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Target Sales Associate Job Description

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Entry-level employees at target can start their career as a sales associate.

At this position, you can get useful benefits, and the requirements for this it are minimal.

We will cover essential information about the Target sales associate position in this article, including duties, salary, etc.

What Does a Target Sales Associate Do?

A sales associate at Target is a person responsible for customer satisfaction and ensuring they find everything they are looking for at the store.

Your responsibilities will include helping customers find the goods and ring up merchandise for them.

The initial requirement to start at this position are minimal, and the perks you can count on are quite nice.

Sales Associate Duties

The primary responsibility of a Target sales associate is taking the initiative to improve the level of customer satisfaction.

It includes consulting customers, dealing with returns of unwanted goods, and efficiently operating a cash register in the area of your work.

The main responsibilities of a Target sales associate are as follows:

  • Helping customers find the goods they need.
  • Arranging end caps and restocking merchandise up to the standards of the company.
  • Working at the cash register and follow the company’s return policies.
  • Dealing with customer concerns and complaints, if necessary, engaging the upper-level management.
  • Maintaining the changing rooms and quickly putting away the unwanted goods.

Working Hours

Mostly, Target sales associates work part-time with a workweek lasting from 20 to 30 hours.

Full-time positions are available at larger locations.

Usually, they are open only for the existing employees to apply internally.

A workweek at a full-time position can last for 32-40 hours.

Noteworthy, this position is in the retail sector, so you should be prepared to work longer hours during the holiday seasons.

Usually, all sales associates are required to work overtime and the stores are open longer for such events as Black Friday.

Working Environment

Most of your shift, you will have to work on your feet.

If you get hired for this position, it’s a great idea to get a pair of comfortable shoes to be prepared for that.

You should be ready for a lot of repetitive activities such as bending and crouching.

Work at Target implies cooperation in a team, so you should be a team player.

You will be working in a group of people responsible for keeping the designated area in order.

Besides, you should be able to easily interact and connect with customers.

Salary Information

The starting salary for this position is $9 per hour.

You can also get bonuses if you sign customers up for the store credit program.

As a Target employee, you will be eligible for a discount for the in-store purchases.

Various benefits are available for the full-time employees.

If you work at the company for a long enough time, you can get a 401k plan, vacation time, and health insurance.


There are a lot of reasons to apply for a Target sales associate position.

First, the hours are flexible, so this is a perfect fit for students or those looking for part-time work.

Besides, it’s easy to get this job since the requirements are minimal.

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