15 High Paying Jobs In The Creative Industry

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15 High Paying Jobs In The Creative Industry

Most of us creatives love our art, but we don’t half feel like we have to suffer for it.

It’s a hard road to making a living when you are in the creative industry.

People want your work, but they don’t want to pay the full price for your efforts.

You do not necessarily have to suffer for your art, you just need to know how to do it the right way.

When it comes to paying there are plenty of high-paying jobs out there that reward creativity, it is just the trick of finding one that matches you, your art, and your work style.

There are around 15 occupations focused on the design, creation, and remaking of images, information, technology, and images, and all pay a decent salary.

All of these can pay a whopping $92k per year, which is well above the typical median salary.

People with creative talent are very rare to find these days, and employment for them seems just as rare.

It is not all that easy to find something good, but we will make it easier for you.

Today, we are going to tell you about the 15 different types of high-paying creative industry jobs that you could consider for your future.

15 High Paying Jobs In The Creative Industry

The idea of sitting in an office for the remainder of your days might make you want to bang your head on the walls.

If you are a night owl, perhaps a 9 to 5 fills you with existential dread, if you love crafting, painting, drawing, or if you just enjoy making things, you are probably creative.

Being creative is not the walk in the park it’s chalked out to be as a kid, but there seems to be the misconception that jobs in the creative industries do not pay well.

The truth is they do pay well, however, some employers will take creative types for granted.

Some creative types will devalue themselves and take whatever they can get, which often results in low-paying employment.

So, the first thing is to know your worth and not accept anything less than you know you are worth.


The average wage you can expect as a producer or director type is around $71,680, with a projected growth rate of 12%.

These skilled individuals are the ones creating film and TV, commercials, theater, and so on.

They are the brains behind every form of entertainment you can imagine.

There are different types, however, executive producers choose scripts, and hire employees.

There are line producers who manage the planning, scheduling, and so on.

The producer who will lead the production, assistant producers, production managers, and so on.

On the director’s side, depending on the production, can have a lead director, first assistant director, second assistant director, and third assistant director.

Then there will be floor managers in TV shows just below this role.

Directors are in control of the creative aspect but also join other departments in planning, scheduling, and dealing with actors.

In order to work in TV or film as a director or producer then it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree at least.

A degree in cinema, acting, writing, or film is usually necessary.

Having experience is also a requirement as well.

As a director or producer, to really flourish in your role it is best to choose studies that will give you at least a little experience in every aspect of film, TV, or theater, as a director and producer work best when they understand each aspect of what makes a production.

I.e. cinematography, audio, audio design, set design, SFX/makeup, acting, etc.

Web Developer

Web developers tend to have a median annual salary of around $69,430 with a projected job growth rate of around 15% in the next 4 years.

Technical workers like such will create and design websites.

They ensure that companies and clients get the aesthetically pleasing look they want, as well as high performance and sustainable capacity for visitor traffic that the site requires.

This kind of job can vary from simply helping clients to decide what information their site needs, all the way to the process of writing out code and even application testing.

Although you do not ‘technically’ need to have a degree to do this job, most will have an associate’s degree at a bare minimum.

In this aspect, having a degree can help with simply knowing what is the industry standard.

The workers who are able to complement their skills in design with the knowledge of programming languages will usually find it easier to break into this kind of industry.

This is simply because employers will usually favor those developers who have these skill sets.

In this case, being able to multitask can be quite useful, or at least being multifaceted in this regard is useful.

With websites and internet usage increasing it is forever a job that is more in demand.


Architecture is another industry that has quite a high pay rate for those who are successful in this regard.

There is a typical median wage of $79,380 per annum, with a projected growth rate of 4% in 4 years.

Architects design buildings, houses, bridges, factories, and so on.

They are the minds of all man-made buildings and structures.

Projects for architects can be private or public, and they can be designed for indoor spaces and outdoor spaces.

Architects are constantly needed, with a growing population, architects are well sought after, and with companies, and governments needing to always adapt things for better economical value, ecological value, and more sustainability, architects with new ideas are always needed.

Architects will usually meet clients to understand what is required for a particular structure, and they will then prepare some scaled drawings, perhaps some designs or 3D ideas, as well as an anticipated construction time and how much it will cost.

Should they receive the commission for a project they will oversee the work to ensure that the construction is going according to their plans architecturally.

Architects need to complete a bachelor’s degree at least, as well as gain relevant experience, typically via an internship, they will also need to pass the Architect Registration Examination as well as be viewed as a genuine and certified architects.

This job will never be in decline as new ideas are always needed.

Film And Video Editors

As a film or video editor, you would expect a typical annual salary of around $62,650.

There is also a projected job growth rate of 17% over the next 4 years.

These people are skilled individuals with a keen eye for detail.

They use video editing software products, working in the film/ TV industry to arrange the video footage to tell the story as directed by the project’s storyboard’ to convey information.

They will often have to collaborate with camera operators, directors, producers, audio technicians, and often FX and CGI workers to get the overall vision for whatever production they are working on.

Oftentimes, the other workers will do the part of the project they are required to do, and the editors will then receive all the pieces and put it all together.

Timing is very specific, and it requires deep concentration and an eye for detail.

They may also need to edit the clips, in some cases for lighting and so on.

They may also collaborate with others to find the best lighting setup to use for a project, if a certain lens is best, and so on.

A majority of editors will have a bachelor’s degree in relation to this specific industry.

They also need to have a good to a great understanding of cameras, and film equipment as well as editing software products such as Avid, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Videographer/ Cinematographer

The average salary for a videographer or cinematographer is around $59,733, and it is expected to grow in demand.

Videographers can be in many instances, anything and everything needs recording after all.

Cinematographers specialize in media, TV, film, website, and so on.

However, you can be a videographer for weddings, political debates, advertising, and so on.

The salary will depend on the type of videography you choose.

For example, a wedding videographer can have an average salary of $82,565.

People will happily pay out of pocket to ensure that their wedding day is caught on camera in the absolute best way possible, by the best videographer they can get their mitts on.

Much of this career is done freelance, with a lot of videographers and cinematographers working as freelancers.

However, this is a job that is in such high demand in every industry that there is no shortage of work.

Videographers are needed for advertising for companies, weddings, birthday parties, politics, marketing campaigns, film, TV, and even social media.

You do not necessarily need to have a degree to be a videographer, however, it does help.

Having background knowledge of cameras and editing software products can be very advantageous and make you more likely to get jobs.

It is a competitive industry after all.


An author or a writer could expect an average salary of $62,170 per annum, with a job growth rate of around 8%.

Authors and writers make their living by creating stories, conveying information and facts to their readers through exquisite English and prose.

This can be in books, magazines, plays, blogs, movies, television, advertisements, novels, websites, and so on.

There is no actual degree needed to write a book, or any other fictitious material, however, if you want to be a salaried writer you must require a bachelor’s degree in English or a similar field such as communications, journalism, and so on.

Some can find their way via self-publishing, and internships.

There is a slight issue in the industry as is often touched on by writers’ unions however, many writers are taken for granted in freelancing and salaried positions, so it is important to know your worth as a writer.

It is a very competitive job market as well.

Many writers will take what they can get which can often result in an underpayment.

A writer should not earn less than $25.14 per hour ideally.

Freelance writers are very successful at the moment as well, due to the need for more content and while some would fear that AI technology could infringe on this, it cannot, as writers often need to be able to conduct research and fact-check as well as ensure that grammar and spelling are properly conducted.

Video Game Designer

Video game designers can have a salary averaging $90,270 and job sustainability and growth is consistent.

Everyone enjoys gaming, and games are constantly coming out.

While TV and film are ever more popular, video games are constantly growing.

Technology in the field is also growing and with an increase in the use of VR technology in gaming, companies are looking to hire new people who are well versed in this technology.

If you enjoy video games and are good with tech, you might consider this as a potential career choice.

There are a bunch of masterminds behind every video game, making it come to life.

The designers of video games are the ones who are responsible for coming up with the creative ideas that hold a video game together, from every bush in an Elder Scrolls game, to the look of each weapon in the Halo franchise, the way the characters interact and how the world’s map functions.

It also is a job that includes designing levels, characters, plots, and more.

Game designers are typically required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, game design, or computer science.

This is typically not something that is easily learned by oneself, so a degree is necessary as you need to learn how the technology works and how everything is done to create these games.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists can work in many different ways.

You can be a makeup artist for photography studios, events such as weddings, beauty parlors, or for film and TV.

Movie makeup artists have an average salary of $92,200 per annum.

It is these people who make actresses and actors look so good on the screen.

They are behind that magic that can make a 50-year-old woman look like she is in her 30s, or make a 24-year-old look like they are still in school.

In order to be a makeup artist for the movies, however, you do need to either go to cosmetology school or get a bachelor’s degree in theater.

A majority of university theater programs will offer a course or two in stage makeup, and having a theater background can actually help in getting your way into the movie industry.

Of course, let’s not forget the other side of makeup artistry in film and TV… SFX.

SFX makeup can be great fun, and if you like playing around with makeup, this might be the ticket for you.

This is the aspect of makeup where you use prosthetics, and latex to make a person look inhuman, or to create horror movie gore and so on.

It is very fun and does still count as makeup.

However, you do need a specific type of schooling for this.

Visual Effects Artist

A visual effects artist could expect a salary of around $83,114 per annum.

Art does not need to be confined to canvases.

This is a unique type of art that we see more often than we may think.

Digital art is on the rise, it is a field that is very wide and is growing very quickly.

There are endless opportunities in visual effects, otherwise known as VFX.

The artists who work in VFX technology will use their technical and artistic skills to create very photorealistic images for TV and for video games.

This ranges from animated Disney movies to GTA and Fallout games, and even TV shows like Family Guy, and anime shows!

Visual effects artists are behind every aspect of games, animated TV, and more.

However, it is a hard job to get into, because it is so skilled.

You typically need to have at least a 4-year degree in media technology art, photography, or graphic design.

However, you may also be able to start out at the bottom as a runner and work your way up.

Internships are also ideal after your studies, or taking some time off to shadow a professional and learn from them.

Experience is key in the creative industries, and showing you are dedicated to learning more.

This is a field that won’t be going away any time soon and is rapidly growing.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors can expect an average salary of around $80,820 per annum.

These people have duties such as heading up the company’s brand development, and brand development strategies, working on and executing marketing campaigns, and also working with their sales team to enhance the company’s revenue.

In some companies where there may not be a chief marketing officer, then the marketing director will head the team in this regard, they provide administrative input and creative input into projects and campaigns.

Marketing directors also ensure that objectives and deadlines are always met successfully in the company and that any goals are met.

While it does not sound like a creative job, creative skills and creative thinking are definitely required in this position to be successful.

In order to be a marketing director you usually need a degree in advertising, marketing, or in communications.

You should also have a good record of senior marketing roles or your ability to create a successful marketing campaign.

You should also be blessed with strong communication skills and proficient decision-making skills.

Being a good leader is also ideal, and working well in a team is admirable to employers looking to hire you.

Many companies, if not all will usually need a marketing director of some sort to be able to successfully grow their company.

So this is a job which is always in demand, although it is competitive.


You could be a photographer.

Photographers tend to make around $31,033 per year.

However, it does depend on the type of photography that you do.

Photographers take photos of places, events, people, objects, and such.

A photographer will specialize in one specific photography style.

Some can be commercial photography, photojournalism, fine art, portrait photography, aerial photography, wedding photography, and so on.

Most photographers in the United States work freelance, some will work for portrait studios, fashion studios, publishing, broadcasting companies, and more.

Photographers will be expected to do their own editing on the photographs that they take, and then they will be expected to present the final image in print, digital, or both mediums to those who they are for.

These workers are also often responsible for their own supplies, so this is something that must be taken into consideration if you are considering this a job for you.

The income can vary, with a minimal income being around $20,000 all the way up to $104,417, which is the average salary per annum for a wedding photographer.

The type of photography that you specialize in will dictate your income.

Of course, if you choose to freelance then the amount of work you are able to get and the amount spent on your materials and marketing yourself will also be impactful as well.


Copywriting is a form of writing, that is always in high demand.

It has an average salary of around $51,234 per annum.

This type of writing is one in which the writer works with a marketing team to create a compelling form of copy, i.e. text, for all types of marketing formats.

These formats include things such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, billboards, and other physical forms, but also electronic materials such as website adverts, websites, emails, shopping catalogs online, and so on.

Copywriters are capable of adapting their writing to particular tones for their projects.

They will also usually be rather flexible in their styles of writing.

A copywriter is able to make anything sound amazing and is something of a wordsmith.

Ideally, a copywriter will have a degree, although it is not always required, it is usually sought after by employers.

History in the industry or something similar is also ideal.

Proficient writing skills and knowledge of things such as SEO, marketing, and media (in some cases) are also admirable in a potential copywriter.

While this job is partially creative, a lot of it does lean more towards the marketing side of things and is very demographic-focused.

However, with so many industries needing creative assistance to draw in audiences, and entice new customers, the job of a copywriter is one that is unlikely to see any decline. In demand

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers have a typical annual wage averaging around $66,590, with a potential growth rate of 4% in the next 4 years.

Workers in industrial design are people who manage to combine engineering with art and business to create products that people will use every day.

These people are skilled at developing concepts and designs for a vast array of products that are manufactured.

These things can be anything from children’s toys to cars, home appliances, and even mass business products such as workshop tools.

They are responsible for considering the look, feeling, functionality, usability, and costs of production for each new product that they create.

In this industry, a worker like such is required to have a bachelor’s degree at least.

Typically, it is required to have this in architecture, industrial design, or engineering.

This is a requirement for an entry-level job in industrial design.

However, that being said, those who are seeking out employment in this industry do really need to have an electronic portfolio with examples of design projects as well.

For this reason, if you do a degree, it is very useful to seek out a degree that will have you very hands-on and working in the field, on real-time projects, so you have some examples from your education.


The national average salary for a painter is around $33,176 per annum.

However, do note that the job of a painter does vary.

By this, we do not mean a painter like Da Vinci or Picasso.

In this regard, we mean industrial or commercial painters.

Commercial painter duties are ones that will generally include the preparation of and painting of spaces internally and externally on a property.

These properties can be commercial or residential spaces.

A painter needs to protect the space around the area in which they are painting.

This means covering flooring, furnishings, cabinets, and other aspects inside the space of focus that is not to be painted.

Surfaces need to be cleaned prior to painting, holes, and blemishes in the surface area on which the paint will be applied need painting as well.

Old paint should be removed, and paints need to be matched.

You do not need to have a degree to be a painter, however, experience is vital.

Most painters will do an internship out of high school to give them the experience they need.

It is also ideal to shadow a professional in the field and learn the tricks of the trade.

The type of painting you do will affect the income generated.

Those who paint homes may get a higher pay rate than other painters, however, painters who paint skyscrapers and large building exteriors will usually generate the highest income due to the health and safety risk.


Journalism is a very well-paid job, with an average salary of $75,296 per year.

Journalist roles vary, however.

That being said, the basics of the role are always the same.

Journalists perform investigations to collect information about current events, or certain situations and then use this information to report the information.

A skill required for a career in journalism is to be able to present facts honestly and in an unbiased and balanced form.

Journalists can write news articles, report via television, and use documentaries, or television series.

You can also have research journalists focused on gathering the information.

Audio and visual journalism is also potential career path for some.

Let us not forget the ‘paps’, or ‘paparazzi’, as this is also a form of journalism as well.

In order to be a journalist, you really need to have a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, English, or a similar field.

You do need to have a minimum of about 2 years of experience working as a reporter or journalist, this means internships or work experience.

You need to be able to maintain ethical standards and meet deadlines with accurate information that is fact-checked.

It is an intense field to work in, but can also be very rewarding as well.


There are many roads you can take as a creative type, however, which road you take depends on your preference.

We are not all made equally, and there is the possibility that none of these appeal to you.

You might want to work for yourself, and just want to start up your own business, which is something that plenty of people are doing now.

In fact, self-employment is something a lot of creative types are leaning towards now.

No matter your situation, there is a job out there for you, be it salaried or freelance, your dream job is out there, you just need to do some digging, and if you cannot find something that is perfect, you can always craft your own job, if a job needs doing, there is someone who needs to do it.

Creatives have a unique skill set and a unique way of thinking that businesses need.

Without creatives, our world would be incredibly boring!

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