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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Fort Collins, CO

Known as the Craft Beer Capital of Colorado, Fort Collins homes more than 21 breweries, and the economic stability this has brought to the town has also paved the way for skilled workers to thrive in the area.

This outdoor-oriented community also hosts interactive science, history, and nature exhibits and a digital dome theater.

A skilled worker at Fort Collins earns an average of $17.71 per hour.

The following trade schools help every person in the community who’s aiming for licensed cards.

Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy

About the School

For over 2 decades, NCTDA has been officially registered as an entry-level training and approved by The Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Regarding the passionate and high-paid specialization of professional driving, one of the largest and most professional places is the Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy.

Every trick and bit of advice is taught by their trainers who are professional and experienced drivers to prepare their students for their goals and most significant thing the state certification exam.

To provide an amazing career and smooth hands-on training to their students and to let their students feel the experience of a real-life day and situation, Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy assures that all trucks and materials used are new and perfect to use.

Courses Offered

With a 98% success rate in the programs they offer here are some that might interest you:

  • NCTDA’s Flagship course
  • New to the public
  • 24-hour Manual CDL course
  • 10-hour CDL B course
  • 10-hour CDL A refresher course

Taking the NCTDA’s Flagship course can bring your life to a CDL industry, Local, OTR, and energy jobs upon completion.

These jobs can lead you to a career with annual benefits and a $70-90k salary.

If you are new to public transport the new to the public course offers three categories which are: Passenger CDL B License; train and test for manual CDL B License and the last is the train and test for a school bus CDL B license.

Courses tuition vary from short-term to general course.

For trade programs, the basic requirements to be qualified are a High school diploma or an equivalent, your ID, and residency proof, and for other programs, a medical checkup would also be required.


Tuana European Beauty Academy

About the School

Tuana European Beauty Academy is one of the academies that are dedicated to providing and guiding their students on their employment, licensure, and challenges on their way to success in the fields of the Beauty Industry.

Confidence in working with other people is one of their focus factors to be learned by their students.

If you are looking for a place to enhance your skills and be a beauty expert, Tuana European Beauty Academy is one of the known academies that can guide you.

One of Tuana Academy’s activities is hosting and supporting numerous charities, fashion events, and photo shoots to improve the interpersonal and marketing skills of their students.

Courses Offered

Classes in Tuana are made small for better one-on-one guidance and attention for the specific needs of success of every student, at the same time Advanced classes are being offered by their instructors.

You can also have the will to choose which class you would like to enroll in, Full-time or Part-time programs.

Here are some programs they offer:

  • Cosmetology – 1500 Hours
  • Hairdesign – 1200 Hours
  • Manicuring – 600 Hours
  • Hair Extensions – 8 Hours ( stand-alone course)
  • Advanced European Color – 30 Hours

If you are fond of creating beauty with hair, the Hair Design course is perfect for you.

It teaches the latest hair trends in cutting, coloring, and designing along with interview techniques, resume development, and communication skills.

By enrolling in their manicuring course you have the chance to have real-world experience while servicing actual customers and with that instructor will teach you classic and creative strategies in nail design.


AIMS Community College

About the School

Since 1967, AIMS has been consistent in guaranteeing inclusivity, knowledge, and development.

AIMS is a two-year college with numerous campuses the goal is for each student to receive a designated experience and multiple educational opportunities that will guide their students to success.

A community with respect and inclusivity where the diversity of every individual is still honored.

Higher Learning Commission, a recognized U.S. Department of Education institutional accreditation agency has officially accredited AIMS Community College.

AIMS enters the Open Pathway, a one-of-two accreditation option with a Higher Learning Commission to preserve the accreditation.

Courses Offered

AIMS offers over 200+ certification programs and fully accredited degrees.

Explore your options and take a peak at this degree and certification program that AIMS provides:

  • Accounting
  • Allied Health Professional
  • Anthropology
  • Business Management
  • Engineering Technology: Computer-Aided Drafting
  • Geology
  • Graphic Design and Rich Media
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy
  • And many more

Earning a master’s degree in Accounting can allow you to work as a CPA or Certified Public Accountant with an average salary of $77,250 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Aside from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists, Allied Health professionals play crucial roles in the medical field along with that an Allied Health program allows you to learn about diseases and conditions that are common, study medical terminology, and enhance a light and friendly environment for patients.

If you are quite interested in the ideas of religion, ethics, and morality, the AIMS philosophy degree might be perfect for you.

There are various careers that you can pursue after completing the philosophy degree Lawyer, teacher, Researcher, Author, Professor, and many more.


IBMC College

About the School

IBMC College can help you in your career.

One of IBMC’s goals is for its students to be comfortable and feel like the campus is their home for them to find the success of their careers with IBMC College.

IBMC College is accredited nationally and they possess experienced instructors and educators who provide their students with individual guidance and give preparations for their future selected careers.

A lifetime job placement assistance is given by IBMC College to their students who complete their degree program.

Courses Offered

IBMC College offers Healthcare Programs, a Cosmetology Program, Massage Programs, and Paralegal Program.

Healthcare programs offer a Medical Assisting program that is completed in approximately 12 months for a diploma and 19 months for a degree, which allows you to learn hands-on instruction and lectures in the classroom by their supportive instructors.

Additionally one of the high-demand industries is Medical Assisting in the fields of medicine.

Likewise in the Massage Program, a therapeutic program is available, and it allows you to have pieces of knowledge about the health and wellness of others.

Upon completing this 12-month program you may take the MBLEX examination to be eligible in the state of Colorado to be licensed.

For the paralegal program, IBMC offers a Paralegal degree that is completed in 19 months and provides students with a firm foundation in the basics of the law.


Lincoln Tech

About the School

To provide quality education and hands-on training to their students in the in-demand careers nowadays is Lincoln Tech’s goal every time.

Lincoln Tech assures you that they will be helping you to find your first job and showcase your skills to attract employers after completing your selected programs.

Being part of the enormous educational chain that provides cutting-edge technology Lincoln Tech guarantees a wonderful career along the way.

The materials and educational textbooks they use will enhance your extraordinary career due to their modernity and informative ideas.

Courses Offered

Lincoln Tech offers multiple courses that are specialized and can enhance your career.

Below are some of the available courses:

  • Aesthetics
  • Medical Assistant Technology
  • Nail Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary arts
  • Dental Assistant
  • And many more

In the Field of medicine, one of Lincoln Tech’s programs that is in demand in the state is Medical Assistant Technology.

With this degree, you will be able to complete it in only 1-2 estimated years.

It provides you with knowledge about basic patient serving like taking vital signs and history, mastering injection techniques, and much more.

In terms of the beauty industry programs like Cosmetology can be pursued or Nail Technology depending on the skills you specialize.

Likewise in Culinary fields, there are Culinary Arts and International Baking and pastry that you can choose depending on your preferred industry.


Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

About the School

Spartan College of Aeronautics And Technology has nearly a century of training experiences that can ensure that it is more than prepared to train its students.

In 1928 Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology made a lot of history in the fields of aeronautics and technology.

Spartan College is nationally accredited, FAA-approved, and has qualified instructors.

If you are looking for a school that has an available scholarship this aeronautics college accepts scholarships and financial aid for those who are qualified.

Courses Offered

Below is the list of the available courses at the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology:

  • Aviation Flight – 17 months
  • Aviation Maintenance Hybrid – 20 months
  • Aviation Electronic Technology – 12 months
  • Nondestructive Testing Technology & Quality Control Management – 10 months

The program Aviation Flight ensures that their students have the academic knowledge about the groundwork courses, to efficiently execute flight duties and also be prepared to take the FAA written examinations.

Being the program Aviation Maintenance is Hybrid it allows students to have a flexible schedule but it has a longer period in taking the course.

The hybrid program is divided into 12 months in the online method and 8 months on the ground for the reason that this is meant for students who have a full-time job or have active duty in the military.

Furthermore, the program Nondestructive Testing Technology allows students to have basic knowledge about metallurgy, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current, leak detection, standards, codes, and basic principles.


  • Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
  • Address: 8820 E Pine St, Tulsa, OK 74115
  • Phone: +1 918-393-3686
  • Website:

Academy of Natural Therapy INC.

About the School

In 1989 the Academy of Natural Therapy INC was established and since then the academy has continuously provided improvements from student to best therapist in the state.

Being a full-time student of AMTA they have the assurance of having automatic insurance that provides liability coverage for their AMTA without any additional expenses.

There is also available financial aid for the program they offer to those who are qualified.

The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation or COMTA has fully accredited the Academy of Natural Therapy INC.

Courses Offered

Academy of Natural Therapy INC offers two major courses.

First is the 750-hour program for students who are fond of massages and have an interest in pursuing that career.

Furthermore, the 750-hour program costs $16,500 approximately $22 per hour including the textbooks.

The second program is the Esthetics course which is completed in 600 hours and costs $12,600 for the tuition and $2,851.77 for the supplies and textbooks with a total of $15,45.77.

Aside from the major courses at the Academy Of Natural Therapy INC, some additional courses such as Marketing, Orthopedic Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and many more.

The additional courses usually are done in 25-60 Hours depending on the course you take.

Classes in this Academy are built small, usually 8, and a maximum of 15 persons per teacher for the students to access quality education and have individual attention to the program in the full length.


Digital Workshop Center

About the School

Digital Workshop Center has one-on-one career counseling and has a 76% graduation rate.

In an average of 2.5 months, students of Digital Workshop Center can find jobs and the average increase in the salary of certificate programs is approximately $16.4K.

This Workshop Center offers 0% interest in financing and payment plans regarding financial aid.

In the year 2006, DWC was established and dedicated to a tech career that is focused on job skills and professional development.

For those Nontraditional students and the experienced workforce, Digital Workshop Center has been the alternative option.

Courses Offered

Certificate Programs that the Digital Workshop Center offers are approved for WIOA, veterans education, and Vocational Rehabilitations but some restrictions may apply.

Every program has its specific tracks and specialty that is designated for every student.

Here are some certificate programs that may suit your interests:

  • Business Administration – 6 months
  • Digital Marketing – 6 months
  • Graphic Design – 6 months
  • Blueprint Basic Digital Literacy – 4 months
  • And more

One of the known courses that Digital Workshop Center offers is Business Administration and Digital Marketing which is also done online method and has 100% live instructions.

For Business Administration the 6-month program usually does 2 sessions per week and the tuition costs $4,317 likewise for the program Digital Marketing they also do 2 sessions per week and the tuition cost for this program is $5,799.

Digital Workshop Center also offers stand-alone programs like Microsoft Office, Video design, graphic design, and many more.


Top Craft Development

About the School

For people who are quite interested in carpentry, Top Craft Development is one of the known trade schools in the state that has experienced instructors and a friendly environment.

An approved and well-respected educational establishment that will provide you with all the knowledge and abilities needed to master the craft and art of carpentry.

The instructors and trainers are committed to helping their students become not only successful but also well-respected professionals who are competent and self-assured enough to launch a solo career.

Courses Offered

Top Craft Development offers a carpentry program that is completed in approximately 12 weeks and the estimated tuition costs $1200.

Some Financial aid and plans that you can also check out.

To be one of the qualifiers in this program here are the following basic requirements:

  • At least 18 years old upon applying.
  • Pay the application.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Additional documents that may be requested in the future like a high-school diploma for example.

The program is focused on the skills that need to be enhanced by their students and assures that support and determination can be found in their instructors.

They can also allow a flexible schedule to have a light environment in the entire program.


White Magnolia Advanced Skincare Institute

About the School

Cindy Tusa’s engaging teaching method provides a dynamic approach at the Advanced Skin Care Institute at The White Magnolia.

Here, you’ll get an unparalleled educational experience about esthetics.

It is also the oldest school in the Northern Colorado area that focuses only on aesthetics and has an easy-to-follow curriculum.

Courses Offered

The Esthetics Course at the White Magnolia Institute focuses on introducing and blending the Eastern and Western philosophies in its approaches.

It has a strong background in critical thinking and “thinking outside the box”, which is a leverage towards setting up its estheticians for future success.

Apart from facials, waxing, makeup, and infection control, the course also includes three certificates:

  • Microdermabrasion Certificate
  • Dermaplaning Certificate
  • Chemical Peel Certificate

Hence, these can also be availed separately.


Trade Schools in Colorado by City

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea about how things work, this gives you the will to choose what you will pursue in the upcoming years.

Regardless of what school you choose, your passion for the craft is still the most pivotal tool for reaping success in the field.

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