How Much Does Modeling Classes Cost?

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$ Classes or Workshops: $15-$1,250 $ $ Conference: $2,000-$10,000

The aim of the modeling classes is to prepare novice models for professional work in magazines, on runways and other similar fashion modeling work.

Typical Costs

The price of the modeling classes varies from $15 for a one-hour class to $1,250 for a one-week intensive workshop, that also includes a wider spectrum of modeling topics.

The class prices vary based on the school’s size, reputation, and location.

Touches of Beauty, based in Surprise, AZ, for example, charges $15 for a one-hour class, while a one-hour workshop at the Elite Fashion Academy Los Angeles costs $125.

The price of the Teen Self Improvement & Modeling Workshop made up of seven, two-hour sessions at the Modeling & Acting Training Center of Hawaii is $475.

Between $2,000-$10,000 is the price for attendance at one of the two annual conferences/competitions by the International Modeling and Talent Association, being a major professional organization of modeling schools and talent agencies.

It claims actors Katie Holmes and Ashton Kutcher as alumni, and the costs are based on the modeling school and whether the classes are part of the conference package.

What Is Included

  • The basic modeling skills which are taught in such classes include runway walking and photo posing.
  • Certain modeling classes may also cover interpersonal skills such as professionalism and etiquette, interviewing skills and audition preparation.
  • Workshop topics span the modeling world by including breathing, posture and body language; analysis of the skincare products; various make-up techniques; special hair care; nutrition and fitness.
  • The classes are typically taught by former models or others who have worked in the fashion industry.
  • The next step in furthering a modeling career is to join a modeling agency.
  • The agencies connect the working models and the advertising agencies or fashion designers that employ them.
  • The officials with potential modeling schools should inform you when asked whether they are affiliated with an agency.

Additional Costs

  • The appearance is the main thrust of the models and that is why they invest in quality health, beauty, and skincare products, as well as to stay fit, which may include going to the gym (gym membership card of $20-$50 or more per month) or getting a personal trainer ($60-$70 or more per session).
  • Part of the models is advised to take acting classes to learn poise, camera work, and confidence, which classes usually cost $150-$2,000.
  • Freelance models who do not sign with an agency need also a professional portfolio, which is available for $200-$1,500.

Shopping For Modeling Classes

  • If the aim is to attend an IMTA conference, be sure to join a modeling school that is an IMTA member.
  • This is the place where some models get their start; however, IMTA has received criticism for promising more to attendees than is given.
  • The modeling school teaches the skills necessary to be a model.
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the attendance of modeling schools does not necessarily lead to job opportunities.
  • BLS notes that many models are discovered by agency scouts or after an applicant simply emails a photo to an agency.
  • The Federal Trade Commission advises asking the school whether it is licensed or bonded and if that is a state requirement, and to be aware of schools with relationships with specific agencies.

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