How Much Does Yoga Classes Cost?

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$ Typically: $10-$20 a class

Yoga practice aims to increase the strength and the body balance by practicing poses combined with deep breathing.

This not only reduces the blood pressure, but also improves the heart and respiratory rates, as well as the cortisol level in the body – the hormone that fights with the stress.

Many yoga studios provide a modern form of yoga also known as Bikram or hot yoga.

During that hot yoga practice the instructors turn the heat up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Typical Costs

The single sessions at yoga centers are priced at $12 on average across the country, while some instructors in metropolitan and coastal areas charge at least $16.

Certain finess centers provide unlimited yoga classes to their clients as part of their overall membership package.

If practitioners buy multiple sessions then the prices decreases.

California, North Dakota, Texas and Nebraska provide packages of 5 sessions for $50 to $75 while 10 sessions range from $90 to $135.

Other studios provide a flat monthly rate.

Yoga Tree chain from San Francisco provides a variety of packages, as well as a 1-month plan for $190, featuring 30 classes.

What Is Included

  • The duration of the yoga classes is an hour.
  • Most yoga studios provide classes ideal for beginners and experienced practitioners while other studios offer specific classes based on the difficulty level.
  • Some yoga instructors get certified at a specialized yoga school or by an accredited fitness program, however that is not necessary.
  • Most of the studios secure mats for more comfort and play soothing music as background during the yoga classes.
  • Yoga classes start with stretching and performance of asanas in mirror image as body both sides achieve balance.
  • Very often the instructors customize the individual classes in order to address certain challenges such as back stretching or core abdominal strength creation.
  • The yoga sessions end as the practitioners or the yogis lay on their backs with their arms extended outward with palms open.
  • That shavasana pose starts the period of still meditation which lasts 10 minutes or longer.

Additional Costs

Those that want to practice yoga can buy own mats with various tickness level and in different colors.

Rubber and cloth mats are offered at for the price from $22 to $80.

They can also get towels of special microfiber for $30 to place over the mats for absorbing perspiration.

Shopping For Yoga Classes

Thousands of studios and fitness centers that offer yoga classes in the United States and 80 other countries are listed at YogaFinder.

A directory of studios with details about their type, difficulty and price of sessions are also offered at

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Get information about programs near you or online.