How Much Does Acting Classes Cost?

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$ Courses: $150-$2,000 $ $ Theatre Degree: $20,000-$120,000+

Acting classes are usually led by seasoned professional actors, and they aim to teach aspiring actors the skills required to perform in theatre or on screen.

Typical Costs

The acting classes can be broken into three groups: private one-on-one coaching; courses where people meet once or twice weekly over several weeks; and one-day or two-day workshops that teach specific and focused skill sets.

Courses in acting are more general, since they teach the basics of acting or covering a breadth of information on a specific acting technique, for instance, a method, which focuses on the realistic expression of emotion or improvisation, or on creating scenes on the spot with a group.

Courses usually cost $150-$2,000, based mainly on location and the school reputation and prestige.

The Society for Theatrical Artists’ Guidance and Enhancement (STAGE), for example, is a nonprofit organization for performing artists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

AADA or The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is a well-known nonprofit conservatory with schools in New York and Los Angeles.

STAGE provides six-week courses for $150; while the AADA offers a five-week program for $2,000.

The workshops are more specialized, as they are teaching a specific skill and their cost range from $50-$325.

This may be an on-stage skill, for example, stage fighting or delivering a monologue, or it could provide practical knowledge for the profession, such as acting for commercials, finding an agent or even doing one’s taxes.

For instance, Acting Studio Chicago has a one-day voice workshop for $80; while the Actors Talent & Casting Services of Oklahoma City offers a three-part workshop to kick start an acting career for $150.

Many acting teachers provide private coaching sessions where actors can receive one-on-one technique and career advice.

The sessions cost from $50-$250, depending largely on the coach’s popularity.

Barbara Kite of Portland, OR, for example, offers one-hour sessions for $150.

Most colleges provide degrees in theatre and related disciplines.

For instance, the four-year college costs $5,000-$39,000 per year.

The three-year master’s degree in Fine Arts is comparable in price, such as Florida State University’s School of Theatre, cost $5,000 for in-state students or $20,000 for out-of-state students.

What Is Included

  • The courses may include electives that cover any of a variety of supplemental acting skills.
  • Some courses culminate in a live performance for friends and family or the general public.
  • The towns outside the main entertainment hubs such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago — are more likely to offer inexpensive acting courses.
  • Certain workshops require basic acting coursework, which forms the building blocks for such coursework.
  • Sometimes those taking classes are aspiring professional actors.
  • The rest who take such courses are fulfilling a lifelong interest or do it to gain confidence in groups or being in front of a crowd.
  • In general, children and teenagers take classes with their peers.
  • The prices for children and teenagers classes are typically the same as for adults.


  • The siblings taking classes together may be offered a deal.
  • STAGE charges $300 per session, and $500 for two siblings.
  • Some schools, including the AADA, offer scholarships, which might be based on the student’s performance or needs-based.

Shopping For Acting Classes

  • For serious actors, it’s important to find an acting coach with whom they connect and work well.
  • Coaching is a very personal experience, and having a good relationship with a specific coach can garner successful sessions that could last for years.
  • If in the Los Angeles or New York area, one should check out’s list of favorite teachers as chosen by readers.
  • There are many unions, guilds and associations to reach out if searching for a reputable school or instructor.
  • Also to be tried is the Backstage’s compilation of groups around the country.
  • The official website of the actor Tom Cruise features a list of well-known acting schools.

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