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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Louisville, KY

In case you are in search of a new trade school for your student or for yourself, you probably know how difficult it can be to choose the right one among so many options.

What must be taken into consideration are numerous factors before making your final decision, and it is usually based on the programs the school has to offer.

Kentucky School of Phlebotomy

Kentucky School of Phlebotomy offers the best in class training at an affordable price and what students will get there ate the essential fundamentals for starting a career in healthcare.

If you are interested in this field, you should definitely apply to the classes at this school.

After graduation, you will become eligible to sit for the National Healthcareer Association’s certification exam in your field.

Enrollment: Prior to applying, you should get familiar with the program you are interested in, as each program has its own admission requirements.

The majority of programs require that future students are 18 years of age or older and that they possess a high school diploma or GED.

Additional information related to the admission process and requirements is available on the school’s webpage.

You just need to select the program you are interested in.

Once you are accepted as a student there it is very easy to register for a class, using the online registration form and payment portal or you come into the school and register in the admission office or to mail a paper form to the school.

Fees: There is a registration fee that has to be paid the moment you register for classes.

Contact Information:

  • Kentucky School of Phlebotomy
  • Address: 1425 Bluegrass Ave, Louisville, KY 40215
  • Phone: +1 502-791-5977
  • Web:

Louisville School of Massage

The Louisville School of Massage was founded by Brent & Katherine Williams in 1986 and it is certified and approved to accept all chapters of the GI Bill as well as Vocational Education and Rehabilitation benefits.

Enrollment: All their prospective students are encouraged to visit the facilities and to ask all your questions, meet the Director and tour the facilities.

There is a Program Presentation scheduled and you can choose the date and time that fits your own schedule.

If none of them fits, you should feel free to call to set up your personal tour or join a program presentation session.

at Louisville School of Massage during the course is 16 weeks, students are immediately implementing the classroom learning in a real-world setting.

These skills are necessary to obtain a successful massage career upon graduation and licensure.

If you are interested in becoming a student here, you should contact the admission office and organize your tour as well as get familiar with the application process.

Those who cannot show determination for this career should not apply for admission.

Courses Offered:

  • Massage Therapy

Contact Information:

Carpenter's Apprentice School

The Commercial Carpenters Apprenticeship Training Program is monitored and approved by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, United States Department of Labor, so it is worth mentioning that upon completion of the program, graduates receive a certificate from the USDOL recognized internationally.

Enrollment: In case you want to enroll in Carpenter’s Apprentice School, you first need to make sure you meet the requirements:

The eligible applicant must be a resident of the jurisdictional area
He/she must be at least 17 years of age and must be able to pass the Substance Abuse Test.

There are two ways of applying for enrollment.

You can either visit a training center in Kentucky between 8 am – 11 am or 1 pm – 4 pm and apply in person or apply online by visiting the school’s official webpage.

Make sure you bring with you:

  • Current State or Government-issued photo ID
  • Military: a copy of DD214

Fees: The only costs that you will have to pay are the costs of required hand tools, classroom books, and pay union dues.

Books are an estimated $100 per year and apprentices are not required to pay tuition to attend school.

Courses Offered:

  • Apprenticeship

Contact Information:

Kentucky College of Art + Design

Enrollment: If the admission to KyCAD is what interests you, the school requires that the applicants have graduated from an accredited high school with a cumulative 2.0-grade point average or possess a high school equivalency certificate so as to be accepted as possible students.

Applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements are not guaranteed admission, as the decision will be made based on all the material provided with the application.

Those applicants interested in applying to KyCAD must complete an Application for Admission, submit transcripts, and a portfolio of recent artwork.

Applicants may even write an optional written personal statement and submit a letter of recommendation if they find them useful.

In addition, if you pass the first round, KyCAD may contact you for an on-campus interview.

Official transcripts may be submitted via email to, they can be mailed, or submitted in-person.

All official transcripts must be received by the college prior to the first day of class.

Students with a high school equivalency certificate must submit their official score report in addition to official transcripts from any high school attended.

Fees: Students are supposed to pay full-time tuition of $24,000.

Courses Offered:

Contact Information:

  • Kentucky College of Art + Design
  • Address: 505 W Ormsby Ave, Louisville, KY 40203
  • Phone: +1 502-430-6191
  • Web:

Louisville Beauty Academy

The Louisville Beauty Academy is currently a NACCAS Accredited Candidate and they are in progress to finalize the accreditation.

The Louisville Beauty Academy offers online enrollment to its prospective students and the applications are now available.

You are suggested to review the enrollment procedure before you decide to submit your application.

Enrollment: If you are wondering what you need to enroll, here are some basic guidelines.

As required by the State Board of Cosmetology of Kentucky, you need:

  • State ID such as driver license, permit, or simply an ID
  • Social Security Card
  • High school diploma or GED or equivalent

Fees: These are the approximate values of tuition costs at this academy:

  • Nail Technology Tuition – Under $3000
  • Cosmetology Tuition – Under $8500
  • Esthetic Tuition – Under $4500
  • Cosmetology Instructor Tuition – Under $6500

If you are serious about considering to start your education there, you should know that there is a requirement of paying a deposit at Enrollment Time with the required amount for the chosen program:

  • Nail Technology: $1,200
  • Esthetic: $1,500
  • Cosmetology: $1,800
  • Instructor: $1,800

Courses Offered:

  • Nail Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetic
  • Cosmetology Instructor

Contact Information:

Kentucky College of Barbering

Enrollment: The Kentucky College of Barbering has an open enrollment process and if you think that this career, as well as school, is the right one for you, then you are suggested to contact them for scheduled start dates.

This can be done by completing the form which is available on the school’s official website and by submitting it, you will begin the enrollment process.

If you have any questions related to the enrollment form or other requirements, you should feel free to call the school at 502-693-9115.

During the application process, you will be asked to provide answers to some personal questions as well as those related to your education.

Some of the questions might be:

  • Are you a citizen of the United States?
  • Do you have reliable transportation?
  • Are you a licensed cosmetologist?

You will have to mention whether you have a High School Diploma, GED or none of them.

Furthermore, showing the determination and eagerness for performing this job might play a crucial role in being accepted as a future student.

Fees: Once you are allowed to enroll into classes, you will get the information about the fees.

Courses Offered:

  • Barbering

Contact Information:

Ideal Beauty Academy

At the Ideal Beauty Academy, their main aim is to provide a program of education, which develops the maximum potential of each individual student, so that they may have a successful career in their respected field of cosmetology,  esthetics or nail technology.

So, the programs are designed to educate and encourage their students and they do not only offer practical skills but also prepare all graduates to sit before the Examination of Cosmetology for licensing.

Enrollment: Those interested in enrolling should contact Ideal Beauty Academy Now either by visiting their offices at 10213 Linn Station Road Louisville, KY 40223 or giving them a call via their phone number 502-290-4700.

If you have any further questions related to the application process, you can email them at

Students eager to enroll should visit the school’s official website, get familiar with program requirements, depending on the one they choose and only if they meet them, they should apply for admission.

Fees: Each program has its own fees and tuition costs.

Courses Offered:


Contact Information:

ATA College

ATA College is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and this proves the fact that this education institution provides quality instruction, training, and career placement for men and women.

What students get here is valuable, hands-on instruction that prepares them for future successful careers as the school maintains the highest standards in the industry.

This is achieved due to the fact that its staff consists of highly trained professionals and instructors who are eager to provide students with up-to-date technology and skills.

Enrollment: Getting started at ATA College is an easy process and it requires that you fill out the form available on the school’s official website and submit it.

It is important that you complete all the required fields and answer the questions with honest and accurate answers.

The college staff will take a look at your application form and get in touch with you to answer any questions you might have.

You will get the information on any programs you are interested in and what you need to do to finish your admission procedure.

Courses Offered:

  • Medical Assisting
  • Dental Assistant Program
  • Limited Medical Radiography
  • Online Medical Coding
  • X-Ray Tech Limited Medical Radiography with Medical Assisting
  • Practical Nursing
  • LPN to RN Bridge Program
  • Associates Degree Registered Nurse
  • Online Medical Coding

Contact Information:

  • ATA College
  • Address: 10200 Linn Station Rd #125, Louisville, KY
  • Phone: +1 502-371-8330
  • Web:

Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School has its schools throughout the USA and all of them are licensed in each state by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

This means that they have a high standard of education and that you will get knowledge form quality and experienced educators.

Enrollment: Once you are ready to begin your exciting future in the field of the beauty industry, Empire Beauty School has a very easy enrollment process that is open to anyone interested and able to perform this job.

What you will get is the possibility to reach an exciting future in the beauty industry and to take advantage of the many opportunities an education.

The application process is done online, and it is made simple so that everybody can apply.

The admission to Empire Beauty School requires that you get in contact with a school representative who will assist you with enrollment forms and who will review financial aid availability.

This can be done bu scheduling an appointment to tour a school and discuss all the questions with the representative.

The application form is available on the school’s official website, and the submission of it is the moment when your application process starts.

Courses Offered:

  • Cosmetology
  • Cosmetology Educator
  • Esthetics

Contact Information:

Knight School Of Welding

This is definitely the educational institution that those people interested in welding should pick.

At the Knight School Of Welding, every student receives an education from a well-accredited testing facility (ATF) that is fully certified through the American Welding Society and officially licensed in Kentucky and Indiana.

Enrollment: The enrollment process is very simple and the requirements are not many, being that it is made to be available to every interested applicant.

You are invited to visit the Knight School of Welding and observe the training while speaking with our staff and instructors who will give you all the necessary information related to the application process.

Actually, you will find out how everything in this school functions and you will be able to speak to people already enrolled there.

The enrollment process starts with contacting Knight School of Welding, applying for admission and selecting your start date.

Courses Offered:

  • GMAW MIG Welding & AWS Certification Testing
  • SMAW STICK Welding & AWS Certification Testing
  • GTAW TIG Welding & AWS Certification Testing
  • FCAW FLUX CORED Arc Welding & AWS Certification Testing
  • 6G PIPE-UPHILL Welding & AWS Certification Testing
  • GTAW TIG Stainless Pipe Welding 2” & 4”
  • CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training
  • NDT Nondestructive Testing & Inspection Methods
  • Test Code Preparation for AWS Certification Testing, Plate & Pipe
  • AWS Certification Testing on-site

Contact Information:

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, career education is essential for all students and if you want to immediately start training for a career after high school, then choosing the right educational institution for yourself can be quite difficult.

You can easily choose among those schools mentioned in our article as all of them are worth your consideration.

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