver helper delivers them to the customer’s doors.

While the driver is on the route, the driver helper prepares the next package for delivery.

What’s important, driver helpers aren’t allowed to drive the truck.

The position of the UPS driver helper is suitable for highly physically fit candidates.

Additionally to delivery of the packages, you should act professionally dealing with customers.

Those who are fit and like to stay active will find this position perfect with its excellent benefits and fast-paced work environment.


The primary responsibility of the UPS driver helper is assisting with packages delivery.

Noteworthy, helpers aren’t allowed to drive the truck.

They deal with loading and unloading packages.

The following responsibilities are typical for the position:

  • Loading and unloading the truck.
  • Helping the UPS driver with the delivery of packages.
  • Maintaining an image according to the company’s grooming standards.
  • Interacting with customers delivering information from the distribution center.
  • Additional tasks assigned by the management.

Working Hours

The typical workweek of a UPS driver helper consists of 40 hours.

With the duties of delivering packages, some flexibility to the schedule is required.

This is specifically important in times of harsh weather since the deliveries can be delayed.

Besides, in a busy holiday period, additional work hours can be required.

Sometimes, UPS driver helpers can work up to 50 hours per week.

It will mostly depend on the area in which you work.

As mentioned, the UPS driver helper is usually required in the peak holiday season which is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

During the weekdays, the helpers are on call from 8 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon.

For this reason, there is no set number of working hours, however, you will still get a lot.

Work Environment

The most significant factor of the driver helper work environment is that it requires great physical fitness and strength.

For the biggest part of the shift, you will walk a lot and go up and down the stairs.

Also, you will have to lift packages of about 75 pounds.

You should be able to operate mechanical equipment such as a truck lift mechanism or a dolly.

Additionally, you will work outdoors, so you will be exposed to various weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

Appearance Requirements

All employees at UPS have to follow the company’s standards.

After being hired, you will receive a policy book.

You will be provided with a uniform, but you will have to get the shoes yourself.

Strong and slip-resistant black or brown leather shoes are recommended.

According to the UPS guidelines, men can’t have beards or goatees, while women should have hairstyle not longer than shoulder-length or keep it up.

Salary Information

The initial payment of a UPS driver helper can vary depending on the geographical location.

Usually, the median rate is $11 per hour.

In some areas, though, the payment can start from $19 per hour.

With experience in a related field, your chances of getting a higher initial payment are significantly higher.

Noteworthy, UPS driver helper jobs start only as seasonal.

Depending on how well you do, you can get a permanent job with a higher payment.

Full-time employees can receive multiple benefits such as 401k, paid vacation time, and health insurance.


Although the position of a UPS driver helper can be physically demanding, it’s a great fit for those who enjoy working in an active and physical environment.

There are plenty of benefits and decent payment for the right people.

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