How Much Does Summer Day Camp Cost?

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$ One Week: $50-$2,000+ $ $ Two-Four Weeks: $150-$5,000+ $ $ $ Eight-10 Weeks: $250-$6,000+

The day camps are designed for children who are entering the first to eighth grade in the fall, however in certain camps, children are accepted as young as 4, and others are focused on teens.

Typical Costs

Operated by community groups, nonprofit organizations, and local school districts, the summer day camps are priced between $50-$300 a week; $150-$800 for two- to four weeks; or $250-$3,000 or more for eight- to ten weeks.

The price is based on the activities and the instruction, the ratio between campers and counsellors, the possible field trips, the camp day duration, and whether the program is subsidized or not.

The summer day camps that are run by Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools in North Carolina, for instance, are priced at $175 a week and a one-time $40 registration fee.

At the same time, two-week of day camp at YMCA Camp Widiwagan in Tennessee costs $495-$545, and there is a $30 discount in case of the camper signs up for more than one of the five scheduled weeks.

Enrichment day camps are provided by the private schools and for-profit organizations, the colleges and universities for the sum of $200-$2,000 per week, or $1,500-$5,000 for two to four weeks, and $1,000 -$6,000 or eight to ten weeks.

The price is usually based on the focus of the camp, the maximum number of campers possible, the equipment that is needed, the ratio of the staff-camper and other factors.

The recreational day camp MIT, for boys and girls 6-13 years of age, offers swimming and other sports for $185-$327 per week or $589-$655 for two-week programs.

Computer day camps are offered by the ID Tech Camps at more than 60 universities nationwide.

The price per week is $779-$999 where the target is the 7-17 age group from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays or $1,028-$1,248 per week for extended programs that start at 7:30 am and last until 7 pm.

What Is Included

A child is assigned to a group or a specific counsellor based on the camp size and is given a task that is appropriate for his or her age.

The activities vary based on the focus of the camp and can include music and arts, crafts and dance, field trips to local attractions, team sports and nature walks.

Additional Costs

The usual operating time of the day camps is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. or 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

If working parents need to leave their child for daycare before and after camp hours, they need to pay additional fees.

This service costs $50-$250 or more weekly.

The special activities and field trips cost additional fees.

Amity Acres Day Camp, connected to the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, asks for $60 a week for swimming lessons,  $35 each for day trips to different places outside the camp, and $275-$488 weekly for horseback riding programs.

The registration fee at certain day camps includes lunch; however, the parents are asked to provide a sack lunch and also pay $25-$50 weekly, so that the lunch served.


In case parents volunteer at the camp, the camps can reduce or eliminate the fees; they can also provide early registration discounts and discounts for multiple campers from one family.

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Another great option is to organize a do-it-yourself day camp.

Underprivileged children or those with serious illnesses or other special needs, and attendance are often welcome for free or at a low cost at some camps.

Agencies and officials are working with these specific types of children to fins if they offer a summer day camp.

Shopping For Summer Day Camp

  • For summer day camp programs, try the local community or recreation centre, YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, the parks department, children’s museum or other group offers.
  • Enquire the camp’s emphasis, if the campers are grouped by age or activity, or both.
  • The questions to consider when choosing a day camp are listed by the American Camp Association.

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