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Delivery Driver Job Description

Delivery drivers are responsible for bringing goods from one place to another.

They spend long hours on the road, so they should have a clean driving record.

With long hours on the road, they should be able to navigate efficiently, so the goods are delivered on time.

In this article, you will find details about responsibilities, qualifications, prospects, training, etc.

What Does a Delivery Driver Do?

At the beginning of the route, a delivery driver has to load their truck or van.

They need to stack the items securely, so nothing breaks on the road.

They need to detail the most effective route, then safely deliver the goods to the destination and unload them.

The working hours depend on the goods that are delivered.

The goods that have a short expiration period have to be delivered within certain time limits.

There may be early hours involved, before 6 a.m., so that the goods are delivered before the store opens.

Late hours can also be involved when the goods need to be delivered to the destination.

They can’t end the working day until the goods are delivered.

In busier periods, some overtime or night shift may occur.

It will also depend on the type of goods that should be delivered.

The driving record of the delivery drivers should be clean.

They also need to pass a background check.

The type of truck the driver work on will determine the experience required for the job.

For large trucks, a specific license is required.

Work of a Delivery Driver

Job Responsibilities

  • Load and unload the truck.
  • Ensure that the items are stacked securely.
  • Have good navigation skills with GPS or maps for delivery.
  • Work out the documentation on the items’ distribution.
  • Take payment for the delivery.
  • Keep track of delivery times and mileage.
  • Service the vehicle and complete the paperwork on it.
  • Keep a vehicle clean and in order.
  • Manage invoices and miscalculations.

Fundamental Skills


Delivery drivers spend long hours on the road.

They should be able to detail the best possible route to deliver goods on time.

They should also efficiently navigate city traffic.


Delivery drivers have to lift particular weights to load and unload the goods in the trucks.

Physical fitness:

The drivers should be physically fit as they have to lift goods up to 50 pounds.

They should also be able to hop in and out of the vehicle with ease.


Delivery drivers have to organize the goods in the truck to stack them securely for travel.

Time management:

The drivers have to layout a delivery schedule and map the routes.

They can be also rerouted by the dispatchers.

Good reflexes:

Delivery drivers should have good reflexes so that they can navigate busy streets without any accidents.


Delivery drivers interact with the dispatchers and customers as a part of their daily routine.

The goods and paperwork will need to be checked with the customers before completing the delivery.

How to Become a Delivery Driver

For the operation of the large trucks, delivery drivers need a special license.

Before starting work and getting a truck they’ll be driving, the drivers have to take a short training on the job.

Training and Qualifications

To operate a truck that is heavier than 10,000 pounds, the drivers need a CDL license.

For that, they need a CDL permit obtained at the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

To get a permit, they need to take a written exam, and for the license, they need to pass a driving test.

One of the most significant requirements is a clean driving record.

Before the company provides a driver with a truck, they will train them.

During the training, the prospective employees will be shadowing a driver employed with the company.

After completing the training, they will be assigned to their route.

Work Experience

As long as the drivers have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record, they can get hired with little or zero experience.

Delivery drivers aren’t required to have experience in deliveries.

But they should have had their driving license for a few years before taking the job of a delivery driver.

Working Hours

The working hours of a delivery driver are determined by the items they deliver.

Mostly, the delivery time will be set every week.

They can work during regular business hours or in the early mornings.

If they deliver food, the delivery will have to be completed before the business is open.

If there is a delay due to traffic, delivery drivers will have to stick with the route until they deliver all the goods.

This shouldn’t happen often.

Sometimes, emergency deliveries can be involved, but this doesn’t happen every day.

Career Outlook

At the position of a delivery driver, you can make about $30,000 annually.

The employment rate is predicted to grow by 4% until the year 2024.

Many businesses require delivery services, so delivery drivers are in high demand.

With the development of e-commerce trade in various industries, the position of a delivery driver will see some growth.


To become a delivery driver,  you don’t need much experience since most companies train their employees before assigning them a route.

It’s significant to have a clean driving record and background without any arrests.

Delivery drivers earn decent money and can work overtime during busier seasons.

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