How to Get an Internship: 5 Working Tips

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How to Get an Internship

College is one of the most defining and formative periods as you build your character and search for your creative spirit.

You may already feel the pressure of thinking about the future perspectives and decisions you have to make.

In fact, your degree is only a part of making you a valuable professional in the chosen field.

What makes you a perfect candidate to hire is not even your exam results.

Your experience is your free pass for more opportunities in the future.

While you research an internship, you always may find an essay writer service to land you a hand with your academic research.

You don’t have to sacrifice your study performance in favor of your work prospects.

So, what makes an internship a perfect choice for any student, but especially for business students? And how do you get one without a fuss?

Why Choose an Internship?

You may think that a startup project based on your college startup ideas is a perfect solution for you to get the needed experience and rise to fame.

It’s a fair point, but also startups have more risks associated with investments, and you really need a team of like-minded people to get it going.

It also requires more focus and more determination.

As a student, you might feel lost with such an amount of work and the necessity to focus on something particular, especially when you have extra work with your home assignments.

Even though the startup is a good way to define what innovations you can bring, it may be a big flop for you.

Yes, you may have heard a lot of inspirational stories and business ideas that began just like a dream.

Don’t get too much into dreaming but focus on developing necessary skills.

That’s why an internship would be a great first step in your world of startups and other enterprises.

What Does an Internship Give You?

If you have already chosen your MBA program, it would be fairly easy to look for the opportunities that the market has for you.

It may be hard in the beginning.

We all have an impostor syndrome and anxiety that we are not good enough to catch HR’s attention.

Yet, as you overcome these fears, consider the perks you get in return:

  • The valuable experience that would make you a leader in your field;
  • The clear understanding of what you can and cannot change;
  • You acquire much-needed networking;
  • You learn the best industry insights from the professionals;
  • The possibility to build your resume and get positive feedback from industry’s leaders;
  • The possibility to stay in the company for a full-time position in the future;

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Focus on Your Skills

Look for the positions that are directly associated with the subject you are studying as your Major.

Don’t spend too much time dreaming about some vague position that “kinda sounds cool” but has nothing to add to your professional growth.

If you apply for a position where you are clearly underqualified, it increases the chances of rejection from HR.

It is fairly easy to look for the common career opportunities you can get with your Major.

Spend some time thinking about the experience you already have and how you can contribute when applying as an internet.

As well, don’t be too much into thinking that only your professional experience makes a difference.

Think about everything you are good at, from time management skills to critical thinking (even if you were the best one in your high school, it still counts).

Focus on your strengths but never flatter yourself and stay objective and cool-headed.

Spend a considerable amount of time making your resume polished and objective.

Look for Opportunities to Get Into The Company You Want

Many job websites have a filter where you can look for an internship offer.

Carefully look at them and put them in your “consideration” box, because not every company is good for you and your development.

Look for their ratings and feedback.

If you look for a specific company, create a notification alert if they update their page with an offer.

Also, be careful and cautious with websites that specifically focus on internship offers.

Some of them may be shady and fraudulent.

As well, a good choice is to research the field via your college’s career center.

Some companies cooperate with universities directly, and you definitely would know whom the company expects to join.

Also, it would be easier to get a recommendation from your supervisor or professor.

You may also contact companies directly and ask them to notify you if a position opens.

The letter of interest is a perfect choice for people who want to get an internship in a specific company and don’t want to wait for job website updates.

Still, it may take up some time waiting for the response.

But it is worth it.

Consider Networking to Get an Internship

Networking can be done right if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone.

Each time you reach a company’s representatives and show your interest, you gain plus one potential call back.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to ask someone you know for advice.

If you have an opportunity to start an internship somewhere where you know people, then take it.

Just don’t think about it as easy times.

No one will give you an opportunity because you are a friend of a friend.

You have to earn it.

But being a “friend of a friend” maybe just a way to learn about the position quicker than from job websites.

Be Prepared

Start thinking about your cover letter and resume.

Focus only on important and relevant information, make your resume clean and comprehensive, without any excessive information or abundant details about something not relevant.

Also, consider polishing your writing skills – it would do you a favor.

It’s a time to review your social media profiles and make them either look presentable and serious or close them from third parties access.

We passed the epoch of judgment for a tattoo or piercing a long time ago.

But always remember that some of your post choices may leave a question mark in the head of HR.

Prepare for an Interview

You can prepare for the interview by googling the most common interview questions.

Also, be ready for the unexpected, because many companies don’t just follow the common plan of question.

HR’s adapt interview formats, and you may have to embrace yourself for some stressful ride.

It’s not that someone intentionally wants you to distress you on purpose, but they want to get your genuine reaction.

Of course, your true self would be presented after you get the offer and get comfortable with the environment and your colleagues.

Now you have to answer all questions without being too vague or general.

Project the confidence and be sure that you are doing the best you can do as a person in your situation.

  • If you feel stressed, don’t be afraid to ask for some time to think over tough questions;
  • Stay confident and positive;
  • Share your insights about your course and what you have learned;
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else;
  • Prepare your questions for the company;

Everything then is just a matter of time and sometimes luck.

Good luck with your internship quest, and we hope these tips would help you seal the deal.

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