10 High Paying Business Degrees (Ranked & Reviewed)

High Paying Business Degrees

If you are thinking about obtaining a degree in business, you should know that it is a significant investment.

To make sure that your investments will be paid back, you need to find out which career options are the most fruitful.

In this article, you can find the list of the most well-paid careers that require a business degree.

The list is based on the data provided by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

So without further ado…

Here’s a list of AWESOME high paying business degrees:

Entrepreneurship – M.S. or B.S. in Entrepreneurship or MBA in Entrepreneurship

If you decide to obtain a degree in entrepreneurship, you’ll be able to get all knowledge and skills that are necessary for organization management.

Usually, the course contains such disciplines as a global business, capital management, product development, and general business principles such as sales, finance, marketing, human resources, public relations, and accounting.

After obtaining your degree in entrepreneurship you can enroll in various careers including chief executive officers.

Just keep in mind that your income may vary depending on the organization and responsibilities you have.

Working in this sphere, you can have an average salary of about $158 560 per year.

E-commerce – M.S. or B.S. in E-commerce, or MBA in E-commerce

In fact, e-commerce can be considered as one of the most innovative and fast-developing fields in the business industry.

Obtaining your degree in e-commerce, you’ll be able to learn about electronic services, e-commerce management, as well as the establishment, formulation, and implementation of various electronic distribution means.

It is a great opportunity to learn about both general business instructions and specific issues related to the management of information systems.

Normally most programs contain various disciplines including analysis and design of information and E-systems, data mining, decision support systems, E-commerce project management, emerging information technologies, seminar in global E-commerce policy, managing telecommunication and Internet technologies, database systems, global operations information technology, information technologies, and design of information systems for business.

After completing your training, you can apply for such careers as E-commerce management specialists, entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, or Internet applications designers.

This is an interesting and a rather new-comer to the high paying business degrees list.

An average salary in this sphere is about $127 870 annually.

Marketing – M.S. or B.S. in Marketing, or MBA in Marketing

As a Marketing Business major, you can learn about the organization and promotion of various companies as well as required responsibilities.

During your training, you’ll be able to develop analysis, research, strategy skills, as well as learn numerous methods and techniques that may be useful for brand support, profits and investments increase.

The course contains such classes as business administration, economics, finance, accounting, public relations, statistics, organizational management, and business law.

As soon as you complete your training, you’ll be able to start working as a marketing manager that is responsible for the advertisement, customer and company analysis, and profits maximization.

As a marketing manager, you can earn about $112 800 per year.

Finance – M.S. or B.S. in Finance, or MBA in Finance

If you decide to obtain a degree in finance, you can discover some great career options in such spheres financial accounting, capital, money markets, and investments.

During your training, you can get an excellent understanding of personal, corporate, and international finance so you can support your clients in such issues as long term investment, debt management, retirement, and insurance plans.

Most finance training programs have a variety of business courses such as marketing, business law, human resource management, project management as well as management information systems, corporate finance, supply chain management, and issues in management and organizations.

If you decide to enroll in one of these degree programs, you should know that you’ll be able to apply for such jobs as a financial or budget analyst, personal financial advisor, and financial consultant.

Working in this sphere you can have a median salary of about $99 330 annually.

Human Resource Management – M.S. or B.S. in Human Resources, or MBA in Human Resources

Obtaining a degree in human resource management, you can work as a professional recruiting, motivating, training, and retaining employee talent.

In fact, such training programs provide classes that will let you learn about such issues as an organization growth fostering, as well as global leadership, global business, human capital management.

Also, you can learn such aspects as strategic operations management, organizational strategy, financial accounting, human resource management technologies and applications, and integration of functional and strategic human resource management.

After completing your training, you can work as a human resource manager with an average salary of $96 130 per year.

Economics – M.S. or B.S. in Economics, or MBA in Economics

If you want to learn about the impact of government policies, global relations, and the value of sound business decisions, you should consider obtaining a degree in economics.

The list of classes includes such options as advanced microeconomics, econometric methods for business analysis, advanced macroeconomics, applied time series and forecasting, business and economic forecasting, industrial organization.

Also, there are lectures on business and public policy, labor economics and labor relations, history of economic thought, public economics and the economics of taxation, business regulation and antitrust, as well as regional and urban economics, international macroeconomics, the economics of developing countries, international trade, and advanced econometric methods.

Graduates with a degree in economics can enroll in such positions as an economist, investment bankers, credit analysts, or market analysts.

The minimal salary in this sphere is about $83 590 per year.

Healthcare Management – M.S. in Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management, or MBA in Healthcare Administration

Applying for the healthcare Management Business degree, you can get an opportunity to start a career on two fast-growing medical industries.

After completing one of such programs, you’ll obtain numerous standard business skills as well as some leadership skills that will help you to work as a manager in various healthcare facilities.

During your training, you are going to attend various classes such as health care policy and regulations, health care law, health care economics, global issues in health care management, health care risk management, and health care informatics.

A degree in healthcare management will give you an opportunity to occupy such positions as healthcare administrators, healthcare managers, hospital administrators, or health care consultants.

An average annual salary in this sphere is about $80 240.

Global Business – M.S. in International Business or MBA in International Business

After obtaining your degree in Global Business, you have an opportunity to work as a qualified specialist within international companies and corporations.

Also, such specialists can work at multinational firms, financial institutions, government agencies, and international organizations.

In most cases, during your training, you’ll be able to learn such disciplines as global banking and capital markets, global outsourcing strategy, multinational business management, emerging financial markets, advanced perspectives on enterprise systems, and monetary policy, banks, and central banks as well as operations for global entrepreneurs.

As soon as your training is complete you can start working as a chief executive officer, entrepreneur, and management analyst.

All these careers can provide you with an average income of about $73 570 per year.

Business Administration/Management – MBA

If you are interested in a career in the business sphere, you can apply for a business administration/management degree program.

It is a great opportunity to develop numerous important skills such as research, lead, and analyze the daily operations of an organization in order to increase its efficiency and profit.

Most courses include a bunch of contemporary business disciplines such as accounting, economics, business strategy, finance, marketing management, human resources, manufacturing and production, statistics, operations management, and technology and information systems.

If you complete your training successfully and obtain your business administration/management degree, you can start working as an executive and senior manager or general operations manager.

Salaries in this sphere vary from $62 900 to $137 020 per year.

Accounting – M.S. or B.S. in Accounting, or MBA in Accounting

Usually, the list of duties of such specialists includes such points as accounting and managing corporate budgets, information technology, and financial records that are used for profits increase and efficiency maximization.

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The list of classes includes such points as managerial accounting theory and practice, information systems, business policy, microeconomics, taxation, macroeconomics, and financial decision making.

Also, you’ll be able to gain skills related to accounting and auditing aspects of computer-based information systems, introduction to operations management, marketing management, applied statistical analysis for business decisions.

After completing your training, you can apply for such jobs as an accountant, management accountant, auditor, IRS investigator, financial representative, and loan officer administrator.

An average salary in this sphere is about $45 900-$78 210 per year.

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