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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Hot Springs, AR

From the name itself, the Hot Springs in Arkansas is home to the natural hot springs and it has a 37,930 population as of 2020.

Depending on the position you choose the average salary of a trade worker is approximately $53,625 per year with a $25.78 per hour.

If you are around the Hot Springs area these trade schools can be your starting point for achieving a career and finding work that will surely fit your desires and dreams.

The following trade schools offer programs in different areas of study like Cosmetology, allied health, Business, Welding, CDL, and more.

Here are the Top-tier trade schools in the city of Hot Springs that you can review.

Arkansas State University

About the School

Arkansas State University is one of the notable universities in the state that is a two-year institution that has higher education.

This university aims to give lifelong knowledge to all its students, to guide them to a successful career, and to provide a responsible community with appropriate education and behavior.

Arkansas State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission including some of the programs they are offering.

Their institution makes their university a safe space for everyone to be free from sexual discrimination as they maintain a crime-free and violence-free university.

Their university has multiple facilities such as labs and a library that are significant to all students.

Courses Offered

Arkansas State University offers technical certifications that approximately 30 credit hours or less and are usually done in 2 semesters here are some:

  • Mechatronics Technology – 39 Credit Hours
  • Welding Technology – 30 Credit Hours
  • Certificate in Pre-Allied Health – 27 Credit Hours
  • Office Administration – 30 Credit Hours
  • Accounting – 30 Credit Hours
  • Management – 30 Credit Hours
  • Healthcare Administration – 30 Credit Hours
  • Medical Coding – 30 Credit Hours
  • Early Childhood Education – 30 Credit Hours
  • Practical Nursing – 40 Credit Hours
  • And more

The program Practical Nursing prepares students for national licensure exams and the program is usually completed in 12 months with 50 students in a class that is held in in classroom and clinical experiences.

Technical Certificates are used for early employment however they also offer proficiency programs for the same purpose and degree programs that have 4 – years of curriculum experience.


  • Arkansas State University
  • Address: One College Cir, Malvern, AR 72104
  • Phone: 501-337-5000
  • Website:

Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy

About the School

The Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy is a committed institution to helping its students utilize their skills to have a firm career.

This institution also opens the options for students through its affordable and convenient education and ensures that students are debt-free upon graduating.

According to their current statistics, they have a 98% graduation rate, and 3,400 of their graduates are hired as they help students with their interviews and resume.

Accelerated Dental Assisting is trusted by over 661 Professional industries and this industry trusts them.

Courses Offered

The Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy offers 2 programs: the Dental Assistant and the Pharmacy Tech.

Their Dental Assistant program obtains 3 courses per year and each course takes 10 weeks to finish with 8 hours a day and one day per week, it conveys that each course takes up to 10 days all in all.

Their instructors are licensed and extremely qualified to guide their students on their unique curriculum, combining lectures and hands-on learning methods.

The other program that they offer is the Pharmacy Tech program which takes 10 weeks for each course and is done online together with a live instructor to assist them throughout the class.

Another thing is their instructors are also licensed pharmacy technicians who are devoted to their students achieve success.


  • Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy
  • Address: 3812 Central Ave Suite J, Hot Springs, AR 71913
  • Phone: (844) 727-3755
  • Website:

Northwest Technical Institute

About the School

In their safe community and environment, their programs are open for diverse students to find their deepest potential in their careers.

The Northwest Technical Institute has gained accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education.

Ever since they were established last 1975 it has kept up with its mission to change the lives of its students through the instrument of education that trains them and their skill development.

Northwest Technical Institute is a post-secondary educational institution that offers programs that strengthen the basic and technical skills that are significant in every adult’s life.

Courses Offered

The Northwest Technical Institute offers 9 diploma programs that usually take 12 to 18 months to be completed for their completers to be job-ready in a few of Arkansas’s largest sectors.

Aside from that they also offer High school programs, adult education, Professional development, and Community Education.

Here are the programs that Northwest Technical Institute offers:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant –
  • Practical Nursing Program
  • Phlebotomy Certification Course
  • Sterile Processing Technician
  • Surgical Technology
  • Contact Allied Health
  • Automotive Service
  • Electronics & Automation
  • Industrial Maintenance and ammonia Refrigeration
  • Medium & Heavy Truck
  • Welding

Their course CNA provides 100 hours in the classroom and 16 clinical hours that perform hands-on patient care.

They are being trained to perform procedures, infection control, and assisting activities that are used in daily living.

The tuition fees vary on your program depending on how long and how many books and supplies are used.

Aside from these programs they also offer certification programs such as HVAC/R which costs $2,500 per semester for day classes and $1,000 per semester for evening classes and modern welding which costs $1,100 per semester.

They also offer CDL, Truck Driving, and other educational programs.


  • Northwest Technical Institute
  • Address: 709 S Old Missouri Road, Springdale, AR 72764
  • Phone: (479) 751-8824
  • Website:

Radiance School of Massage

About the School

Starting in this massage therapy you’ll feel the fast-growing field that also offers flexibility in that they can choose the number of days you work.

They aim to provide their students with an excellent education that can enhance their minds, body, and spirit and include their quality touch.

Radiance School of Massage has an instructor who has 20 years of experience and taught over 300 students.

Aside from the programs the Radiance School of Massage offers spa services and products that are open to the community.

Courses Offered

Their Massage Program takes 9 months to finish with 600 classroom hours that are required to be completed to be able to graduate in their program.

Their curriculum is divided into different classes and here are those:

  • Hygiene and Practical application – 30 hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology – 175 hours
  • Massage Therapy Law, Business Management, and
  • Professional Ethics – 35 hours
  • Massage Techniques – 275 hour
  • Mblex preparation and study sessions – 50 hours
  • Supervised Clinical Practice
  • Hygiene and Practical Application – 30 hours

This program is open for day classes that are held Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with a 1-hour break that is completed in 6 months and night classes that are held Tuesday to Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Night classes are completed in 9 months.

The tuition including their books and classes costs $5,400 and they offer different payment plans.


Arkansas Division of Workforce Services

About the School

Arkansas Division of Workforce Services is a public academic institution and a two-year institute that provides a high-quality education that enhances the learning needs of the students in their community.

They strive for their students to be successful in the community and they build their institution with their core values such as learning, excellence, inclusion, integrity, respect, and responsibility.

To be qualified for their programs applicants must acquire these requirements:

  • No previous college enrollment
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • A letter of good standing

Their programs such as cosmetology, nursing, and automotive, and this institution is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Courses Offered

Arkansas Division of Workforce Services offers multiple programs in different areas of study and here are those:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood Education
  • General Education
  • General Technology
  • Management
  • Mechatronics
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Medical Coding
  • Office Administration
  • Practical Nursing
  • Pre-Allied Health
  • Registered Nursing (LPN to RN)
  • Teaching
  • Welding

The program Accounting offers different types of curricula such as Associate of Applied Science which acquires 63 credit hours and the Technical Certificate in Accounting which acquires 30 credit hours.

In terms of the medical field, this institution also offers Pre- Allied Health consists of 27 credit hours, practical nursing that is completed in 12 months, and more programs in the medical field.

Aside from the mentioned programs, there are also some academic programs that this institution offers such as adult education, truck driving/ CDL, and more.


  • Arkansas Division of Workforce Services
  • Address: One College Cir, Malvern, AR 72104
  • Phone: 501-337-5000
  • Website:

Hot Springs Beauty College

About the School

The Hot Springs Beauty College has been handled by the same family for over 38 years and they are proud to call their graduates happy graduates as they find jobs in their fields after graduating.

They currently acquire a high placement rate in the industry and obtain a 91% and some students have already found their place to work months before completing the program.

They have been training cosmetologists in the community for over 65 years and creating a connection and relationship to be able to connect to their students.

They are open to financial aid for those who are qualified and aside from that they are accredited to student loans and Pell Grants.

Courses Offered

Hot Springs Beauty College offers programs in the beauty industry such as Cosmetology, Manicuring, Esthetics, and Instructor programs.

For the Cosmetology program, they train students in cutting, trimming, facials, brow shaping, and hair removal which takes a minimum of 1500 hours to complete.

This program is a combination of hands-on and social learning experiences students are given an iPad for this program.

Likewise, their manicuring program consists of 600 hours to complete and has a partnership with Apres to provide advanced techniques and mastering on the current beauty trends.

Their programs are in line with the 21st century as they teach the current trends in the beauty industry.


National Park College

About the School

The National Park College is a friendly and small environment that acquires massive support from its instructors as they get to know each student by their name.

The National Park College is the 4th largest community college and serves approximately 7,000 students per year and currently has 379 employees hired 210 of them are full-time and 169 are part-timers.

Last October 5, 2023, the National Park College celebrated its 50 years of providing an excellent education in the industry.

The Higher Learning Commission has accredited the National Park College including the programs that they offer.

Courses Offered

The National Park College offers numerous programs that you can pursue depending on your specialized skills and here are some of those:

  • Associate of Arts
  • Accounting Technician, TC
  • Business Management: Accounting, AAS
  • Addiction Studies
  • Art History – AS-LAS for Transfer to UALR BA in Art
  • History
  • Digital & Media Arts, AAS
  • Automotive Brake Specialist, CP
  • Biology, AS-STEM for Transfer to SAU at NPC BS in
  • Biology – Pre-Health
  • Advertising, AS-LAS for Transfer to HU (Harding University) BA in Advertising
  • Communication Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Art Education, AS-LAS for Transfer to UALR BA in Art Education
  • Funeral Service Education
  • Allied Health, TC
  • And more

Aside from the mentioned programs they also offer practical nursing which is one of the in-demand in the community and their program is done for 10 to 11 months and gives their students access to the licensure exams.

Another program in the medical field that they offer is Psychology whose curriculum consists of 35 credit hours in general education and 25 credit hours in psychology core.

Visit their official website for more information on the programs that they offer.


  • National Park College
  • Address: 101 College Drive, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 71913
  • Phone: (501) 760-4222
  • Website:

Arkansas College of Health Careers

About the School

Arkansas College of Health Careers helps its students achieve both professional and personal success in the diverse fields of medicine.

This college protects its students by implementing a Non-Discrimination policy that protects every student regardless of their color, race, creed, origin, age, sex, veteran status, disability or sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity.

They offer tuition assistance and here are the requirements to be qualified:

  • Possess a high school diploma.
  • Possess a Security card.
  • Must have an Interview with the ACHC school admissions representative.
  • Identification card
  • Arranged tuition financing.
  • Approval from the director of the school
  • Must complete the student enrollment agreement.

Courses Offered

In line with the areas of allied health here are the programs that they offer:

  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technician
    (Phlebotomy Electrocardiography, Spirometry)
  • Medical Business Officer
  • Nursing Assistant

The 5-week course in Phlebotomy Technician their students experience hands-on training in different works as a phlebotomy technician.

The Nursing Assistant program takes four weeks to complete and teaches students how to be a nursing assistant who assists with the daily activities of basic patients.

They offer programs in both Day and Night classes and obtain certification within 5 weeks.


  • Arkansas College of Health Careers
  • Address: 9714 West Markham, Little Rock, AR 72205
  • Phone: (501) 319-7573
  • Website:

Arkansas Welding Academy

About the School

The Arkansas Welding Academy aims for its students to achieve their goals and be open to multiple opportunities for a brighter future.

Arkansas Welding Academy is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education and is licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education.

Arkansas Welding Academy also gained accreditation from the American Welding Society.

The Arkansas Welding Academy is open for financial aid to all qualified students likewise, student loans are also offered in this Academy to be accessible to everyone who wishes to enter the industry.

Courses Offered

The Arkansas Welding Academy offers 3 programs in this industry and here are those:

  • Master Pipe and Structural Welding Program – $16,713.00
  • OSHA 30 – $850.00
  • OSHA 10 – $425.00

In The Welding Programs, students can obtain skills crucial to the welding industry as they execute hands-on training 4 hours a week and their program will provide access to run the four major welding processes.

Their Master Pipe and Structural Welding program has a total clock hour of 910 which is divided into 80 hours in the classroom and 830 hours in the laboratory where students get to learn the fundamentals of welding, rod angles, welding positions, and metallurgy.


Northern Technical College

About the School

In 1954 Bill Heinger founded Northern Technical College which was formerly Eaton Barber Stylist College.

However, the Northern Technical College in Hot Spring was founded by Charles Kirkpatrick and was formerly called ABC Barber College.

This college is open for financial aid and if you are applying a net price calculator is available on their website to get the estimated payment plans that will suit you.

For Admission, here are the requirements to be qualified:

  • High school diploma
  • 2×3 picture
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of Academic Achievements
  • Proof of age
  • Personal Identification Card

Courses Offered

The Northern Technical College offers the following programs:

  • Barber Stylist – 1500 hours
  • Teacher, Manager, Instructor – 600 hours
  • Cosmetology Crossover -1500 hours

The 1500 hours of Barber stylist is divided into different lessons such as hygiene, sanitation, related science, shaving, barber chemistry, shop management, hairstyling, haircutting, shop deportment, and Salesmanship.

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with the next generation, the Northern Technical College offers an instructor program that will develop your skills in teaching and managing.

Likewise, the cosmetology program is also divided into the History of barbering, implements and tools, shaving, haircutting, Arkansas barber laws, and Hygiene/ Sanitation.


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Final Thoughts

Now you have an overview of the following schools and a review of every significant aspect such as accreditation, schedules, financial aid, and more is a must.

Taking time to review for this is a big part of your career life.

Find the school that will suit your busy schedule.

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