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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro is the 5th populous city in Arkansas having an 81, 969 population, and is known for having friendly citizens and a community with a cooperative spirit.

The average salary in Jonesboro is approximately $33.65 per hour and $70,000 per year.

Most of the programs the following school offers are done in 2 years or less.

Entering these trade schools, students can obtain different certifications and access to licensure exams, and these schools can be an alternative to the traditional college curriculum.

Here are the top trade schools around Jonesboro that can assist you on your journey.

Northeast Arkansas Career and Technical Center

About the School

The Northeast Arkansas Career and Technical Center aims to provide an educational experience to its students that enhances their competitive skills for their goals and success.

The NAECTC nurtures leadership skills, academic excellence, and social responsibility as they aim for their graduates to leave their university with a load of knowledge and experience that they learn from them.

The NAECTC has multiple clubs that are open for students to more experience aside from their chosen programs.

In their educational journey, they strive to make their students ready for jobs by giving them access to diverse broad internships.

Courses Offered

The Northeast Arkansas Career and Technical Center has various certification programs in extensive fields here are some:

  • UAS/Drones
  • Construction/HVACR
  • Welding Technology & Fabrication
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Industrial Technology
  • Auto Service
  • Auto Collision
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Medical Professions
  • Computer Networking
  • Culinary Arts & Hospitality

The two-year course in Welding Technology and fabrication will allow students to grow their techniques, gain access to state-of-the-art fabrication machinery, and continue creating and building that will unlock hundreds of opportunities.

On their official website, you can be able to meet and know the specific instructors per program and their academic success which will gain your trust in them.


  • Northeast Arkansas Career and Technical Center
  • Address: 1727 South Main Street, Jonesboro AR 72401
  • Phone: 870-933-5891
  • Website:

Apex Dental Education

About the School

Apex Dental Education is a fast-paced healthcare environment that has facilities that are needed by students to experience the real dental office environment.

Apex Dental Education is striving for its students’ success in the dental industry as they enhance their knowledge and skills to achieve its goals.

Aside from having experienced instructors, their instructors are also giving massive support and availability for any questions and guidance that students need.

To be accessible for everyone’s budget Apex Dental Education is open for financial aid, care credit, Meritize, GI Bill, and other financing available.

Courses Offered

Being an official dental assistant, you can earn above average in the healthcare assistant having approximately $38,660.

Apex Dental Education Offers a 10-week career-focused program that is designed to have a flexible schedule to fit their students.

The institution believes students will have a better experience and better understanding of hands-on practices and in-office training that are mostly held on Fridays or Saturdays.

The activities they do in the program increase the basic knowledge skills and the broad curriculum from dental anatomy and radiology to chairside assisting and administrative tasks.


Arkansas Academy of Hair Design

About the School

Arkansas Academy of Hair Design is passionate about teaching how to maintain the beauty of your skin, hair, and nails.

Arkansas is dedicated to students who want to start a career in cosmetology, esthetics, nail technician, and the instructor.

Students get to learn the different aspects of haircutting, hairstyling, hair coloring, cosmetics, and other skills.

To be qualified for their programs here are the requirements for admission:

  • Record of education
  • Must be 18 years old and above.
  • Current driver’s license

Courses Offered

The Arkansas Academy of Hair Design offers a program that can be your starting point and here are those:

  • Cosmetology – 1500 hours
  • Nail Technician – 600 hours
  • Esthetics – 600 hours
  • Instructor

Different aspects of the beauty industry such as haircutting which is the basic foundation, Hair styling which gives a texture and a great style, Haircoloring which is part of the large business in the beauty industry, Facial waxing only licensed estheticians can do and more.

Their Cosmetology program costs $5,900 with additional fees like $695 for a cosmetology kit, $20 for the student permit, $350 for the Pivot Point Module Book Set, $65 for the Practical Licensure Exam, and $60 for the Written Licensure Exam.


  • Arkansas Academy of Hair Design
  • Address: 3512 East Nettleton Avenue, Jonesboro, AR 72401
  • Phone: 870-935-3531
  • Website:

Nea School of Massage

About the School

The Nea School of Massage is an institution that aims to produce a highly skilled massage therapist in Northeast Arkansas.

At Nea School of Massage, they will help you to find the perfect job for you, and massage therapist is ranked as one of the best jobs in the U.S.

They acquire payment plans on the program that they offer and there are multiple payment options that you can view on their website.

Courses Offered

Their 500-hour program is divided into different courses and here are those:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I Systems Anatomy – 70 hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology II Gross Anatomy – 35 hours
  • Kinesiology – 30 hours
  • Pathology – 40 hours
  • Modalities – 25 hours
  • Health and Hygiene – 25 hours
  • Massage Basics – 25 hours
  • Business – 25 hours
  • Technique – 200 hours
  • Clinical – 25 hours

In this industry learning health and hygiene is important and 25 hours of this program is given to these as they learn the sanitation procedures, learn how to recognize contagious diseases like HIV, and another skill that they teach in this course is CPR training and universal precautions.

Likewise, learning techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, sports massage, and other techniques are given to the students in a 200-hour course for students to enhance this.


Arkansas Elite Welding Academy

About the School

The Arkansas Elite Welding Academy improves the skills and knowledge of its students as they strive to produce skilled graduates and an individual who is job-ready.

Their classes are made small having 10 students per instructor and an instructor who possesses a year of experience in the industry.

A lifetime job placement is given to their graduates and last 2022 they had a 94% job placement rate.

The Arkansas Elite Welding Academy offers multiple financial aid and scholarships that will help students on their academic budgets.

Courses Offered

If you are interested in entering this industry here are some programs that the Elite Welding Academy offers:

  • Elite Combined Structural Pipe – 23 weeks
  • Elite Pipe Welding – 18 weeks
  • Elite Structural Welding – 10.5 weeks
  • Elite Downhill Pipeline

Their program Elite Combined Structural Pipe prepares students for both commercial, industrial, and residential positions in structural steel and pipe welding, and the total cost of the program is $24,100 including its other fees.

The Structural Welding that they offer takes 420 clock hours approximately costs $10,600 and teaches diverse course curricula that are significant.


  • Arkansas Elite Welding Academy
  • Address: 333 Rosebud Rd, Quitman, AR 72131
  • Phone: (833) 354-8310
  • Website:

Hair Tech Beauty College

About the School

The Hair Tech Beauty College is an institution that provides its students with knowledge about different aspects of the beauty industry.

Aside from that they also prepare students for Licensing exams and job employment in this industry.

Their instructors possess a broad experience in their specialized program or career.

The Hair Tech Beauty College also accepts different financial aid and payment plans as their tuition varies from the program you choose.

Courses Offered

The Hair Tech Beauty College has been offering online and blended learning methods for their Cosmetology programs only however their Esthetics and Instruction Courses are not included as they are only available in on-site classes.

Here are the programs that Hair Tech Beauty College offers:

  • Cosmetology – 1500 hours
  • Esthetics- 600 hours
  • Instructor – 600 hours

Their Cosmetology course is similar to any other course, they are divided into different studies from basics to the most significant area that students get to experience and study.

In their Cosmetology program, students who are in their in-person classes are set to finish this course in 53 weeks although students who are in the online setting are set to finish this program in 34 weeks.


Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy

About the School

Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy pursues its students to unlock their unique skills and strengths and to make their careers entertaining.

Dentists such as Aberdeen Dental Group, Accent Dental St. Louis, Atlanta West Dentistry Marietta, Austin Family Dentistry, and more engage in partnership with Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy to provide their students with a clinical space for practicing dentistry.

They aim for their students to find the perfect job for that they will find the perfect job for them by guiding students in preparing interviews and creating resumes.

Courses Offered

The Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy offers 2 programs the Pharmacy Tech and the Dental Assistant program.

The Pharmacy Tech program is a 10-week course that is done online and provides a live instructor who is open to answering questions this class possesses flexibility for their students and freedom as they can fulfill their job while studying.

Upon completing the program, the starting median hourly pay for this career is $13-$22 depending on your company.
Another program that they offer is the Dental Assistant which acquires three courses and takes 10 weeks per course.

They keep their program interactive and engaging for students to avoid losing interest and aim for students to be licensed and a highly skilled dental assistant.


  • Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy
  • Address: 321 Southwest Dr. Suite D, Jonesboro, AR 72401
  • Phone: (844) 727-3755
  • Website:

Black River Technical College

About the School

The Black River Technical College is a 2-year college that was previously named Black River Vocational Technical School in 1971 and the institution’s name changed in 1991 to Black River Technical College.

This institution’s annual enrollees are approximately 2,500 students and their staff and instructors are committed to sharing different keys that can improve your professional and personal self.

The Higher Learning Commission has officially accredited the Black River Technical College and you can view their programs which are also accredited and approved on their official website.

Courses Offered

Black River Technical College offers dynamic courses and different certificates such as Certificate of Proficiency, Technical Certificate, and associate degree here are the available programs of study.

  • Adult, Community, and Corporate Education
  • Business
  • Direct Transfer Degrees
  • General Studies
  • Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Service Academies
  • Technical Programs

In line with the Business field, the Black River Technical College offers accounting, Business Administration, Business Technology Applications, Computer Information Technology, Medical Coding, Medical Office Administration, Medical Transcription, Microcomputer Repair Technician
Web Design.

A nursing Program is also being offered at the Black River Technical College and it is recognized as an outstanding program in the state of Arkansas.


  • Black River Technical College
  • Address: 1 Black River Drive, Paragould, AR 72450
  • Phone: (870) 239-0969
  • Website:

Arthur’s Beauty College

About the School

Arthur’s Beauty College is an institution that prepares students for their careers in cosmetology.

Arthur’s Beauty College is a CHI partner and currently acquires 3 convenient locations.

Their institutions aim to succeed and be affordable for everyone and they are open for financial aid and scholarships.

Aside from that Arthur’s Beauty College is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

Courses Offered

Arthur’s Beauty College offers a 1,500-hour program about Cosmetology that focuses on teaching students how to beautify hair, skin, and nails.

The program is open for both part-time and full-time schedules that are required to be completed in 16 months.

Upon completing the program completers may choose careers such as salon owner, Manager,
Perm specialist, sales representative, platform artist, cosmetic chemistry, and more.

Aside from the Cosmetology program Arthur’s Beauty College offers an Instructor program that possesses a total of 600 hours that will qualify you to teach within the scope of a practitioner’s licensure.


  • Arthur’s Beauty College
  • Address: 3512 East Nettleton Avenue, Jonesboro, AR 72401
  • Phone: 870-935-3531
  • Website:

Arkansas State University

About the School

The Arkansas State University was founded in 1976 as White River Vocational Technical School and since then this university has offered a bright future for everyone.

This university is accessible and affordable which helps the community to acquire an innovative curriculum.

The Higher Learning Commission has accredited the Arkansas State University together with their programs.

There’s a difference in the tuition for inside-state students and for outside students where the tuition for inside is $96 per credit hour and $157 per credit hour for students outside.

Courses Offered

Arkansas State University offers numerous programs in diverse fields and here are some:

  • Agriculture Technology
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • High Voltage Lineman Technology
  • Business
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Medication Assistant-Certified
  • Commercial Driver Training
  • Nursing
  • Computer Networking Technology
  • Patient Care Tech
  • Cosmetology

In line with the Nursing, they offer a Practical Nursing program that takes 11 months to complete and is fully approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.

They also offer a certificate of proficiency in Business operations that takes 16 weeks to complete and a Business program in associate of science that takes 2 years to complete.

Likewise, the Criminal Justice program offers a technical certificate that takes 9 months to complete and a certificate of proficiency that is completed in 16 weeks.


  • Arkansas State University
  • Address: 5504 Krueger Dr, Jonesboro, AR 72401
  • Phone: (870) 932-2176
  • Website:

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have gained information about trade schools around the city take time to review each aspect and don’t rush on choosing your school.

The programs that they offer are completed in less than 2 years which can be an alternative to the traditional school.

Check out their official website for more information about what they offer.

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