25 Fastest-Growing Jobs in America


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25 Fastest-Growing Jobs in America

Today you’re going to see the 25 fastest-growing jobs in the U.S.

In fact:

These are the jobs of the future, according to the BLS.

Let’s get started.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

This work involves the maintenance and the assembling of solar photovoltaic systems.

Here, these experts measure and cut structure framing in addition to doing some electrical works.

In some instances, this job can be dangerous since these professionals are required to operate using sharp electrical tools.

Moreover, they are sometimes required to operate from extreme heights.

It is a job which does not require a lot of academic qualifications.

Some employees may hire a person with a high school education or GEDs.

This work can be trained on-site.

solar panels installers

  • Salary: Ranges from $32,000 to $48,000.
  • Job Growth: 105% (2016-2026)

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

wind turbine techs

It is a career which is best suited for people who are interested in mechanical installation and repair.

These technicians are concerned with the operation and maintenance of wind turbines which are used in the production of wind-powered electricity.

Their major activities involve the installation of new wind turbines and doing regular maintenance work in a bid to ensure that these turbines function as expected.

In case these turbines are not working, these technicians respond immediately and check the cause of the problem.

This occupation also cracked our best nature-friendly careers list.

The educational requirements for this job are at least a high school diploma in addition to a technical school certificate.

  • Salary: The median salary is around $51,000.
  • Job Growth: 96% (2016-2026)

Home Health Aides

home health aides

These are professionals who work in a health setting.

Here, they perform regular activities such as assisting patients in their routine tasks such as bathing and dressing.

Sometimes, they are tasked with providing essential health-related services to their clients such as ensuring that they take the required medication at the correct time.

Outside the health setting, they assist patients in life activities such as laundry, washing dishes and ensuring that they have appointments with their doctors.

Health aides work under the direct supervision of qualified medical professionals.

They require to have at least a high school diploma.

Learn more about how to become a Home Health Aide here.

  • Salary: Around $24,000 annually.
  • Job Growth: 47% (2016-2026)

Personal Care Aides

personal care aides

These are also known as caregivers or homemakers.

Their work involves assisting the elderly, mentally ill, people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

They are mostly found in hospices and rehabilitation centers although some still work in residential faculties.

Their core duties involve cleaning, cooking and assisting clients in their daily chores such as showering and maintaining personal hygiene.
Moreover, they assist their clients in reading and playing games.

This is a job which does not require specific qualifications but a lot of dedication to the demands of the clients.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $23,000.
  • Job Growth: 39% (2016-2026)

Physician Assistants

physician assistant

These are professionals who mainly work under the direct supervision of qualified physicians or surgeons.

However, some of them operate independently.

They are charged with many responsibilities such as interviewing and examining patients as part of the diagnosis process.

They work closely with physicians to record tests in a bid to assess the extent of illness or injuries a particular patient might be suffering from.

After these tests, they can administer medications and recommend for the change of the lifestyle of the patient.

If you’re interested, see our program costs page for this occupation.

They need to be master’s degree holders from recognized institutions.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $110,000.
  • Job Growth: 37% (2016-2026)

Nurse Practitioner (NP)

nurse practitioner

The profession is tasked with the provision of primary and specialty healthcare.

Some of the duties involve the examination of patients, recording of the patients’ symptoms, development of a holistic treatment plan that might include various therapies and the promotion of good habits which are geared towards maintaining good health.

Moreover, they closely work with other health professionals to ensure that the patients get the best attention.

The profession requires a bachelor’s or associate degree, or a diploma in nursing in addition to a state-issued license.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $107,000.
  • Job Growth: 36% (2016-2026)



These are professions with high knowledge in mathematics.

They are mainly involved in the collection and analysis of data needed to address problems in business and sciences, among other fields.

In their daily work, they are tasked with the application of statistical theories to solve complex problems.

They also make a critical decision on the data needed to address specific questions in addition to determining the methods required for data collection.

These professionals also design surveys to be used in opinions for the purposes of data collection.

They are required to hold a master’s degree in Statistics although most of the employers need a Ph.D.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $60,000.
  • Job Growth: 34% (2016-2026)

Physical Therapist Assistants

physical therapy assistants

These are aides who work under the direct supervision of physical therapists.

Here, they are tasked with observing patients during the whole period they undergo therapy.

Any observations are supposed to be reported to the therapist for the best action to be taken.

Under the guidance of a therapist, they assist patients to do some exercises as part of their recovery plan.

They also play the role of educating patients on what to do in a bid to recover from their conditions.

They need to hold an associate degree from reputable institutions.

We have here a complete guide about how to become a physical therapist assistant.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $58,000.
  • Job Growth: 31% (2016-2026)

Software Developers, Applications

software developers

These are professionals who are well versed with the programming languages.

A such, they use these languages to create unique software that can meet the needs of the clients.

They work with multiple operating systems.

They’re required to work in teams in the process of testing applications and the design of prototype applications.

They also create and maintain source codes that are used in the development of a particular program.

They need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science in addition to being conversant with computer programming languages.

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  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $102,000.
  • Job Growth: 31% (2016-2026)



These are people with a high-level understanding of mathematics.

They apply mathematical principles to analyze data and address issues affecting society.

They are tasked with the expansion of knowledge in the mathematical areas in addition to the establishment of new mathematical rules to expand the field.

These professionals are well versed with theories and apply a variety of formulas to approve or reject some of the theories.

They also interpret and analyze data which is then used to support major business decisions.

They need a master’s degree in mathematics in most cases.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $103,00.
  • Job Growth: 30% (2016-2026)

Bicycle Repairers

bicycle repairers

These are technicians who are required to have the technical knowhow of replacing bike parts and fixing various problems.

This is in addition to having excellent customer service skills which are capable of diagnosing issues which emanate from the numerous complaints raised by the customers.

They work in a bicycle shop or in stores which deal with sports equipment.

In addition to repairing bicycles, they also carry out regular maintenance tasks.

These are technical who undergo in-house job training although some of them still undergo professional training.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $29,000.
  • Job Growth: 29% (2016-2026)

Genetic Counselors

genetic counselors

These are highly qualified professionals who provide essential advice to clients about various genetic disorders and inherited conditions.

In the modern world, they need to be well-versed with the latest technical innovations so that they can be in a position to conduct a thorough analysis of the DNA.

In their routine work, they are tasked with analyzing the history of the patients, genetic testing activities and empowering patients on the various risks which can affect their health.

After the diagnosis, they assist the patient in coping with the different genetic conditions.

They need to be holding a master’s degree in genetic counseling.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $77,000.
  • Job Growth: 29% (2016-2026)

Information Security Analysts

information security

These are IT specialists who work in highly sensitive areas which deal with the protection of information.

As such, they are tasked with the mandate of ensuring that systems are safe and are not prone to hacking attempts and other cybercrimes.

Experts in this field hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, and Information Technology.

However, most of the employers prefer holders of a master’s degree.

Moreover, they are required to be excellent critical thinkers and possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

It is expected that this sector will grow by close to 30% in the next ten years.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $95,000.
  • Job Growth: 29% (2016-2026)

Medical Assistants

medical assistants

Medical Assistants are tasked with the execution of administrative and clinical duties.

They mainly operate in a health setting.

They hold post-secondary education or community college qualifications where they get essential skills on how to work closely with patients and physicians.

In the doctors’ offices, they assist the doctor in drawing blood in addition to performing simple vision tests.

In their day to day work, they are expected to greet patients, answer phone calls, and assist the patients in making appointments with e doctor.

Experienced medical assistants might be asked to perform electro diagrams as well as monitor the bold pressure of the patients.

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  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $29,000.
  • Job Growth: 29% (2016-2026)

Occupational Therapy Assistants

occupational therapy assistants

These are aides who are tasked with assisting patients who experience a lot of challenges while performing routine chores as a result of illnesses or disabilities.

They assist these patients to follow the treatment plan and teach them to use the various equipment as part of the recovery process.

In most cases, these assistants do not work independently but instead need to work under the direct supervision of qualified Occupational Therapists.

As part of the administrative duties, these aides assist in the recording of the progress of the client.

They are required to hold a diploma from high school in addition to the various educational and licensing requirements as may be dictated by states.

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  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $66,000.
  • Job Growth: 29% (2016-2026)

Physical Therapist Aides

physical therapist aides

They are team members of the physical therapy team.

They work under the supervision of physical therapists where they are tasked with the execution of nonmedical tasks.

In their routine work, they are expected to set up and clean the treatment rooms and facilitate the smooth transportation of patients to the health facility for treatment.

They are also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the treatment equipment is ready in addition to the preparation of cold and hot packs.

They keep accurate records of the progress of the patients.

They are required to hold at least a high school diploma.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $26,000.
  • Job Growth: 29% (2016-2026)

Physical Therapists

physical therapists

These are crucial players in the rehabilitation and treatment of patients who are suffering from injuries and other chronic conditions.

They are tasked with assisting injured people in improving their movements in addition to helping them in the daily management of their pain.

In their day to work, they review the medical history of the patients and make the necessary diagnosis.

Sometimes if the situation is out of hand, they might refer them to other doctors and surgeons.

They observe patients assess how they walk or stand with the aim of developing a treatment plan needed to assist them to recover.

These professionals hold a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $71,000.
  • Job Growth: 28% (2016-2026)

Forest Fire Inspectors and Prevention Specialists

forest fire inspectors

These are specialists who are trained to deal with forest fires.

Their daily work involves the enforcement of fire regulations and inspection of forests to prevent fires.

They work closely with the weather experts to understand weather patterns, which might pose a risk to the forests.

In case of frost fires, they direct all the personnel working on fire lines in a bid to put to the fires.

They also maintain and repair firefighting equipment in addition to making requests for new equipment.

They maintain accurate records regarding forest fires and administer various regulations needed to prevent forest fires.

They require to hold at least a high school diploma.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $53,000.
  • Job Growth: 27% (2016-2026)

Operations Research Analysts

operations research analysts

These are experts who employ complex mathematical formulas to understand and analyses various business and real-life scenarios.

In the process, they solve problems in the areas of logistics, healthcare, counting and business among other fields.

Their daily work involves the collection of information for various databases such as sales histories, computer systems, and customer feedback.

The data is then analyzed in a bid to develop practical solutions to the underlying problems.

These experts also advise managers and other executives on the various steps to take in an attempt to address multiple issues.

They need to hold a master’s degree in Operations Research.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $81,000.
  • Job Growth: 27% (2016-2026)

Derrick Operators, Oil, and Gas

derrick operators oil gas

They operate in the oil and gas extraction industries.

In their routine work, they are expected to maintain the drilling equipment, repair oil rigs, and operate mud pumps among other functions.

They are also tasked with the replacement of drill pipes and mixing the drilling fluids.

Once these people have worked for a long time, they can be added extra responsibilities such as the supervision of drill teams and the determination of borehole locations in addition to obtaining various rock and soil samples.
In most cases, they are found in the gas and oil industries although they can still work for shipping firms.

They require at least a high school diploma and onsite training on the various skills.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $64,000.
  • Job Growth: 26% (2016-2026)

Health Specialties Teachers

health specialties teachers

These are teachers in the field of health such as veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and community health among other health fields.

They are tasked with the facilitation of the classroom discussions.

They are also required to be updated in the current happenings in their area and read contemporary literature, sharing with their peers and taking part in various professional conferences.

Since they work as regular teachers, they determine and grade examinations, prepare course materials, issue handouts and assign work to their peers among other duties.

They hold a Ph.D. in their areas of specialization.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $102,000.
  • Job Growth: 26% (2016-2026)

Massage Therapists

massage therapists

These are professionals who treat patients suffering from muscle pains and other injuries.

Their work involves the massing of the affected tissues in a bid to help in easing the pain.

They are mainly found in spas, fitness centers, and recreation centers among other settings.

For one to qualify as a professional n this field, he or she needs to hold at least a post-secondary training in this field which takes at least five hundred hours to complete.

Before a massage therapist can start working on a patient, he or she asks some questions regarding the areas where the patient is experiencing pain or discomfort.

The therapist manipulates the muscles in a bid to relieve tensions and pain.

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  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $42,000.
  • Job Growth: 26% (2016-2026)

Occupational Therapy Aides

occupational therapy aides

The work under the supervision of qualified physicians and are tasked with assisting patients in therapeutic activities such as stretching and other physical exercises.

They also help children who might be suffering from physical disabilities where they guide them on how to play, socialize with their peers and coordinate their body parts.

Additionally, they show patients how to use specialized equipment and record the progress of these patients.

They work closely with the occupational therapies to ensure that the treatment schedule is followed and assist in booking the appointments for various patients.

They need to hold an associate’s degree in this area.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $57,000.
  • Job Growth: 25% (2016-2026)



These are experts found in blood donor centers, laboratories, and hospitals.

In their daily work, they are tasked with taking blood from patients and donors which is then used for medical purposes.

This process requires a person who is really passionate about.

As such, they talk with the patients and donors in a bid to convince them of the need for this process and reduce nervousness.

In this process, they also verify the blood groups of the patient and label the blood drawn in a bid to make the process easier.

These experts also ensure that the records of the patients are up to date.

They need a postsecondary non-degree award in this field.

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  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $34,000.
  • Job Growth: 25% (2016-2026)

Roustabouts, Oil, and Gas

rousrabouts oil gas

These are experts who are mainly found in oil and gas companies.

It is a job which is done by people who are willing to work in a dirty environment.

These experts are tasked with cleaning tools, equipment, and pumps in the oil mines in a bid to keep these areas clean.

They also use various machines in the process of loosening pipes, load and unload materials into trucks ready for transport.

Their work also involves the assembling, rapier, and dismantling of the machinery and boilers used in the oil and gas industry.

They need at least a high school diploma.

  • Salary: Median annual salary is around $55,000.
  • Job Growth: 25% (2016-2026)

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