Student Cosmetology Kit: What Do you Need to Get Your Training

Student Cosmetology Kit

As a cosmetology student, you need to understand that your kit is a very important thing for you.

It is the most important go-to, must-have, guard-with-your-life, never-leave-home-without-it thing when you study at a cosmetology school.

It means that you should be sure your kit includes all the items you need to complete your training and start your career successfully.

It is not a secret that cosmetology is a real art and cosmetologists as well as any artist need to have excellent tools so they can create something amazing.

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While costing quite a lot, high-quality tools absolutely worth it as they can last for many years.

In other words, you need to make sure you choose your tools attentively while gathering your student cosmetology kit.

If you invest your time and money into your cosmetology kit, it will be your helper during your education and even at the beginning of your career.

The Essentials of Your Student Cosmetology Kit

A student cosmetology kit is an essential part of gaining experience during your training at a cosmetology kit.

Some schools include cosmetology kit’s price into training tuitions while others offer their students to buy it as a separate expanse.

Also, there is an opportunity to buy it on your own choosing separate products that you like and that are included in the list of required items.

Just make sure that you have all the items required by your training program and school especially when you make your custom kit.

When using a kit included in your tuition fees, you can add various tools and items into this kit if you want.

If you want to buy a pre-assembled cosmetology kit, you may address your school or check local wholesalers and retailers.

There is a wide variety of cosmetology kits that can be purchased online including such options as:

  • Beauty Kit Solutions;
  • Cosmetology;
  • Giell Beauty Supply.

Usually, a basic, pre-assembled student cosmetology kit is a rolling suitcase or duffel bag that is full of different products and tools.

Such cases or bags have numerous pockets and drawers that are used to keep your things well-organized.

Buying a pre-assembled cosmetology kit, you should ensure that it contains all the tools and products required by your school.

Some schools provide lists of recommended kits and retailers that offer all the required items.

Usually, the cost of a student cosmetology kit varies from $300 to $500.

For this price, you’ll get all the supplies and tools you need to complete your training successfully.

You need these tools and products while training on mannequins, other students, and one day your clients.

Some specific tools may differ from one school to another but there is a bunch of basic tools required in any school.

The list of basic schools includes such items as:

  • Apron/cape;
  • Blow dryer/diffuser;
  • Brushes;
  • Clips;
  • Coloring caps;
  • Combs;
  • Curling irons;
  • Flat iron;
  • Hair dyes;
  • Mannequin heads/hands;
  • Mirror;
  • Mixing bowls;
  • Perm supplies;
  • Razors;
  • Scissors;
  • Shears;
  • Sprays;
  • Textbook.

You need to remember that in most cases supplementary items aren’t included in student kits.

In other words, you’ll be obliged to buy all these supplies on your own.

The list of items includes:

  • Hair bleaches;
  • Hair samples;
  • Hair sprays;
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Neck strips;
  • Perm kits;
  • Plastic gloves;
  • Shaving creams.

Selecting the Right Tools and Assembling Your Student Cosmetology Kit

In most cases, you need to spend more money when building your own cosmetology kit while pre-assembled ones cost less.

However, most professionals prefer investing in a custom cosmetology kit that includes only those tools they like.

You need to know that building your own cosmetology kit, you have an opportunity to hold your own research, learn about various tools and find those that suit your needs most of all.

Just make sure to decide on your budget before starting to build your cosmetology kit.

You need to know that an excellent, professional kit can cost you from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

The main point is that you need to find the best supplies within your budget.

While deciding on your budget, don’t forget about supplementary items such as lotion, hair spray, gloves, and so on.

Below, you can find info about some essential tools that should be included in your student cosmetology kit.


Professional shears are the most important part of your kit.

Choosing shears, you need to make sure they are of excellent quality, made of ice-tempered stainless steel, and, of course, fit perfectly in your hand.

In most cases, shears have an ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort as well as to include adjustable tension.

If it is hard for you to find comfortable shears, you may look for ones with removable finger inserts.

Usually, expensive shears are handmade made with the help of special blade grinding technology in order to provide minimum resistance.

In most cases, shears are nickel-free that is very important as there are lots of people who have the sensitivity to this metal.

If you want to make your investments worth it, you can look for shears with a lifetime warranty and sharpening.

A great way to save some money is to buy a set that includes both cutting and thinning shears.

Among the well-known manufacturers that produce shears, there are:

  • Washi Scissor Company
  • Kissaki Shears
  • Kenchii Professional
  • Tweezerman


Brushes and combs vary on quality significantly so it is very important to choose proper tools.

There is a vent, nylon bristle, and styling brushes that are absolutely worth your money and attention.

When looking for brushes, make sure to check your school requirements as you may be obliged to buy a whole bunch of different brushes including thermal brushes of various diameters.

Choosing proper brushes is a real challenge as their variety is absolutely incredible.

There are brushes for different types of hair, made of various materials and with various types of bristles.

Each cosmetologist has its own point of view about which brushes are the best so make sure to learn about each type and choose those that meet your needs.

Just keep in mind that it is better to buy a set of brushes instead of buying separate ones if you want to save some money.

There also should be a variety of combs in your kit including:

  • Cutting combs
  • Rattail combs
  • Wide-tooth combs

As well as brushes and other tools, sets of combs are cheaper than separate combs.

The list of the most well-known brush and comb retailers includes:

  • Creative Professional
  • Sally Beauty
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Paul Mitchell

Cosmetology Case

A cosmetology case is a very important part of your cosmetology kit.

The reason is that it is exactly the thing that will keep your tools and supplies well-organized and secure.

Among the available options, there are aluminum, briefcase-style cases, duffel bag-style cases, and rolling, suitcase-style cases.

All these types of cases are perfect for transporting your supplies.

If you need a case that will let you organize your tools and supplies in one place, wheeled carts are a perfect option for you.

It is up to you whether to buy a hard-sided or soft-sided case.

Choosing a case, you need to make sure that it is large enough to hold all your supplies, tools, and products.

Also, it should have plenty of extra free space if you decide to add some tools to your collection.

Moreover, your case needs to have plenty of pockets and compartments to keep your tools and supplies well organized and safe.

Nowadays, there is a whole variety of designs of cosmetology cases so you can choose the one that shows your personal style.

Among the best retailers that have cosmetology cases, there are:

  • Makeup Creations
  • My Salon Tools
  • Style Bell

Hair Styling Tools

It is clear that hairstyling tools are an essential part of your cosmetology kit.

You need to know that there are some hairstyling supplies that can be pretty expensive.

For example, a hairdryer or styling irons can be as much expensive as $100-$400.

Nevertheless, most professionals are sure that quality significantly depends on the price.

Building your cosmetology kit, you need to include such tools as a high-quality hair dryer with diffuser, a marcel iron, and flat iron.

Looking for a hairdryer, you need to pay attention to such for features as:

  • Multiple-heat and speed settings;
  • Titanium/ceramic grills for even heating;
  • Long, flexible cords;
  • Lightweight/long-life motor;
  • Excellent manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Ergonomic handle.

Looking for a flat iron, you need to pay attention to such for features as:

  • Titanium/ceramic plates;
  • Temperature control;
  • Lightweight, slim design;
  • Excellent manufacturer’s warranty.

Looking for a marcel iron, you need to pay attention to such for features as:

  • Locking/rotating handle;
  • Titanium/gold-plated/ceramic barrel;
  • Excellent manufacturer’s warranty.

Among the largest manufacturers and retailers that offer hair styling tools, there are:

  • Hot Tools;
  • Salon Tech;
  • Sultra;
  • Gama Professional;
  • Farouk.

Manicuring Supplies

If manicuring is a part of your cosmetology program, you need to find and choose the right manicuring supplies.

You should ensure that your kit includes a complete manicuring set, related manicuring tools, and polishes/polish remover.

As well as all other types of tools, manicuring tools offered in sets are cheaper than separate ones.

If you are looking for great manicuring supplies, you can address one of the retailers below:

  • Sephora
  • Intercosmetics
  • Sally Beauty

Maintaining Your Cosmetology Kit

Considering the fact that your student cosmetology kit will be used during all your training and long after it, you need to ensure that all your tools are in top-notch condition.

It is not only about making your life easier but about highlighting your professionalism as well as a commitment to your career.

You need to know that safety and infection control are important aspects of cosmetology training.

You should inspect all your tools constantly so you can replace broken and damaged tools, clean and sanitize each item properly to ensure they are ready for use.

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