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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Lincoln, NE

Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska; however, it isn’t the largest city in the state.

They are known for the Cornhuskers Football, the Sower, and the Runza Sandwich.

Multiple trade jobs are offered in Lincoln, and some might connect to your interest.

To achieve your goal, we have made a list of the top trade schools in the area that will surely bring you to your stable careers.

Below are the trade schools that are found in the area.

Purdue University Global

About the School

Purdue University Global is an online educational institution that is designed to be personalized for every student.

Their programs are designed to develop every student’s academic and professional skills.

They help their students achieve more opportunities in their careers by offering an accessible education and a flexible schedule to fit student’s busy schedules.

The Higher Learning Commission has given accreditation to Purdue University Global for its quality and trusted curriculum.

They offer numerous financial aids and over 28% of their students are military-affiliated.

They accept diverse students from men to women of all ages who can manage to continue their work while starting a new career.

Courses Offered

Purdue University Global offers over 175+ programs in diverse fields and here are some:

  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency
  • Management
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Crime Scene Technician Certificate
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Health Care Administration
  • Master of Science in Health Education and Promotion
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

The following programs are offered 100% online.
In line with the fields of business management, Purdue University offers an online Master of Science degree in management that has a total of 14 courses that cost $485 per credit and is completed in a year and a half.

Similar to the stated course the online master’s in criminal justice is also completed in a year and a half that costs $420 per credit.


Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics

About the School

The Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics is one of the trusted institutions in the city in terms of education in the beauty industry.

They have been in the industry for 100 years and are continuously providing the best quality of education that they can give for their student’s successful future careers.

The Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics assists their students through financial by payment different payment plans, federal student aid, scholarships, and many more.

Their instructors are professionals in their industry who help students with their careers in the fields they pursue.

To be qualified for their programs here are the basic requirements:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Driver’s license or Identification card
  • Medical records (some programs)

Courses Offered

The Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics offers two programs in line with the beauty industry which are the Cosmetology program and the Esthetics program.

The Cosmetology program covers topics such as coloring, highlighting, balayage, ombre, hairstyling, perming, lash & Brow tinting, makeup artistry, and even topics like money management and marketing that will help you maintain your light in the industry.

Aside from the cosmetology program they also offer an Esthetics program that does hands-on training by learning and acquiring the skills in real life with the supervision of their supportive faculty.

The Esthetics program which costs $12,850 is completed in 18 weeks and covers topics such as skin analysis, facial treatments, chemical peels, Makeup artistry, Radiance facials, spray tanning, manicures & pedicures, and even business training.



About the School

The VanEd is one of the premier schools that offers helpful assistance to students who are interested in starting a wonderful career in real estate.

They have been in the industry for 15 years and acquired 6 full-time instructors.

The VanEd is an online real estate school that allows students to study in their phase and is designed to be flexible in all locations and times.

Their offered program is meant for students to be ready for the state exam.

Courses Offered

Here are the offered courses on the Nebraska campus that might catch your interest:

  • Pre-License course
  • Broker course
  • Exam Prep
  • Real Estate Post-License Course
  • CE course
  • GRI courses

Their online Pre-License course costs $490 for the original price and gives access to eBooks and 5 days of free trial.

They also offer a 66-hour program that will be needed to be a licensed real agent even those without prior experience.

Institutes such as the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC), the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), The Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), and more gave accreditation to this academy’s program for their quality education.


Southeast Community College

About the School

The Southeast Community College is an institution that provides real-world opportunities for approximately 9,500 of its students.
Since 1983, the Southeast Community College has been reviewed and approved by the Higher Learning Commission for its quality curriculum that meets the standards of every company.

Over 93% of their graduates are attending a continuing education and employed.

The Southeast Community College accepts financial aid and scholarships to be accessible to everyone.

To be qualified for the programs they offer applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • Must pass the evaluation skills to determine the skills of students.
  • Must be 16 years old and above.

Courses Offered

The Southeast Community College offers opportunities in dual credit dedicated to junior and senior high school students.

This college offers over 80+ degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs that instructors in their distinct careers handle.

Here are the programs that this college offers:

  • Electrician Construction
  • Electrical & Electromechanical Technology
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Dietary Manager
  • Diesel-Ag Equipment Service Technology
  • Diesel Technology
  • Design & Drafting Technology
  • Culinary/Hospitality
  • Criminal Justice
  • Concrete Construction Technician
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Polysomnographic Technology
  • Powersports Technology
  • Precision Machining and Automation Technology
  • And more

Most of their programs are offered both online and on-campus with hands-on training for better improvements of skills.

If you like working with numbers, solving problems, billing, and office management, the accounting program which is approximately $9,254 is the one that is dedicated to you.

Their programs are designed to be flexible for students to freely choose either full-time or part-time.

Aside from this students can also choose which educational method they prefer either a traditional classroom or online.


Joseph's College Cosmetology - Lincoln Campus

About the School

Joseph’s College Cosmetology is an educational institution that has been handled by the same group since 1965 and continuously provides opportunities to students interested in starting a career in cosmetology.

This college provides a quality education that is approved and accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science (NACCAS).

They accept financial aid to students in need and who are qualified.

They aim to continuously provide a licensed and professional cosmetologist in the city that are permitted to be a salon owner, and manager and build a cosmetic company.

Courses Offered

Joseph’s College Cosmetology offers a unique cosmetology program that approximately costs about $18,000 and is open to students with or without financial aid.

The cosmetology program is designed to be informative although it’s short it can guide students to a prosperous career.
The main agenda of the program is to produce and run through the fundamental skills that students need to elevate.

The program is guided by expert instructors who are devoted to bringing their students to a thriving company.


  • Joseph’s College Cosmetology – Lincoln Campus
  • Address 6810 P St #200, Lincoln, NE 68505
  • Phone +1 402-435-2333
  • Website

Larabee School of Real Estate

About the School

Larabee School of Real Estate is designed for students who would love to start a career in the field of real estate.

This real estate school is the best place to improve their student’s skills that they can use and grow in the business.

Job assistance is given by the Larabee School of Real Estate on every program that a student has completed or assists them in starting their own business.

Basic requirements such as acquiring an identification card or driver’s license and a high school diploma are one of the essentials to be qualified in their programs.

This institution hires an instructor with broad experience in the industry for the sake of their students’ forthcoming careers.

Courses Offered

The Larabee School of Real Estate offers online and in-person classes that differ in every aspect.

Here are some post-license programs that they offer:

  • Real estate Practice – $104 (online)
  • Designated Broker Requirement – $112 (online)
  • Real estate practice – $110 (in-person)

The online courses that they offer procure a 5-day free trial enrollment as they are confident that they meet the high standards of ARELLO.

The real estate practice they offer is dedicated to students who pass the real estate license test and must possess a 12-hour course within 180 days of their exam.

The real estate practice has different areas that are included in this curriculum and here are those:

  • Part 1 – real estate in today’s market
  • Part 2 – Working with sellers.
  • Part 3 – working with buyers.
  • Part 4 – contract considerations.


  • Larabee School of Real Estate
  • Address 7811 Pioneers Blvd suite 200-a, Lincoln, NE 68506
  • Phone +1 402-436-3308
  • Website

Providence Health Career Institute

About the School

The Providence Health Career Institute was established in 2009 and is open for students who want to start a career in the medical field.

The Nebraska Commissioner of Education accredits this institution and aside from this course are also approved by the nursing and education departments.

They offer their students quality healthcare education courses & exams that will help their students nurture their skills in their chosen program.

However, Financial aid is not available for nurse aid and medication aide programs.

To qualify for their programs here are some of the basic requirements:

  • Must complete the online registration.
  • At least 16 years of age (Nurse aid course)
  • At least 18 years of age (Medication Aide course)
  • Must understand the English language.
  • Possess a good moral character.

Courses Offered

The Providence Health Career Institute offers two accredited courses in line with the medical field which have distinct differences in their topics and curriculum.

One of the courses that they offer is the Medication aide course which is designed to be a blended course that requires 24 hours of online and 16 hours of on-campus training.

This course will give you the freedom to manage your time and divide it into when you are available for online and on-campus lessons.

Aside from the Medication course, the Providence Health Career Institute provides a nurse aide course that is also a blended course and requires 36 hours of online and 40 hours of on-campus training.


College Of Hair Design

About the School

The College of Hair Design is a second-generation college run by a family with the straightforward goal of striving for the greatest standards of beauty.

Thousands of people received the guidance and practical training that are needed to start lucrative professions in the hair and skin care sector with the help of this college institute.

CHD has been certified by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges for more than 45 years.

For individuals who meet the requirements, financial aid can be obtained through the FAFSA application procedure.

The only college in Lincoln using the advantages of Pivot Point Education is this institution.

Courses Offered

The College of Hair Design offers three programs that might help you with your desired career.

Here are those programs:

  • Barbering
  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetics

For the Barbering program, their curriculum comprises 1800 hours of study covering subjects including product knowledge, haircutting, style, and shaving.

After completing the program, careers such as Barber, product designer, retail distributor, school instructor, trainer, recruiter, barber shop manager, and more are the possible future for students taking the barber program.

In as short as 12 months, the cosmetology program’s 1800 hours of painstakingly designed instruction will provide you with a strong foundation in every facet of cosmetology, giving you the knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance you need to pursue a lucrative career.


Nebraska Wesleyan University

About the School

For more than a century and a half, scholars from all over the world and throughout Nebraska have come to Nebraska Wesleyan University in search of exceptional academic instruction and hands-on learning opportunities.

This university accepts financial aid for those students who are qualified and over 98% of their students receive financial aid.

Classes at the Nebraska Wesleyan University are made small having a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1 to have an equal distribution of attention to their students.

100% of their students experience internships, service learning, research, or study abroad.

Aside from this Nebraska Wesleyan University is the top for its performing arts among the independent colleges in Nebraska.

Courses Offered

The Nebraska Wesleyan University provides individualized attention while maintaining an intense concentration on service and experiential learning.

Here are some programs that they offer:

  • Accounting
  • Acting
  • Art Studio
  • Biology
  • Business-Sociology
  • Communication Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dentistry
  • East Asian Studies
  • Finance
  • Health and Fitness Studies
  • History-Social Science Education
  • Language Arts Education
  • Marketing
  • and more.


Lincoln Academy of Massage & Bodyworks

About the School

The Lincoln Academy brings an interactive and educational curriculum to fulfill the needs of the individual to be successful in their career.

Their instructors are devoted and one of the massage therapists since 2003 who possesses broad experience in the field.

This academy is known for its quality education and facilities that ensure the careers of its students are secured.

Enrollment and application forms are available online at their official website to be accessible for every interested student.

A job placement is given by the Lincoln Academy to their graduates to ensure that they will be placed in a thriving company.

Courses Offered

The Lincoln Academy of Massage & Body Works offers a 12-month program that complies with the requirements of the state.

The classes include the following topics:

  • Anatomy – 100 hours
  • Physiology – 100 hours
  • Pathology – 100 hours
  • Hygiene/nutrition – 100 hours
  • Business – 100 hours
  • Hydrotherapy – 100 hours
  • Introduction to massage therapy – 100 hours
  • Clinical practice of massage therapy – 300 hours

This 1000 program costs a total of $12,000 including the tuition, lab fee, insurance, and books.

A quarterly payment of $3025 is also being offered and scholarships to other students to complete the program debt-free.
This program offers both full-time that is completed in 12 months and part-time that is completed in 24 months.


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Final Thoughts

Now that you have checked the list of the top-tier trade schools here in Lincoln

Be passionate and choose wisely the school that will be with you on your journey.

Always check the aspects such as accreditation, schedules, tuition, and more.

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