CNA Interview Questions: Most Frequent & How to Respond

CNA Interview Questions

As soon as you’ve completed your education and obtained a certification it’s time to look for a job so you can use your skills to help others.

There is a variety of employment options including nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, hospice centers, adult daycares. medical offices, and hospitals.

It is up to you to choose the one you like the most but keep in mind that you need to complete an interview to get a job.

During the interview, you’ll be asked a variety of questions.

Some of them are pretty simple and traditional but there are also some really unusual questions that your potential employer may ask you.

Often, they are situational questions based on your knowledge and skills.

If you don’t get ready for them, it may make you feel anxious and uncertain so make sure to prepare properly.

Usually, employers use such questions to understand how you are going to deal with various situations related to patients and coworkers.

If you are new to the field, it is a great opportunity to show your understanding of your future jobs as well as your skills and knowledge.

In this article, you can find some samples of questions you may be asked during your interview.

Also, there are appropriate answers to these questions.

Here are the most frequent CNA interview questions:

Why Do You Want To Work In This Career Field?

Asking this question, your potential employer wants to reveal your ability to deal with stressful environments while working in the medical field.

You should be able to show that you completely understand various issues related to this career.

It is important to highlight that you know about the high level of pressure, lots of demanding hours and ready to deal with it.

Also, explain properly that you have some flexibility as well as emotional strength and stamina to handle your daily duties.

It is a good idea to tell your interviewer about your journey towards this career and your desire to help people.

What Personal Qualities Or Skills Do You Possess That Will Set You Apart From Other Candidates?

You need to understand that you aren’t the only candidate that applies for this job.

Your employer wants to make sure that you are a perfect fit for this certain position.

Tell about your personal skills, medical and nursing background, ability to work in a team and support your patients.

If you have some experience in nursing and previously faced some complicated situations you dealt with, don’t hesitate to tell about it.

Also, make sure to tell about your merits, awards, certifications, and honors as it can give some extra points.

What Would You Do If You Saw A Fellow Staffer Speak Disrespectfully To An Unhappy Patient?

Answering this question, make sure that you are very serious about patient care and advocacy.

In other words, you need to make it clear that you’ll for sure report your coworker to a supervisor.

Working as a CNA, an individual should be able to stay professional and composed in any situation whether it is related to supervisors, coworkers, patients, and their relatives, as well as residents.

If you get emotional while dealing with patients it may lead to some unpleasant situations.

When it comes to someone being rude to a patient, the only acceptable option is to report the situation and you need to make it clear to your interviewer.

Also, you can use this question to tell about your own experience of dealing with an unhappy or difficult patient.

It is a great opportunity to show that you can handle any patient while staying professional and respectful.

What Are Your Future Goals?

This one of the most popular questions that most employers ask during interviews.

It is because most CNAs plan to become medical assistants and even nurses in the future.

Answering this question, make sure to highlight your desire to get some experience as well as to make an impact by helping people.

Tell about your desire to improve your skills and become an excellent medical worker that knows how to deal properly with patients and coworkers.

In other words, it is important to make an accent on the possible personal and professional growth.

In case, you are planning to continue your education in the future, it is better to avoid mentioning it during your interview.

If you tell about your plans to advance your career, your potential employer will see you as a short-term employee.

Have You Ever Experienced A Specific Situation Or Time When You Did Not Get Along With A Fellow Nurse? How Did You Handle The Disagreement?

This question may sound pretty negative but you should be able to show that you know how to deal with negative situations properly.

Thinking of the best answer to this question, you need to tell about the situation when you were able to stay calm and professional despite any issues.

Tell about how you interacted with the nurse, provided him/her with the required support, and what methods you used to learn more about the problems.

Give some examples of the solutions you offered to resolve the problem.

If you are a newcomer in the field, you can describe some potential situation and how are going to deal with it.

Just make sure, to let your interviewer know that you have no experience.

Tell Me A Time When You Had To Take Charge At Work When All Other Employees Were Busy With Other Tasks?

To answer this question, you need to focus on your ability to perform CNA’s tasks while dealing with stressful situations.

Make sure to tell about your ability to take an initiative and follow procedures.

Tell about how you were able to maintain a balance between your CNA’s duties and managing other work.

Also, don’t forget to mention the impact you made on your environment while performing some lead duties.

What Keeps You Motivated While On The Job?

Of course, helping others is a great motivation but most employers would like to get a more specific answer.

It is very important as you need to show that you can maintain your motivation even in a very stressful environment.

You need to give a very specific answer that reveals your best traits as a personality and as a CNA.

Make sure your answer shows your passion for your job as well as highlight some points that represent your ability to stay professional in any situation while maintaining your desire to support others.

How Do You Feel About Your Last Boss?

Even if you had some unpleasant experience, try to avoid speaking negatively about your previous boss.

It is better to focus on some positive aspects.

For example, you can tell about how your previous bass managed the employees affectively or great methods he or she used to encourage staff members.

Also, you can tell about your previous boss’s professional achievements and impact on the work of the facility as well as the industry in general.

While speaking of your previous boss’s impact on your career, you can show that you are ready for changes and can use your experience to become a better professional.

Also, it is a great opportunity to show that you can become a good leader in the future.

CNAs are professionals that work hard every day in order to make this world better and change people’s lives.

To be able to get a job as a CNA, make sure to get ready for your interview and stay confident while communicating with your potential employer.

You don’t need to provide ideal responses, it is enough to show that you understand the specifics of this career.

Also, it is important that you have the required skills as well as important knowledge of numerous medical aspects.

Good luck with your interview!

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