How Much Does Career Counseling Cost?

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$ Counseling Sessions: $75-$1,200+ $ $ Written and Graded Assessments: $125-$450

Career Counseling or career coaching/consulting is a special service aimed to help people increase their job satisfaction, move from one career to another or find a new vocation.

Typical Costs

The price of career counselling sessions is between $75 and $150 per hour.

Those that need assistance for writing a resume or getting general career advice can go for one or two sessions, however, if someone needs a career change that it is advisable to go on 4-8 career counselling sessions.

The Career Management Institute, part of the University Place, WA, offers career counselling for $95 per hour.

At the same time, the Counselor Ruthann Reim McCaffree provides eight personal assessments for a package price of $240 and can assist in defining the personality, interests and values of their client.

The written and graded assessments are usually billed aside from career counselling and are priced at $125-$450 for a package of tests.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory are some of the popular assessments.

Professional Career Counseling of Lakewood, CO, features a personalized testing package that can assist clients in identifying one’s suitable occupations for $125.

Career counselling and other services are offered for free at many colleges or universities as well.

For instance, Augusta State University in Georgia provides alumni with a package of three career counselling sessions plus two written assessments for $99.

What Is Included

The National Board for Certified Counselors provides certifications for counsellors who hold a master’s degree in counselling.

Initial consultation to discuss the services available should be offered by the career counsellor.

Linda Rolie of Career Services in Ashland, OR, for instance, offers the client an initial questionnaire and first consultation in-person, over the phone, or via email.

The training of career counsellors is such so that they can help people identify their talents and their career goals.

In case a person is not happy with the current vocational path, it is the task of the career counsellor to find out why by asking questions and by using many tools to suggest a career change.

At the same time, a career counsellor can advise a student figuring out the best course of study or can assist an employee in transit into retirement.

The good counsellor knows how to suggest practical advice on how to implement a change in the career by services such as job search or resume writing.

The task of the career counsellor however is not to provide career placement services, as this task is done by an employment agency.

Career assessments usually include testing and results printout and then it is the counsellor task to analyze and discuss the results with the client.

Shopping For Career Counseling

  • A searchable database of career counsellors who hold master’s degrees and are certified is offered by the National Career Development Association.
  • The website Ask the Headhunter provides information about what the job seekers should look for when searching for a career counsellor.
  • It further states that the client has to ask for the counsellor’s references and pay for the services once the counselling is done.

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