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Concierge Job Description

In this article, you will find useful information if you are interested in a career in the hospitality industry.

We will cover the details about the job of a concierge, including salary, training, duties, and more.

Concierges work in the hospitality industry, usually in hotels.

They work either at the front desk or in another office.

They ensure that guests have a positive experience during their stay.

Concierges can also help them with tickets to local attractions, events, concerts, etc.

Concierges can book restaurants for guests and find special gifts as well.

What Does a Concierge Do

Concierges deal directly with guests working scheduled shifts every week.

They have to communicate with newly checked-in guests to see if they need anything.

Also, they can receive requests from guests at their working spot.

Concierges work outside a hotel too.

They can go around the city fulfilling various tasks for guests, find professionals to look after their kids or pets, get tickets, etc.

The salary of a concierge is determined by the location they work in.

Concierge job


  • Greet and welcome arriving guests at the front desk.
  • Offer special arrangements based on the guests’ needs.
  • Keep records about previous guests and their activities during their visit in detail.
  • Contact local companies for discounts on tickets to events and other things the guests may request.
  • Keep a network of contacts in the tourism industry.
  • Find means to personalize the guests’ experience.
  • Deal with guests’ complaints and quickly resolve their issues.
  • Help with the organization of special events at the hotel like weddings or parties.
  • Offer suggestions and recommendations to guests.
  • Provide guests with support with requests.

Essential Skills


A concierge should be able to offer solutions for problems that may appear in guests’ rooms or which they may have with the city.

The faster they can find the solution, the happier they make their guests.


A good concierge should have expanded contacts throughout the city.

They can find a limousine, obtain tickets to a concert that was sold out, make reservations, etc.

With good interpersonal skills, a concierge can be more successful at their job.

Customer service:

Concierges work directly with people, so they need to be able to connect and relate to them to give them what they request.

How to Become a Concierge

Concierges aren’t required to have any specific training, but having experience in the tourism and hospitality industry is a big plus.

They know how to welcome guests upon their arrival and how to work with them, making sure they are satisfied with their stay.

Training and Qualifications

A concierge isn’t required to have a college degree, a high school diploma or GED is enough.

However, without a college degree, you will need to show your knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry.

If you decide to get a degree, you should pick the hotel management.

During hiring, you may also be given a small task to complete, so you can demonstrate how you would handle a request from the future guests.

You can start working at a hotel in a different position, for instance, the front desk agent.

You will gain the necessary experience working with guests, dealing with their requests or complaints, using relevant computer programs.

Then, when the concierge position opens up, you can use your experience and contacts to get the job.


It’s nearly impossible to get the concierge job without experience because the hotels prefer concierges with connections.

They will help you with reservations, tickets, and other special arrangements.

With a contact network of professionals who can provide various services, you have better prospects to be hired for the position of a concierge.

You can get the necessary experience by enrolling in a college program.

Such hospitality programs as hotel management allow you to earn three or more credits for the internship.

Some programs partner with hotels where you can work.

Working Hours

The work hours of a concierge are set, but you will also need to spend some time out in the city to keep up with local events and activities.

Spending more time outside can help you make more and better recommendations to your guests.

You can also be on call outside your set hours to deal with special requests or to work with guests who need assistance in the odd hours.

Your workweek can be as much as 40 hours, plus the time you spent outside the hotel.

Career Outlook and Opportunities

Concierges should be on top of trends of the industry and be well aware of the events in the city.

Those employees who use the same recommendations are unlikely to keep the job for a long time

Travelers want to know about the top places to see, eat, and attend.

To succeed in this position, you need to keep up with what’s happening in the city.

The average salary of a concierge is $31,440 per year or $15.11 hourly.

This is the Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

According to PayScale, the top 10% of the employees make $18+ per hour.

Depending on the reservations you make and tickets you sell, you can earn commissions as well as receive bonuses from the hotel.

With that, your salary can be as high as $40,000.

You can also receive tips from some guests.


The position of a concierge is for you if you like working with people and can quickly and easily solve problems.

Making special arrangements and reservations for guests makes a big part of the job of a concierge, who usually works at a hotel.

The salary can be up to $40,000, including tips and bonuses.

Both those who have a college degree or a high school diploma can apply for the position.

Having a network of local contacts is important for the job.

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